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The Pandemonium Tour: Interview with SiSeN
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 7:13pm in Featured, Interviews, Tours

The Pandemonium Tour: Interview with SiSeN


DJ SiSeN is an enthusiast of the Japanese underground scene whose interests manifest in his unique fashion style and fondness for the entrancing “industrial and technoise music” that he spins at goth and fetish events. As you may know, DJ SiSeN is joining Gothique Prince Ken (GPK) on the Pandemonium tour to once again spread the fervent, intoxicating culture of the underground scene in the US! DJ SiSeN has performing history in the US, and with each visit his fan base has grown exponentially and attracted the attention of fans of all walks of music and fashion. was privledged enough to conduct a correspondence interview with DJ SiSeN before he and GPK begin causing pandemonium across the States.

Can you introduce yourself and recommend one iconic song, or describe your music, for anyone who might not have heard your music before?

Hello, I’m SiSeN.

After around 10 years of working and being involved in the Japanese underground scene, I felt like I wanted to seek more new and exciting things, as well as further my skills [as a DJ], so now I’m currently living in Berlin. I’m mainly working with industrial and technoise music at goth and fetish clubs here, but the work is pretty flexible and definitely not limited to those two. It’s pretty hard to choose one song to recommend, but if I had to pick one it would BDSM by Zaliva-D, who is an artist and friend of mine from Beijing. He brings an element of terror not just to the goth scene, but to other club scenes as well, and I personally have really high expectations for him. He’s definitely the key person leading the goth and underground movement in China right now.


What are you looking forward to the most about your upcoming appearance overseas?

I’m most looking forward to reuniting with my fans and friends. Also strolling around and going to clubs and other places in my free time. Rather than going to all of the famous sightseeing spots, I’d like to see how the regular people of these cities live and check out the more underground places. This time with the tour and all the off-days I’ll be in the US for a total of a little over 2 months. It will be the longest I’ve ever stayed in the US, and I’m really looking forward to what kinds of experiences it will bring. ♪


What made you decide to join the Pandemonium tour?

It was GPK who first invited me to join. It was like, “We’re getting in through Anime USA, so we might as well take advantage of it!”


What kind of set list can your audience expect during the tour?

I think I’ll probably change things around when the time comes depending on the live house and the atmosphere of the fans, but it’ll definitely have a heavy, ominous vibe!!!


In other interviews, you stated that DJ’ing became more than just a hobby for you. Why did you decide to take it to the next level?

I still don’t actually think of myself as a pro. (laugh) And I didn’t even think I wanted to become a DJ in the future, I just really like all things ominous and extraordinary –> I like clubs, events, and parties –> for those things you need the right music for the atmosphere… and I just kind of see it like that. So being a “DJ” isn’t necessarily a good or bad job or some kind of obsession for me; I just started doing the things that I liked and this is what has come out of it. Although I am very proud of the music I like!!! [DJing] started to feel less like playing around and more like a job after I started performing at Tokyo Decadance. I was really happy to have the chance to play industrial and technoise music outside of goth club events, but it also came with a big responsibility.


Do you think you’ll ever release CDs of your work in the future?

I can’t announce anything specific… but I’m working on it!


What do you think is the most challenging part of your performance art?

My favorite music is really heavy and strange and ominous, but most people probably wouldn’t be very into it if I played it at certain events. So sometimes I cater to more mainstream taste and play other kinds of gothic music to try and keep a balance.


What is the most rewarding part of performing?

When I spin industrial and technoise at collaboration events that aren’t goth or fetish and people say it’s good. It makes me happier than anything that the potential of industrial and technoise can be spread.Also, when there’s a chance to get attendees to bounce around like magic with my sound. I think that’s the best, when I can do that.


If you weren’t a DJ, what do you think you’d be doing?

I think I’d be doing some kind of social work since I enjoy working to help people.


Do you have any other musical interests? For example, do you play any instruments?

From when I was 8 to the time I was 13, I learned classical guitar. I only play now if I go to a place with a classical guitar, like a friend’s house.


What’s your current obsession?

Lately I’ve started wearing the classical goth clothing I used to wear, in new arrangements. I’ve also added some steampunk components. I like the double-whammy of wide T-shirts with salel pants, too. And, I’m experimenting with incorporating elements of high fashion.


It seems like you’re quite interested in fashion! How and when did you develop your own style? What were the reactions of those around you?

The feminine hobbies since I was a kid and horror-related things; visual kei and drag queens of the late ‘90s; the Japanese gothic lolita boom, the London cybergoths, the candy ravers of the late ‘00s; psychedelics, gore… my influences have gotten jumbled up with the passing eras and molded my current self. There’s also a sense of personifying my favorite sounds. My feelings at different times and my favorite things are always changing, so it’s hard to determine when it started but I think I settled on this current style in the late ‘00s.


Are there any fashion icons you look up to in particular? Any brands you especially favor?

My friend’s brand which I’ve loved forever, Kikirara Shoten.
It’s a brand with a creative world view which focuses on nothing but corsets and hats.
Designer Noraly of Berlin’s fetish brand CYBERESQUE is a model herself, and has really great natural, stylish character and mentality. It’s really an honor that we’ve been able to work together recently.


What country or city has been your favorite to visit so far?

Of course, Berlin, where I live!!! Berlin is special among German cities. I like places with a lot of artistic, unusual, and stimulating things, and with a warm climate you can relax in.  I might want to live here forever…


Can you recall the most bizarre or memorable experience you’ve had overseas?

I think I almost had a run-in with a gypsy pickpocket in Milan. It was good that I managed to avoid it, but I was still able to experience first-hand that this is a common problem in Italy.


What places/foods do you recommend to foreign fans visiting Japan?

Decadance Bar
A peculiar space of a bar in Shinjuku, Tokyo operated by Tokyo Decadance. Before I moved to Berlin I worked there.

For Osaka… Farplane.
If you go to either of these you’re sure to meet residents of the Japanese underground! You can also get information about clubs here!

For food I’d like you to try Hanamaru Udon!!!
Since it’s a chain restaurant think you can find it all over the city. You can eat great kake-udon for 100 yen. You can have as much crumbled tempura, bonito flakes, sesame, and ginger as you want! There’s a strong stereotype that everything’s expensive in Japan, but there are a lot of cheap and delicious, yet healthy, eateries.
Ah, I miss Japan!!!


Please say a few words to your overseas fans and to the readers at

Thank you for your interest in me and in the Japanese underground scene. We’re in a world where popular things are revered, but I’d like to continue on opposing that flow, striking a balance with my own style, strangely and solidly!
Lately, Japan’s dealing with the huge matter of the aftermath of March 11th. It’s going to be a long battle and a difficulty, but it would make me happy if you would continue to look after Japan, that aspect included.
Thank you!


DJ SiSeN and GPK begin the tour this week on October 2. There are still plenty of tour dates left, so go check out DJ SiSeN at one of these Pandemonium Tour dates:
10.02.2013 (Wed.)@Bellingham, WA “The Royal”
10.04.2013 (Fri.)@Bellingham, WA “The Underground”
10.06.2013 (Sun.)@AJX at The San Jose Rock Shop
10.11.2013 (Fri.)@Los Angeles, CA “Das Bunker”
10.12.2013 (Sat.)@Glendale, CA “Complex”
10.13.2013 (Sun.)@San Antonio, TX “Ice Lounge”
10.17.2013 (Thu.)@The Tainted Reality Telethon
10.18.2013 (Fri.)@Philadelphia, PA “District N9NE”
10.19.2013 (Sat.)@Baltimore, MD “Club K”
10.20.2013 (Sun.)@New York, NY “The Studio At Webster Hall”
10.26.2013 (Sat.)@The Tainted Reality Telethon
11.01-03.2013 @NekoCon 16

Translated by: Ku and Alicia of
Shattered-Tranquility would like to thank DJ SiSeN and Tainted Reality for this interview.


The Pandemonium Tour: Interview with SiSeN Reviewed by on . DJ SiSeN is an enthusiast of the Japanese underground scene whose interests manifest in his unique fashion style and fondness for the entrancing "industrial and DJ SiSeN is an enthusiast of the Japanese underground scene whose interests manifest in his unique fashion style and fondness for the entrancing "industrial and Rating:
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