D’s new mini-album

D's new mini-album
D fans will have something to look foward to in November!

On November 14th, D will be releasing a six track new mini-album! The title is 「名もなき森の夢語り」 (Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari), and it will be released in three types.

Type A will cost 2980 yen, and along with the mini-album, also includes the PV for the title track, 「名もなき森の夢語り」 (Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari).

Type B is 2625 yen, and instead of having a PV, contains Making of footage for the 「名もなき森の夢語り」 (Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari) PV.

Type C is 2520 yen, and has an extra two tracks.

The concept of the release, according to what’s written on Brand-X is as follows.

The concept for the mini-album is the “forest”, which acts as a symbol for the origin of life.

The melody has been dyed in a mulitcoloured fleeting, yet magestic, world view.

Wanting to bestow the richness to the hearts of modern people who are beginning to dry out, [the music] will open a door for you to a long forgotten magical story.

Another interestnig piece of news for fans of D is that ESP is currently selling Ruiza, Hide-zou, and Tsunehito’s guitar and bass models!

ESP Black Growl 7st – See Thru Black – Ruiza Model

ESP 弐代目~紅玉 (Nidaime ~ Kougyoku) – See Thru Red – Hide-zou Model

ESP Rumble 5 – 3 Tone Starbust – Tsunehito Model

More details can be found at http://www.espguitars.co.jp/press/20120903.html.

Source: Brand-X, OHP, ESP


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  1. Cathy

    I’m so excited <3 I love this band so much <3

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