Sonic con cancels ALSDEAD

Sonic con cancels ALSDEAD
Thanks to an email from Mateluhi who gave us the heads up about this. Remember when we told you guys about ALSDEAD coming back to Texas? Seems the band will not be performing at Sonic Con this year. The con’s site states that they had to cancel the band’s performance.

We have unfortunately had to cancel Alsdead’s performance at SONCION for this year. (If you have banquet tickets to their table we will email you). BUT…. there is a silver lining! PEELANDER Z & BOWLING FOR SOUP are now playng SONICON 2010!

A cloudy explanation from the con’s side but I for one hope that the band still comes back to do another show overseas! The fan facebook seems positive to bring them back to America.

ALSDEAD at Sonic Con in Plano, TX November 5th through the 7th has been canceled. Please see as well as the band members’ individual Ameba blogs for more details. Be on the look out for more ALSDEAD updates regarding shows in the US. We’re working hard to bring them here still!!

Sources: Sonic Con, ALSDEAD USA


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14 Responses to Sonic con cancels ALSDEAD

  1. Miko S.

    Yeah…I was really disappointed when I found out last week (even more disappointed with the replacement bands), but I’m curious as to the reasoning behind it. Anyway…I’m hoping for an overseas comeback since I missed them the first couple times.

  2. Shu

    Oh damn, ALSDEAD are awesome but the replacement bands suck,

    Who wants to see this?

    • mikufanatic

      I agree, who the heck wants to see that?

  3. Hayapeko

    well, organisation and promoting is really hard buisness and sometimes it would not work very well ne~

  4. Maria

    Sonic-Con I bet were too stupid and poor. =_= instead they bring a shitty band over ALSDEAD?

  5. yuuki

    wow, I was really looking forward to this too ;_; hopefully they will come back soon…

  6. johnesh

    LOL at replacing a VK band with some fat pop-punks and some band that no-one’s ever heard of and expecting that the same people are still going to want to come.

  7. Hayapeko

    I dont know these groups, are they american?

    • Miko S.

      Bowling for Soup is some two-hit wonder American rock band & Peelander-Z is a New York jrock band I believe. Neither equal the awesomeness that is ALSDEAD, of course *bias*

  8. ...

    I completely forgot Bowling for Soup existed until I found out they were replacing ALSDEAD. I think the reason why they got picked was because of the fact that the vocalist made the theme song for Sonic Unleashed.

  9. komishika

    I was so disappointed to hear this becuase I was getting so geared up to go. They put on a spectacular performance 2 years ago Akon and I was like insta-fan. I loled at the idea of them being replaced with Bowling for Soup, another reason for them is probably that they are local and they are all pretty big nerds. But for me they were so highschool days…last time I saw ‘em last timeI ever intend to. I’m glad I had a financial snafu last month and hadn’t gotten my reg done yet.

  10. amaya

    Who even listens to Bowling for Soup anymore? Watch. People are going to riot wishing ALSDEAD is playing instead of some American pop-rock.

  11. dodo

    but they’re coming to finland on the next week this show was supposed to be :’3

  12. Sandra

    I was planning on flying out to see them at SoniCon… already bought my plane tickets, con reg, and booked a room, now they’re not coming? wtf! they were the only reason I was going to this con -which I had never even heard of before- and now I don’t even wanna go… stupid plane ticket is non-refundable too… wth man.

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