Venue change for UnsraW’s London show

Venue change for UnsraW’s London show
I know there are many fans excited to be to see UnsraW but just a note that the venue in London has been changed from London Islington 02 Academy to now being hosted at Scala.

Again here are the dates and locations via CLJ Records.

21.11.2010 E – Barcelona Salamandra 2
22.11.2010 UK – London Scala (Attention: Venue changed!)
23.11.2010 GER – Berlin Magnet Club
24.11.2010 PL – Gdansk Parlament
26.11.2010 B – Lessines Centre Culturel René Magritte
27.11.2010 RUS – Moskau Klub XO

Who is going??

Source: CLJ Records


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13 Responses to Venue change for UnsraW’s London show

  1. Kasumi

    Lol I was kinda waiting for an announcement like this xD
    But I’m going to Lessines and Berlin ;3

  2. Kira

    i wish i could go… but berlin is in the middle of the week~
    and i have school…
    and then i go to luna sea on the 27th…
    hope they´ll come next year or so again~

  3. Satopii

    I want to go, but I am not getting excited till I see it on the Scala website D:

  4. Necrae

    Too bad I’ve never listened to them before and the 22nd I have classes in the morning ._. But I really enjoy when visual bands come to Spain…! At least they know we exist 8D I hope a lot of people go to see them~

  5. DKjapanesefreak

    damn…. berlin is in the middle of the week, can’t go then :(

  6. Vascius

    I really want to go but I want it to be put up on the Scala website… I have classes the next day but I don’t care because I love UnsraW so much

  7. Chizuru

    Berlin is the most crappy place for an Unsraw concert. Most of the fans are on the other side of Germany + it’s in the middle of the week so… I don’t think the concert will be full.

    • DKjapanesefreak

      i just wish they could go to sweden or denmark, then i had a chance to go and see my fav band

    • Aki

      Totally agree with Chizuru! D:
      It’s so stupid to set a concert in the middle of the week whilst whole Germany doesn’t have any holidays or something rtzuiouhghjioikjhbnjk DXXX
      And then it has to be Berlin…..[sarcasm]it can’t come any better[/sarcasm]

  8. Anni

    Going to Berlin. Getting the trip from my dad as early bday gift cause my birthday is two days after the concert. :D Excited already to see them a second time this year <3

  9. -jibakurei-

    I’ll definatelly be in Berlin! YAY!
    Unsraw AGAIN! ♥

  10. Setsuki

    To Berlin ♥ yay i have tickets. And buahahha i’m coming from Finland

  11. Carlos

    ahhh london sooo far wish they played near coventry

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