LIX. Changes Name

LIX. Changes Name
Thanks to Mateluhi for sending it in.

After the departure of three of the members of LIX. on September 25th, the guitarist Yuu decided to change the name of the band.

LIX. have officially changed their name to lix, and the new lineup is Chihiro on vocals, and Yuu on guitar. They updated their website and blog with the change.

They have several upcoming performances this month and next month.

10/21- Osaka, Nishikujo BRAND NEW
Tickets: adv:2000/day:2500;
Open: 16:00, start: 16:30
Appearances: lix, Zig+Zag, Kathakalia, umbrella, 2nd Dyz, Black Mary, Resiment Eve, Pan-d-ra

10/23- Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE
Tickets: adv:3000, door:3500
Open: 16:00, start: 16:30
THE SOUND BEE HD, lix, project -Merrow-, the fool, GPKISM, dieS, Dunkelheit

11/7- Otsuka RED ZONE

11/14- Shinsaibashi Club Alive
Appearances: lix, SUICIDE ALI, THE SOUND BEE HD, 999-three nine-, Larme d’ange, MAGIER SEXALICE, umbrella, Magistina Saga
Tickets: adv:2500, start:3000
Open: 15:30, start: 16:00

It’s great to see they’ll keep pushing onward.

Source: OHP

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10 Responses to LIX. Changes Name

  1. fs_chibi

    is chihiro from any previous bands?

    • ...

      According to vkdb, lix is Chihiro’s first band. Also, for those interested, even though he hasn’t written anything yet, this is Chihiro’s blog:

    • ...

      OK, if you’re still checking this out, vkdb has been updated with a list of bands that Chihiro performed in prior to lix.

      IV → ZXS → ゼクス → Lily(チヒロ) → The Glamorous(今給黎智尋)

  2. MegZ

    lol, this is just like ayabie becoming AYABIE.(or was it the other way around?). w/e
    I really liked Lix., I hope this new lineup sounds good.

  3. Arithmetica

    Incoming tag dramaz. lix LIX lix LIX  blah blah

  4. mie

    =_= just changing it to small caps doesnt make any difference.

    • johnesh

      They haven’t changed it to small caps, they’ve changed it to lower case.

  5. DKjapanesefreak

    i hope chihiro is a good vocalist, nevertheless, i am gald lix continues! ^^

    • DKjapanesefreak

      *glad x’D

  6. johnesh

    So they haven’t actually changed their name at all then, just the case and punctuation.

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