New Band: Kameleo

New Band: Kameleo

Today, we’re introducing to you a new band– Kameleo! Their unique appearance gets me already…! As of now, info on the band is very limited. The banner at the right hand corner says that the info will be revealed at a later date! How mysterious!

Anyways, on their OHP, it’s revealed that they will release a demonstration album on November 16th.  There will be five tracks in total, and they are:

1. ニート姫 (NEAT Hime)
2. How much?
3. 世紀マン (Seikiman)
4.評論家的ダンスナンバー(Hyoronka-teki DANCENUMBER)
5.疑似コミュニケーション (Giji COMMUNICATION)

You can also go to their OHP and listen to a few short samples from their song! Also, their demo album is ready for order at Brand-x.

Well, keep your eyes peeled for more information later on!

Source: OHP, Brand-x


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  1. bella

    the singer used to be kalvary’s, i think
    and their music sounds quite like kalvary as well…

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