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The Pandemonium Tour: Interview with Gothique Prince Ken (GPK)
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 1:00am in Featured, Interviews, Lives, Overseas, Tours

The Pandemonium Tour: Interview with Gothique Prince Ken (GPK)


Hot on the heels of our exclusive interview with DJ SiSeN, we bring you our second interview from Tainted Reality’s Pandemonium Tour with none other than Gothique Prince Ken (GPK)! As you readers may know, GPK is no stranger to playing overseas. He has toured the U.S.A before, along with Australia, Europe, and Central America. His solo work is heavily influenced by electronic music, and he has also collaborated with many Visual Kei artists – most notably, Kiwamu of BLOOD in GPKism. However, even with this track record, can we truly call the dynamic Gothique Prince “Visual Kei?” Find out the answer to this and other burning questions in this interview that had the amazing opportunity to conduct with the mysterious artist.


Can you first introduce your act and recommend one iconic song for anyone who might not have heard your music before?

Hello everyone, I am most delighted and thankful for such great opportunity to share my idea with my fans. The core value of any project I worked or working on revolves around the idea of self-liberation. The first GPKISM album Sublimis is in fact the manifestation of my personal struggle in search of identity. I believe we are the product of social conditioning and it shaped our fundamental and existential notion of an individual. Sublimis would perhaps be most iconic of them all as it touches upon the biblical mythology of the Grigori as the metaphor for anti-establishment and self-liberation.


You have worked with both DJ SiSeN and Tainted Reality before. How does it feel to be working and touring with them again?

It is certainly a nostalgic feeling and I am honored to able to work with them again.


It’s been a few years since you last toured the U.S.A. What are you most looking forward to on your US tour this time around?

I am always looking forward to it and I believe it will be a great success!


What is your favorite part about playing overseas (especially in the U.S.A)?

I love meeting new people, experience and learn about the counties I’m visiting.


What is the strangest or funniest thing that has happened to you while touring overseas?

The strangest thing would be that I am actually touring around the world!


What kind of set list can your audience expect during the tour?

I’ll be performing GPKISM songs and songs from my solo project.


Since the Pandæmonium Tour falls around Halloween, the audience is being encouraged to dress up in costume for the shows. What kinds of costumes are you looking forward to seeing the audience wear?

I am looking forward to seeing people who enjoy themselves, no matter what they wear as long as they are happy.


What kind of costume do you have planned for the tour?

I’m not too sure how to describe it, perhaps evil Chinese imperial dictator from the Qin dynasty?


Many associate you with the Visual Kei scene because you have worked with many artists in the industry. Do you consider yourself Visual Kei? What sets you apart from other visual artists?

I do not consider myself as Visual Kei as that term is very specific and that is not what I do.  I would be mainly associate myself in the goth genre and seek to preserve the essence of the culture.


What are some of your musical inspirations?

For music I would say the biggest inspiration is the work of Baroque composers mainly Bach. I enjoy a great deal of various different style and genre and I hope it could expand upon my own creativity.


Your music uses a lot of electronic elements. What is your favorite thing about working with this genre?

I believe electronic music is the manifestation of the 20th century techno marvel. I am very comfortable working with digital mediums as it is really convenient for me and ideas could be shared instantly through the web with great efficiently.


Is there anything new you want to experiment with in your music that you haven’t done before now?

I am always experimenting with new ideas! I am learning how to write dubstep as we speak!


Do you prefer to work on your solo projects or to work with other artists?

I do see the advantage of both cases, but for solo project I could have the full control.


Are you planning any upcoming releases or collaborations?

Great things are in the works. Please stay tuned!


Lastly, since this whole tour revolves around the theme of Halloween, if you could dress up in any Halloween costume, what would it be?

I am not too sure, could be interesting to dress up as Edward Scissorhands.


Please say a few words to your overseas fans and the readers at

I am honored to be part of the culture we share! I am thankful of the continue support of my work. I hope I could share my ideas again next time! Please make sure you come to our events and let’s party together like there’s no tomorrow!

Has this interview left you begging for more? Then don’t miss your chance to see both GPK and DJ SiSen performing with special guests along the way on the Pandemonium Tour! It all begins tomorrow, October 2nd, in Bellingham, WA.

10.02.2013 (Wed.) @ Bellingham, WA “The Royal”
10.04.2013 (Fri.) @ Bellingham, WA “The Underground”
10.06.2013 (Sun.) @ AJX at The San Jose Rock Shop
10.11.2013 (Fri.) @ Los Angeles, CA “Das Bunker”
10.12.2013 (Sat.) @ Glendale, CA “Complex”
10.13.2013 (Sun.) @ San Antonio, TX “Ice Lounge”
10.17.2013 (Thur.) @ The Tainted Reality Telethon
10.18.2013 (Fri.) @ Philadelphia, PA “District N9NE”
10.19.2013 (Sat.) @ Baltimore, MD “Club K”
10.20.2013 (Sun.) @ New York, NY “The Studio at Webster Hall”
10.26.2013 (Sat.) @ The Tainted Reality Telethon
11.01-03.2013 @ NekoCon 16 would like to thank GPK and Tainted Reality for this interview.

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The Pandemonium Tour: Interview with Gothique Prince Ken (GPK) Reviewed by on . Hot on the heels of our exclusive interview with DJ SiSeN, we bring you our second interview from Tainted Reality's Pandemonium Tour with none other than Gothiq Hot on the heels of our exclusive interview with DJ SiSeN, we bring you our second interview from Tainted Reality's Pandemonium Tour with none other than Gothiq Rating:
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