Daisuke memorial book

Daisuke memorial book
There is going to be an interesting book release in winter.「大佑 1978-2010」 (Daisuke 1978-2010)) is a memorial book for Daisuke, who passed away in June. It’s said to be coming out in December, but exact date isn’t yet announced. The book will cost 10,500 yen.

Source: Daisuke Memorial Blog

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  1. 1,000


  2. Kiyoshi

    thank you for this update
    i will keep watch so i can buy it as soon as it available
    you lived for 32 years with us daisuke
    but you live forever in our hearts.

  3. Sheena

    ;_; <3 I hope I can get this book.

  4. pengin

    That’s really nice for fans to get a memorial book, i can’t believe all these jrockers are dying so young. o.o

    ..but i have to admit, to me it seems like company wants to just profit from his death :( i mean, around $110 for a memorial book? -sigh-

    • Neko-Chan

      For Canadians its like 130 dollars in total I did the math >_<

      • pengin

        man.. that sucks.. :/ well i was talking about US dollars, but yeah.. a whole lot of money anyway :(

  5. tsui

    about 100 euro… but i think, the book will definetely worth it

    i hope i can preorder at cdjapan soon D:?

  6. nekozawa

    Is there somebody who knows English page with purchase this book?

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