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Gakido to Disband
Sunday, October 6, 2013 at 4:37am in Disbandments, Translations

Gakido to Disband


Just earlier today, Gakido posted a sudden message to their OHP declaring the band’s impending breakup following the November 30th performance at Shinjuku BLAZE. As previously reported, the original arrangement had been that TOSSY would leave the band following the BLAZE live, however, since the time the original announcement was made inner turmoil has led to a complete dissolution.

The members have all included their own personal comments in the OHP’s message which follows.


Thank you, truly, for supporting Gakido more than ever.

We announced the other day that we will take a temporary hiatus on November 30, 2013 (Sat) at Shinjuku BLAZE, but at this time would like to announce that after the performance Gakido will disband.
We would like to offer our deepest gratitude and apologies, first to the fans who have supported us from our formation until today, and to all related personnel who have guided us.

There is only a little time remaining, but we will keep rushing ahead with all our might with the one-man tour beginning on October 22nd, until the final performance at Shinjuku BLAZE.

※Furthermore, regarding the promises we made for our achievement of playing at Shinjuku BLAZE, due to the band’s dissolution, everything will be cancelled.
It’s truly selfish, but we humbly ask for your understanding.

Gakido (Yohya, Kahiro, Shutaro, Rito, TOSSY)

October 6, 2013 (Sun)


Below are member comments.

After the performance at Shinjuku BLAZE, which was a goal for us, we intended to move forward again but the result of numerous talks with the members was to choose disbandment.
I am full of apology to all of you who had decided to wait for us after that.

Since the breakup was decided, and even now, writing about it, the sadness and grief isn’t fading, but during the remaining time I’d like to shine the brightest yet with everyone who loves us.

The remaining two months.
I’ll continue singing desperately; I’ll deliver all the emotions I have, so please accept them.

I won’t apologize again until that day.
To live each day without regrets.

Please support us until the end.

It’s decided that Gakido will disband on November 30th.
I’d like to do everything I can, until the end, for the people who have been cheering me on.

Please watch over me
Until after I finish singing the last song as Gakido’s Kahiro,
Until time we say “thank you” at what should truly be called the end of the end.

I’m sorry for startling you with the sudden announcement.

We had seriously spoken together
In order to reorganize and be able to meet you all again
After the hiatus starting on November 30th
But we chose the path of disbandment over hiatus.
I’m sorry that it’s come to this in spite of all the voices I’ve heard saying you’re waiting with support and in anticipation.

The members are working together to make the lives so good that they’ll turn everyone’s sadness and grief into smiles.

The approximate two months remaining
Since I’d like to show all of Gakido to all of you
Please give Gakido your best until the end.

I’m filled with apologies to all of the fans for the fact that it’s suddenly come to this.
Honestly, there are things I haven’t even sorted out for myself yet and I don’t know what on earth I should write.

The members of the band and the office shared numerous talks before arriving at this conclusion.
There were also times that were so painful that tears were shed before arriving at this decision.
I struggled with not knowing if there was anything else that could be done.
It’s truly sad, regrettable, to lose the band that’s like your family; to lose such an important place.
There were really too many things, my own disorder and doubt as well, and without sorting them it was agonizing.
But I was really happy for the time I was able to pass with all of the fans through the space of a live.
I was so, so excited and filled with thrills and had so many butterflies.
Because the fans are there, the band will feel it again and again.

Now, I think it’s the bitterest for everyone who has always supported us.

I met so many people, received so much support.
Now, I’ll just face the countrywide one-man tour and the last performance on November 30th at Shinuku BLAZE, and do my best.

During this tour that will become a compilation for us, I’ll give everyone my best smiles.
So I want all of you to show me your smiles until the very end.
And I want you to be with us until the last of the last.

I’m really glad I’ve met you all.

Thank you.

As the announcement states, Gakido will disband.

From the moment I expressed my intention to leave everyone was troubled

And the result of a lot of meetings is that we’ll break up.

There are two months left

But all the members will work their hardest as Gakido, just as before.

Please give us your best.


Translation: Ku
Source: OHP


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