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LIV’ERT Dismisses Rio
Saturday, September 28, 2013 at 1:24pm in Dismissals

LIV'ERT Dismisses Rio


LIV’ERT has announced this evening, that after a history of trouble with Rio, their guitarist failed to show up for a performance in Ikebukuro last night and has subsequently been kicked out of the band as of today. It may seem like a sudden dismissal for a single infraction on the outside, but it seems the problem has some earlier roots.

First, the official announcement:

An Important Announcement from LIV’ERT

This is a bulletin regarding the absence of guitarist Rio at the September 27th live.
In spite of being in contact with him since rehearsal the previous day, his absence proceeded and with no explanation, Rio did not attend the live.
We had been warning him about this kind of behavior for a while.
However, with no room for improvement, the result of the members’ discussing the matter is that we deem [Rio] of having no intention of continuing LIV’ERT and after today hereby dismiss him.
We are terribly sorry to the people who have supported us for the fact that it has come to this.
Furthermore, as LIV’ERT’s activities from here on will continue as planned,
We would like to as you to please give us your utmost support.


Following this posting, the band’s remaining guitarist, Yu, decided to hold nothing back and let the fans know exactly what led to their decision. Perhaps the deed hit Yu the hardest, as he celebrated his birthday at yesterday’s live. After Yu, mere hours apart, drummer Tomoya and bassist Madara added their thoughts to the discussion.

[Yu’s blog]

To all the people supporting LIV’ERT

I am terribly sorry for it coming to this.

“An Important Announcement from LIV’ERT→”

If it were possible we had wanted to avoid this
But it had gotten beyond the point where I could defend this.

I didn’t think I would make any special comment about it,

But is it accountability? — I don’t think everyone accepts this so I’ll write only the truth.

Even so I’m not sure you’ll accept it.

First of all, in short, it’s that he’d lost his motivation.

I think it started a little before the decision to create “Alive”;
Even being at the meetings he is only present and doesn’t participate,
He doesn’t remember the songs and doesn’t bother with band announcements at all;
Too many things to mention them all.

Up until now I’ve thought he would do something since he’s a member
But not even that could happen.

Even though we were in contact with him at rehearsal the day before yesterday’s live he didn’t come.

He made no contact regarding the day of the live.
There was no explanation.

To the fans this is rude in the extreme; it’s betrayal.
It’s the worst thing you could do.

No matter what we couldn’t just overlook it.

I am also sorry to everyone supporting us that we had [continued] activities under these circumstances.

There may be some of you who are disappointed with LIV’ERT.
There may be some of you who stop supporting us.

Losing people who have supported us until now
Would be really sad.

I really wouldn’t be able to stand it.

But so be it.

If you came to like us while we were deceiving you with this kind of pointless activity,
It’s still better for you to start to hate us at this opportunity.

We have no right to be associated with you all.

Even glancing at Twitter, he seems to already have his next band decided.

If he’d lost his interest in LIV’ERT
It’s just that we didn’t have the necessary appeal to win him over,
But if you’re going to quit you’re going to quit,
And I think as a musician more than as a member, you should be responsible and stay until the end.

His behavior is something I cannot possibly tolerate.
I think we members also have some blame for it coming to this.
Along with a pledge that from here on this kind of thing will absolutely not happen,
I once again apologize to you all for this trouble.

It may be presumptuous,
But I’d like you to continue supporting us.

We’ll respond to your support with all of our might!

And, regarding this matter,

There’s nothing more for me to say.

I’ll just do my very best from here on out so we can recover.



[Tomoya’s blog]

I’m really sorry for it coming to the worst end.

I realize that no matter the reason, we have betrayed the feelings of everyone who supports us.

At the very, very least I wanted him to be on stage until the end of the [current] schedule.

I think that’s what separates doing the fans right from doing them wrong.

But he didn’t appear.

It didn’t mean we couldn’t contact him.

But, he left without even hearing the members’ goodbyes.

I’ve known him for a long time; for that alone the incident this time is very sad, very upsetting.

He betrayed not only the other members, but the all of the fans.

I think even more than the members’, the fans’ sadness and anger must be great.

I can’t ask you to forgive us.

Even if we ran out of civility I can’t ask it.

Even so we’re facing forward and can only walk on.

October 4th, Takadanobaba AREA

It might be selfish to ask to hear everyone’s voices then like always.

Even if there are none to be heard, there’s only one thing we must do.

Make the best of the schedule[d lives].

Only that.



[Madara’s blog]

Yesterday’s live…

I’m full of feelings of regret

For the fans who were looking forward to the live all the way from the end of the rehearsal until the performance.

By all rights we should have put on the live as a five-member LIV’ERT, but that the live turned into four members

I’m really sorry about.

Since dragging those feelings along to the performance would have made the fans watching enjoy it less

I feigned composure and performed with more fighting spirit, with more strength, than usual.

From here on our lives will be with four members but

We’ll become, more and more, an even cooler and more intense band than we ever have been so

Please continue to give us your support.


The remaining members have already begun removing Rio’s Ameba and Twitter links from their own accounts, and he has been removed entirely from the OHP. Rio’s social networking accounts have not been active since some time before yesterday’s live.

Source: vkdb, OHP, member blogs


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