Megaromania’s X’mas single

Megaromania's X'mas single
Megaromania have announced that they’ll be releasing a new single for the holidays!

Their “X’mas single’, “BLESSIG MYTH”, will be out on December 21st in two types.

Type A will only be available for purchase via mail order. It will come with the single plus a live DVD containing footage from their oneman tour final show, 「emergence the kingdom」 which took place on September 29th at Shibuya O-WEST. The price for the A type is 5250 yen.

Type B will be available at CD stores, and will cost 1260 yen for the single, plus the bonus track, “Black Temptation”.

Source: Brand-x, UCP OHP

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2 Responses to Megaromania’s X’mas single

  1. Hayapeko

    Just great!! Can´t wait for that release. Sadly that TYPE A is available via mail order only, co i can not get it T_T Must be much footage because of that high price.

    Btw. have seen the guys two times this summer, amazing as usual. You don`t find their stuff arround at the CD-shops as much as from other artist. the fanbase grows and grows ^^.

    • Adrienne

      The cost is high, but I think if you really wanted the A type there a lot of online shopping services that could get it for you! Their stuff is easy to find in CD shops that sell mostly vk items only, like Like an Edison and so forth. Always see it on the tables there. ^^

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