Mana’s Autobiography

Mana's Autobiography

It wasn’t all that long ago that HYDE put out an autobiography that the world had been waiting for, and here we are with another influential artist making the same announcement! Mana has revealed on his blog, as well as Moi Dix Mois’s official site, that in December he’ll be turning out his own book. Set to include photography, it will be the guitarist’s first literary work, and will not just focus on his past, but his present and future as well.

Only a few details are available so far: the autobiography is tentatively titled 「Mの肖像」 (“M no Shouzou”), or “A Portrait of M”, will come in B5 size from publisher Sansai Books, and will cost ¥2,800. There’s no word yet on its specific release date.

Source: Mana’s blog

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5 Responses to Mana’s Autobiography

  1. inked wrong

    HOPE that some one will be able to translate it!

  2. k

    it’ll be full of made up bullshit I bet

  3. Kiru

    This is exciting news! I’m sure someone will translate at least parts of it, since Mana is so popular. ^____^

  4. Tine

    I really want to read this! Does anybody know of a translation somewhere? Or do you know where to buy it? I can’t find anything about it anywhere!

    • Ku

      I can’t seem to find any more recent information about the book, but I have a hunch it hasn’t been published. I checked on the publisher’s website as well and found nothing.

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