UNDER CODE PRODUCTION hasn’t exactly added a new band to their label, however, they will be working in collaboration with the band GRIEVER.

The band will be starting activities on November 29th with their performance at HOLIDAY OSAKA in the event called “A unify crack TYPE 01″. Other bands participating that night will be Lamina, Zodia, Karma-Shenjing, Valgreed, Яe:sK, Maccaholic, Wednesday and Hikoboshi.

Their first performance will be followed by another the next day, called “A unify crack TYPE 02″ alongside other bands such as brodiaea, Rugia(g)Gram, Larme d’ange, Envus, Grist, DIZZY and BarKiraca.

The members of the band are
Vocals - SIN
Guitar - MAY
Guitar - KIKYO
Bass - YOURI
Drums - TOKI

Source: Kisaki’s Blog, Mija, UCP OHP


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