New live-sold single and sponsored events for Wedday

New live-sold single and sponsored events for Wedday
Some cool news for ウェンズデー (Wedday) fans! It seems that not only their new live-limited maxi-single has been on sale since September 13th, but also they’re planning few sponsored events in upcoming months.

The maxi-single is entitled 「Kisekinomizu」and actually it has been available during lives for few weeks already. Originally you could get it in two types: “いちご味” (Ichigomi; Strawberry taste) for 1000 yen featuring only 2 tracks and “水色” (Mizuiro; Light blue) – which costed 1500 yen and contained 4 tracks. However, since the first type has only little copies left and the latter is completely sold out, the band has decided to issue a completely new type which is a compilation of the previous two. It’s been available since September 13th and is now called “ぶどう味” (Budoumi; Grape taste). There are 4 tracks included:

01. 奇跡の水 (Kiseki no Mizu)
02. 10年後もバラバラのバーバラ (10 Nengo mo Barabara no Baabara)
03. 夏メロ2010~フ・タ・リ・ハ・カ・タ・オ・モ・イ~ (Natsu Mero 2010~Fu・ta・ri・ha・ka・ta・o・mo・i~)
04. ××××

To promote the single, the band is going to hold several sponsored events, during which the maxi-single will be sold of course. The events will be called 「AFTER SCHOOL HELLOWEEN」:

October 15th @ Sendai HooK
October 31st @ Morioka club change
November 1st @ Akita Club SWINDLE
November 7th @ Yamagata Session
November 9th @ Kooriyama CLUB#9

Source: Mako’s blog, Visunavi


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  1. inartistic

    This is actually super cool. I hope I get to hear it!

    (Mako is the only person who could sell out two types of a release before you even know that the release exists!)

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