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Grieva Comments on RUI’s Departure
Monday, October 13, 2014 at 11:19am in Breaking News, Departures, Lives, One-mans, Translations

Grieva Comments on RUI's Departure



As we announced last week, Grieva recently informed fans that as of their November 8th one-man at Meguro Rockmaykan, drummer Rui will be leaving the band. S-T’s dedicated Shannon has worked tirelessly to translate the member comments, which can be found below.

Thank you for your continuous support of Grieva.

Following our solo show at Meguro Rockmaykan on November 8 (Sat),
I, Rui, will be leaving Grieva.

To all of those who have supported me and to all of those involved, I am sorry for this sudden announcement.

The reason for my departure is that because of circumstances at home, it has become difficult to continue with band activities. I came to this decision after repeated discussions with my family.

After further talking it over with the band members and my office, I made it official.

Since July 1, 2012, I have been able to play in Grieva because of the many people who have supported me.
I’m very grateful to my band members who pushed me, someone didn’t even know his right from his left, along with playing drums.
I feel blessed to have continued with band activities with the support of my fans.
More than anything, my fans’ voices were the source of my power.

With these feelings of gratitude in mind, I will continue on until the end with all of my might, as always. Please continue to support us.

After I leave the band, I’ll be walking down a different road. But, I’ll move forward using [what I’ve learned from] all of the experiences I’ve gained.
I’m praying for the renewal of activities from the other members with all of my heart, so please continue to support them.

Drums Rui

I’m sorry for saddening you with this sudden news.

Our drummer Rui is leaving the band due to personal circumstances.
It was a grueling decision made after countless discussions with the band members, our boss, and the staff of our management office.

He talked with our boss and the other staff members about continuing on with the band in some way no matter what,
But he said that he could not foresee a good way to continue on.

I’m very sorry to everyone who has supported him.

There are probably a lot of people who think that Grieva can only exist with the 5 of us.
I was one of those people.
Of course, we even thought we should disband.
All of the members said the same thing: “I can’t imagine anyone but Rui playing drums for Grieva. Maybe we should end it.”
Then Rui, who helped pave the road for the band’s duration, spoke up.
“Even if I want to, I can’t play drums anymore.
I want you to continue on for me at least until we reach the goals we wanted to achieve.
Is there any way you can continue pursuing the dreams that I’ve devoted the past two years to?”
Even though Rui will be gone, the tracks we’ve left over the past two years as 5 members will not disappear;
We will continue to carry on his wishes as Grieva.
I’ve realized that
We can keep walking on even after he, one of our precious members, leaves.

I think our road from now will continue to be perilous.
There will probably be a lot of harsh criticism.
Despite that, we will press on.
For all of the fans we’ve made promises to, and for Rui’s dreams.
We’ll continue to aim for our goals.

The road Rui has chosen will surely be difficult and painful. Please give him your support.

Vocal kyouki


First, I’m sorry for this unexpected news.
When Rui announced his retirement, our outlook was that we would disband.
But, Rui said that he wanted us to keep going, and wouldn’t let us end it,
So we’ll continue on with the 4 remaining members.

Those of you who love Grieva are most likely weighing the pros and cons.
Even so, this is the decision we’ve made; we’ll be heading towards our dreams no matter what.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s impossible.
But, if you can encourage us to keep doing our best,
Please continue to give us your support.

Guitar roku

Thank you for your continuous support for Grieva.
In light of this announcement, I haven’t sorted out my feelings yet, to be honest.
We’ve experienced a lot as 5 members until now.
The departure of a member who has worked so hard with us is very disappointing, but this is what came of discussions between both band members and management.
Rui stressed a lot over this decision, so please give him your understanding.
The time we’ve spent together until now is irreplaceably precious, and I won’t forget it from now on either.
To everyone who has supported us until now, please don’t forget.
Grieva will continue on even after Rui’s departure.
Our lineup will change, but we’ll keep trying our best on Rui’s behalf.
I think this announcement will cause a lot of you to feel disappointed, but please continue to support us.

Guitar haru

I’m really sorry for shocking you all.
I myself am less surprised and more like you all must be feeling– it doesn’t seem real.

Rui and I were on the so-called rhythm team together,
And I think we spent more time together than anyone else.
He always looks at everyone with cold eyes,
But he’s a really good companion that would cry on the other members’ behalf.

We all thought that if Rui quit, we should disband,
But he said he wanted us to keep going for his sake.
So we decided to continue moving forward with Rui’s wishes in our hearts.
After that, I want to rise up to become a band that makes him think, when we meet again,
That he never wanted to quit.

It’s heartbreaking, lonely, and disappointing, but this isn’t a backwards-facing retirement by any means.
He’ll be in a different arena now, but please continue to give your unchanging to support Rui
And Grieva forever.

Bass hisame

Grieva’s final one-man together as a 5-member unit will take place on November 8th. Detailed information has been listed below for fans who would like to say their goodbyes.

11/8 @ Meguro Rockmaykan
Grieva one-man
「黒イ百合ノ花ト舞夢」(Kuroi Yuri no Hana to Maimu)
Doors: 17:44/18:04
Tickets: ¥3300/¥3800

S-T wishes Rui and Grieva the best of luck through these trying times.

Source: OHP


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