Black Gene For the Next Scene – ex-Vidoll Rame’s new band

Black Gene For the Next Scene - ex-Vidoll Rame's new band
So I’m going to start with introducing a new interesting band; Black Gene For the Next Scene. The bassist of this band is Rame from ex-ヴィドール (Vidoll)! Also guitarist 刻 (Toki) and drummer Sala (also known as mikami) might be familiar to some of you.

Vo. Ice
Gu. 刻 (Toki) (ex-バビロン (BABYLON), SHAFT and DIXIES) | livedoor
Ba. Rame | ameblo
Dr. Sala (ex-【L】, レモン☆スカッシュ (Lemon☆Squash) and spiv states (as guest/mikami), support for Megamasso, Aoi&Ryohei and Downer) | ameblo

The band has their first live planned for Novemver 1st, 「already next signal~御披露目会~」 (already next signal ~ohirome kai~) at Shibuya Star Lounge. Tickets costs 4,000 yen and will go on sale today.

What you like? Are you excited already?

Source: BFN OHP, vkdb

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8 Responses to Black Gene For the Next Scene – ex-Vidoll Rame’s new band

  1. Ruichimarukyuu

    awesome! Toki and Rame together! thanks for sharing

  2. yuzu

    I wondered what he was up to. Good to know!

  3. panapp

    RAMEEEEEEEEE~!!! \*0*/

  4. unifantasy07

    this is great news! I’m glad Rame is keeping busy ~ can’t wait to hear this band!

  5. Nickt

    Apparently the vocalist is Eros from XodiacK. ‘o_O

  6. chris

    I’m happy for Eros but that was like an Unsraw move he got new members than disbanded :/ I liked the look his look in XodiacK better but he’s sexy either way no-homo :D

  7. DKjapanesefreak

    NICKT, why do you think that is EROS?

    If it is true, does it means XodiacK will disband? i’ll be sad for the rest of the year if that happens ._.

  8. ElleYuuji

    I look some pics of Ice on his ameblo and actually I said he’s Eros!!! He look totally like him!
    I hope that Xodiack not dissbands ; ;
    Maybe he will do it like Riku on Lin and Chariots… Or Seth/Z on Art Cube and Moi dix Mois….

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