BLACK LINE hits Europe

BLACK LINE hits Europe
BLACK LINE have announced that they will be heading to Europe in December!

The band first updated their official blog with the following message. Please note that for this post, all words italics were originally written in English.



In December of 2012, we’ll be having our first European tour!!

The details of the tour are not currently available, but we’ll update again when they are.

See you in this winter…

-BLACK LINE Members-

Vocalist Mikaru then updated the blog again regarding their announcement

It’s finally been announced.

Without even a whole year passing since our first live, and we’re going to Europe.

Even though we still haven’t even been to places that are closeby, like Nagoya and Sendai (laughs).

About a month ago, a French Promoter asked us if we wanted to do a European Tour.

The world is smaller than it seems.

If I were to compare it, it’d be like going from Shinjuku to Shibuya.

But anyways, from what I’ve seen of the schedule, it looks like every day is going to be hard word

We haven’t decided on what countries we’ll be going to, and although there are a lot of countries we want to go to, it doesn’t mean we’ll get to go to them all.

It seems like we’ll be there for about three weeks.

I’m pretty excited, as it seems like we’ll have a live on my birthday in some beautiful town.

And in a few days, on the 16th…

We’ll be revealing our new artist photos!!

Look forward to it♪

Dear European fans.

I realy wait this tour!

I’m happy to see you again!

We will show you so great consert.

I can’t wait the day!

Stay tuned!

I love you♪

The members have all updated their Twitter accounts about heading to Europe and this is what they’ve had to say.


BLACK LINE! We’ve decided on our first European Tour! This year it seems like I’ll be spending my birthday doing a live somewhere in Europe. The details aren’t available yet, but it seems like it’ll be about a three week long tour. The end of 2012 will have a schedule that’s like a storm. I’m really happy.


BLACK LINE is doing a EU TOUR! I’d like to meet very much!!!!!!xoxo YDI

This three week European Tour will be the first time in my life that I’ve gone overseas, and I can’t even imagine it. I’m so looking forward to it!! I’ll show you some samurai spirit!


We’re going to Eruope!

I want to see you!EUROPE!(●ω●)

I’m looking forward to going overseas, but everyone, I’m looking forward to this month’s lives, the release of LEGNA, and instores too! (●ω●)


Finally, I’ll come back to Europe!!

December, 2012. We’ll cross over the sea, and go on a a training journey to Europe. It seems like it’s going to be pretty rigourous, but to better ourselves, it’s something that we’ll somehow overcome. We’ll be making an announcement about our curious tour schedule as the information comes.

So to all of our readers over in Europe, is this a tour you’ll be joining in on?

Source: Mikaru’s Twitter, BLACK LINE Blog, Yudai’s Twitter, Jun’s Twitter, Syu’s Twitter

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  1. cHai

    Too bad, I’m in Japan in Dec… ^o^;

  2. DKjapanesefreak

    Fingers crossed for a concert in Denmark!!

  3. pinkusupaida

    Aw Mikaru is so sweet.

    I hope many will go enjoy their shows, they are awesome live.

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