An announcement from TCST

An announcement from TCST
The Candy Spooky Theater have posted the following announcement on their OHP:

The entire schedule of our 2009 Spooky wonderland Show has come to an end.

Regarding our future activities…

To all the SPOOKYs who have come to our lives, we are deeply, deeply sorry.

In 2010… along with the publication of a NEW ALBUM…
we will be starting up with full-fledged activities!

The announcement about our 2010 Spooky wonderland Show Schedule will soon be available on our HP, through our mail magazine, and in our blogs, so please wait for it!!!!!!

Please continue to support us.

The Candy Spooky Theater

Source: OHP

They really did put that many exclamation points.

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5 Responses to An announcement from TCST

  1. erinia_x


  2. mikufanatic

    Of course, ‘cuz Halloween is coming! xD

  3. xel

    It’s great to see some positive news~~

    I’m not the biggest TCST fan, but I do enjoy their music, and they are cool guys.
    I just wish that they’d return to the US. They’re fantastic performers.

  4. Mareo

    When I heard this, I freaked out. I love The Candy Spooky Theater and I really can’t wait to see the schedule and hear the new songs.

  5. gabby

    at first i was thinking “no, no…don’t tell me they’re…(breaking up)”
    but now wheee!!!

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