New band – Avidit.

New band - Avidit.
Avidit. is a new band, which will begin their activities on November 3rd! The members are:

Vocal: リゼ (Rize)・・・ Twitter
Guitar: (Nagisa)・・・ Twitter
Guitar: 結希 (Yuki) ・・・ Twitter
Bass: カイリ (Kairi) || ex. Domain→ ブレア (Burea)・・・ Twitter
Drums: 希京 (Kikyo) || ex. → DeviceinFamous → Dea → ブレア (Burea) ・・・ Twitter

Their first live will be an event sponsored by them! It will take place at HOLIDAY NAGOYA on November 3rd and will be held under the title 「Hybrid New Signal」. Other bands performing that night will be: Cu[be], -OMEGA-, Venus, アイギス (Aigis), 麗麗 (Reirei), ヴァリウス (Various) and LusyuA. Tickets will cost 2500 yen in advance and 3000 yen at the door.

Source: OHP, vkdb


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  1. Jrockdrama

    I see what they did there lol

  2. xPANiCx

    I’m gonna guess they’re aiming to get picked up by PSC. Just a guess.

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