GACKT’s secrets unveiled by tax investigation

GACKT's secrets unveiled by tax investigation
In the past twelve or so hours, GACKT has been all over the tabloid news due to the secrets revealed when being investigated by the tax bureau.

The following is a translation of the article found on Shukan Bunshun.

A Compulsory National Tax Investigation Finds GACKT’s Lover and Illegitimate Child!

The multi-talented former vocalist of the visual kei band, Malice Mizer, who has since gone solo, and appeared in an NHK historical drama as Uesugi Kenshin, has never revealed his true profile, and with a mysterious aura around him, is a celebrity in the world of show business.
Due to ambiguity in GACKT’s accumulated fortune, the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau was obligated to open an investigation into his finances. When they did, it became evident that GACKT has a mistress and an illegitimate child overseas.

On August 28th, officials from the taxation bureau, wearing in white dress shirts and dark suits, gathered in front of the four storey building, close to Tokyo’s Setagaya ward. The inspection officers entered the apartment, which is known for being the head office for GACKT’s entertainment business, Gordie Holdings, as well as his and his family’s home.

A friend of GACKT’s stated, “The officers not only did a complete investigation of the company, but also of GACKT’s home, and even confiscated his cell phone. Every year GACKT pays an additional tax of 120,000,000 yen to avoid these types of investigations, and therefore as expected, he is extremely shocked about the inspection”.

While collecting information about GACKT’s financial flow, we’ve also come to understand the flow of money being used for his overseas lover.
Another friend said, “About ten years ago, he was in a relationship with an assistant girl who worked on the TBS-kei show, “Wonderful”, but when knowledge of her pregnancy came into light, he demanded that she “leave Japan”, and that he “did not acknowledge the child”. Instead, he has taken care of them by setting both the girlfriend and child up in a high class condominium in Canada”.

[Shukan Bunshun] has sent a data collection crew to Canada, and has confirmed that the girlfriend does exist.

Due to being investigated by Japan’s strongest investigation team, the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau, GACKT’s veil of secrecy is being pulled away.

An article from adds the following information (please note that this is not a full translation of the article, and that information that’s the same as mentioned in the above article has therefore been removed):

The investigation started in the early morning, and lasted for a long period of time, and along with his cell phone, the officers also confiscated his account book and computer.

The investigation started when the tax office realised that he had been evading taxes, and collecting “black money”.

A reporter stated, “On TV, GACKT has said things such as he “spends more than 800,000 yen on his phone bill every month”, and that he doesn’t use common sense or really think about things such as the “expenses” that come from daily life. He’s also made the mistake of mentioning ramen restaurants, and resorts that he has personally been involved in, but where the investment money came from seems to be a mystery”.

Later in the same article they also added a little more about the “mistress”.

The girl [that GACKT was involved with from the TBS show] was pregnant, but if it was exposed to the fans that GACKT was a man with a wife and kids, it would ruin his image, and worrying about the girl, it was decided that she would be taken care of with a life overseas, and that GACKT would not acknowledge the child.

The woman and child are currently living together in Vancouver, and are living in an apartment that costs a “trivial” 400,000 yen a month in rent.

From October, GACKT was scheduled to appear as a regular guest on Kitagawa Keiko’s Nippon TV drama, “Akumachan”, but we are now waiting to see what kind of influence the scandal will have.

According to another article on, GACKT’s comment about the scandal has been, “It’s my private life, and therefore I’m not able to reply”.

Please note that all the above translations have been done by, but are translations only. They may not be reposted elsewhere without express permission from the staff.

Source: vsoku, Shukan Bunshun,,,


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111 Responses to GACKT’s secrets unveiled by tax investigation

  1. Aj

    Well… This was a surprise!

    • Jasmine

      Indeed, not the first time what tabloids write of him. Before sued them, now doesn’t bother.

  2. Kaoru

    So what if he has a life? If this affects his career I’ll be really mad. He has every right to be a father, a lover or whatever he wants.

    • Sarah

      I totally agree with you. Its his life, he’s an adult and I understand why he would send them overseas. The fans can be very mean

      • Euri

        IKR! Gackt’s fans can be really crazy. I think it’s a good decision that he sent them out of the country in secrecy. Remember when Ayumi Lee (Sugar) announced that she’s Gackt’s girlfriend, images of her pictures with knives stabbing it went around the net for days.

        • Andi

          LOL, no she didn’t confirm she was his girlfriend. Her comments were skewed that way by tabloids to make it appear they were dating. What girlfriend doesn’t go see her boyfriend’s play? Or goes to disneyland alone? They’re not dating. The tabloids just want people to think they are but a lot of people didn’t buy it.

          • Sarah

            They just can’t seem to leave him alone, they want to know everything about him. It’s like if I don’t know so other band member went out with a girl and spread roomers around saying they were dating and it turned out to be a relative they’ll be in really big trouble. That’s why I don’t believe the news

  3. San

    Yeah, maybe, but he doesn’t have the right to evade taxes. If they had such an open investigation the team must have had solid evidence that he was breaking the law.
    But I am a little bit sorry that his whole family will now be dragged in.

    • Adrienne

      According to another article that just popped up (they just keep coming!), they started to look into his tax stuff because a portion of the money that he had collected to donate to victims of the earthquake had “vanished”. They were also there to investigate his company, as it seems the evading of taxes also has to do with fanclub money.

      • Kelly

        What article was this?

        • Adrienne

          There were so many! I can’t remember which was which, but all the original sources are listed at the bottom of the article.

  4. Koko

    Well, that’s what happens when you don’t take responsibility of your life. You screw shit up for everyone that is connected to you and they have to deal with the issue, just as much as you do. I feel bad for the child overseas. That’s just screwed up beyond anything I can fully express with words.

    But hey, he’s a man. And just like any other man, he has trouble keeping the cage door locked around a pretty face.

    • kira

      “But hey, he’s a man. And just like any other man, he has trouble keeping the cage door locked around a pretty face.”

      Are you serious?

      • Koko

        Sorry you don’t understand the joke.

    • Jill

      I agree 100% with you!

  5. shii

    I feel sorry for him. What for did they reveal all this to the public?

    • Koko

      Whenever someone of high profile breaks the law, it is always revealed to the public. Same with any regular person. If the crime was scandalous enough, it will be revealed.

      This is a lot of money we’re talking about. Not chump change.

      • shii

        yeah, I agree about revealing Thema tax issues, but why reveal he has a family?

        • Koko

          Unfortunately, the moment you do something illegal, especially of this magnitude, you run the risk of everyone finding out your dirty laundry. He ran that risk knowing there were consequences, but I’m assuming he felt he was in a good enough place in life to where he could keep it all hidden, including the taxes.

          In this situation, the tax money issue was connected to the mistress issue.

          • SamuraiSx

            hmm.. yeah I understand GACKT have his own reasons, and his personality etc.
            but he is not bad person for sure!

            ALSO MAIN POINT is: if they investigated only ‘TAX’ problems, WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH INVESTIGATING HIS LOVE LIFE? O.o WTF? also.. ok investigating his private life, lover etc.. BUT WHY REVEALING ALL THIS TO PUBLIC? what the hell.. I really thing: THIS IS JUST A TRAP by someone who is jealous of GACKT ..

            it sounds so suddenly and soo stupid. if such serious investigation existed they should concentrate on the quest they received, and not like some idiots from Movies or Dramas to reveal all this, and the mainly they were talking about child and wife so detailed, but about taxes as I can mention, they werent saying much, its all in mess.

            until GACKT by himself approve this.
            also he is grown man, its not surprise he would have a woman he loves also child and sure he had his own reasons to send them abroad for their good.

            • shii


            • Mona

              I assume that sending money overseas in large portions on a regular basis has actually a lot to do with taxes. It’s unfortunate for him and the family that in this case the money business is connected to them, but it’s still money business and that means tax business.

              • Koko


                Fans can rant and rave all they want about his family being pulled into this, but he did that to himself the moment he sent that money. Even here, in the US, child support money is sent to the state, so they can takeout whatever they need to take out and its all accounted for. He’s not doing that.

  6. Andi

    I’m surprised people are taking a tabloid so seriously. Quotes are all from unnamed “friends”, there’s nothing substantial aside from words. Plus the tax rumour is not a new one. This is about as legit as the dating ICONIQ rumours (who haven’t seen each other since that date). People need to seriously think.

    • Adrienne

      In response to the ICONIQ rumours, another article said that she was asleep in his basement when the tax officers came, haha. We posted it because we figured it’d be interesting for fans to read, but how seriously people take it is totally up to them.

    • Koko

      LOL Tabloids were the ones that leaked the info on Miyavi and Mel. I tend to take the issues that seem more…. realistic.. seriously. Of course until he says something, if he ever says something, this is all just hearsay. Just like with any regular news source.

      • Andi

        Being right once in awhile doesn’t make them a legit news source though, in my opinion. This isn’t the first financial rumour that’s come up about him, likely won’t be the last. But like you said it’s all heresy until something is said. It’ll probably stay that way because I doubt there’s any substance to this “news”.

  7. Claire

    Question – he’s been investigated due to missing money and tax issues, but did they actually find any evidence that he’s been evading taxes? Or are they still looking through the info? Is it him personally, or the company, Gordie?

    • Adrienne

      It seems to have started with the company, and in particular the fanclub. Originally they were looking at the company, but it seems like they’re looking into him now as well. Hence the confiscation of his personal items, such as the laptop and cell phone (if it’s true). Also, the other big red flag was that some of the money that was taken up by Gackt (or the company, I suppose) for earthquake victims has gone “missing”, and then he kept going on about spending carelessly… who knows what’s really going on. Especially seeing as Gackt doesn’t want to really comment.

      • Claire

        Thank you.

        I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to comment. If the articles keep popping up though, he might not have a choice.

        • Adrienne

          I’m actually surprised at the amount of articles that are coming. All day they’ve just been popping up everywhere, but of course most are just saying the same thing.

          • Claire

            I think it’s a combination of there being rumours of money troubles for years (bankruptcy, not tax evasion. He’s been accused of taking fanclub money before too, but that was proven to be false), how private he keeps his life and how damaging this could be.

            I hope it can all be clarified, one way or another.

      • Andi

        Coudl have been a routine and harmless audit that was blown out of proportion.

  8. Sai

    I think the internet just collectively exploded, guys. :P

  9. Cheryl

    Being a new fan of Gackt from the U.S., it doesn’t bother me that he fathered a child etc. What I mean is it doesn’t change how I feel about Gackt. I love his music period. The guy is a genius in music. And of course he’s gorgeous. If it is true I do applaud him for seeing that his child is taken care of.

  10. Tri

    Class act, as always, Gackt.

    I’m confused on people calling te ICONIW thing a rumor. Both Gackt and ICONIQ have commented on it. gackt was asked about it at a press conference and he said he would ask her the question he was posed next he had her in bed. Uh. That’s pretty definitive to me.

    • Andi

      It’s more likely a rumour because a.)he often makes such random-ass comments you can hardly tell when he’s serious and when he’s not, and b.)he’s made no secret that he tends to have sex with a girl very early when he’s interested. Funnily enough though they’ve not been seen since and after that span of time she’s had the odd work, went out with friends, had her sister come visit and spent a week w/o her “boyfriend” at Disneyland. He’s been out and about and no one’s seen her with him which someone would have commented on. It was a date, and until either of them say “yes we’re in a relationship” and/or they get spotted out together again that’s all it’ll ever be. There is more substance with other idols with dating rumours than there is about this so-called “relationship”. Funny out of all his dates and outings, this was the only one that got caught. And she’s still struggling for work. Put two and two together.

  11. Gackt_luver_n_hater

    Finally…ughhhh…finally the dumbass veil of secrecy has come off – it’s honestly the very thing that made me not like him. THE THING I LIKED HIM SOLELY FOR…was his music unlike 90% of those lonely bitches on the net who spend their whole life following KPop “stars” and Gackt and whatnot.

    But hey he obviously needed his whole “I’M SO FUCKING MYSTERIOUS & SEXY…LOOK AT A PIC AND CUM BECAUSE OF ME” scene to keep on being a big celebrity, make money…and support his wife and kid.

    – there’s a part of me which really likes it, since it really shows him as a NORMAL HUMAN BEING actually loving for a family and giving up being with them to really support them. But the other part makes me wonder if what I just said…had any truth to it at all. It says he sent them overseas…because he worried about his “image” – if he likes the whole leeching attention off of 16 year old girls by acting stupid/strange/sexy/mysterious, then I really couldn’t care about him as an individual. I’ll still like his music though – since he’s one hell of a vocalist.

  12. Eclipse Skye

    Additional tax of 1.2 B Yen to avoid this types of investigations!

    • Eclipse Skye

      Oh wait, my mistake, it’s 120M Yen, still that’s like… A LOT

  13. Sarah

    What he does in his personal life is what is it stands for ‘Personal’. Yer so what if he has a child and girlfriend overseas, isn’t he aloud any of that. I mean come on if it has been proven fales before then whats to say its fales again. I would hate to be famouse, but I will keep on supporting him. I like his music and the films, programes, ect. It don’t change who he is, that is why I don’t believe the midea, if this was true he would have probably said something about it by now. Come on people use your brains on this

  14. Sara

    oh my god you are freaking kidding me!!!! there is no way!!!

  15. Marissa


  16. NyNy

    Wow I am honestly shocked. Not a fan of Gackt but I’m curious about him as all I know is that he pays a lot of tax and tells people he is a vampire.

    Very surprised about his “mistress/girlfriend” and child living overseas.

  17. vampirehunterd

    So tax collectors in Japan are as big of a**holes as they are in the states. Abuse of authority has no boarders.

  18. Maya

    Taking this with a grain of salt of course, but if it were true:
    Tax bureau sounds more like it needed an excuse to sniff through his personal stuff.
    WTH is it with fans going “aww…look, he’s taking care of his child/family”? Going by this article he doesn’t see them as family. And telling your pregnant lover to leave the country is just terrible, no matter how much you pay them afterwards.
    Plus, if he had wanted to make the relationship work, he would have found a way (look at other J-Rockers and their family)…but he cared more about his image.

    • Andi

      Everyone’s interpreting baby = mother is girlfriend. If it’s true he got someone pregnant, he’s dealing with it. He doesn’t want kids, has never wanted kids, so choosing not to acknowledge the child is his is unsurprising. Sending her away would keep her safe from batshit fans, and he’s contributing to help support so it’s not like he was being a totally heartless bastard. If it was true, it was a child he didn’t want that he’s still taking responsibility for. I say he deserves a whole lot of credit when most men just run out on the woman.

      • Maya

        “He’s dealing with it” = abandoning and ignoring his child, sending them out of the country
        But yes, the money makes it okay. (<– This is sarcasm, in case you can't tell.)
        It doesn't matter how much he pays, I will never understand people who (emotionally) abandon their children. How can you not care about your little self running around in the world?

        • Andi

          Why is this so hard to believe that this is a child he didn’t want? Why does he have to be involved in the life of a child he didn’t want in the first place? Accidents happen, even with precautions and instead of just ditching the girl for getting pregnant with a baby he didn’t want, he decided he would still help support her and the child anyway (assuming there even is a baby). Not everyone wants to be a parent, and he’s expressed many times that he has no desire to have children of his own. It’s better than running out on her and making her life hell should she try and say something (not to mention how badly fans would go after her). Most women have to drag the man to court, he chose to support her without that nonsense. Why is everyone throwing him under the bus for it? If this is true, good for him for at least taking some responsibility, that’s more than can be said for many men in this situation.

          • Maya

            “Why does he have to be involved in the life of a child he didn’t want in the first place?”

            Oh, well, I don’t know…maybe he should stop thinking about himself in that situation and realize he is robbing the child of a father? Maybe it also sounds shady, compelling the mother to leave the country towards Canada to raise the child alone? Because how much would that woman speak out for herself when dealing with a wealthy and powerful celebrity?
            Also, the man has more than enough money to spend, I wouldn’t give him too much credit for disposing of the matter that way.

            • Andi

              How do we know the child’s deprived of a father? How do we know the child’s mother doesn’t have a boyfriend who’s involved with the child? Or if she married? Obviously it wouldn’t be as scandalous knowing there was another man helping to raise the child, wouldn’t be surprised if that got “left out”. And as nice as it is to have both parents in life, many kids have been raised by a single mom and turned out just fine. If he doesn’t want to be a parent he’s entitled to not get involved. Some versions of this rumour say that she waited until she was too far along to have an abortion before telling him. Imagine if that were true, could you really blame him for “abandoning” the child? Funny how there’s this big double standard where it’s okay for a woman not to keep a child she doesn’t want, but a man is thrown under the bus for not being involved in the life of a child he didn’t want. A man financially supporting a child he didn’t want has a lot more class than a man who disappears in the same situation. And without court orders to boot.

              As for sending her away, that I don’t blame him either. For one, Vancouver has a HUGE asian population and it wouldn’t be hard for her to fit in with people who speak her language. Two, his fans went absolutely batshit on his first wife, and it got so bad she divorced him because she couldn’t handle the harassment. Imagine what would happen if someone found out about this woman and child (again, assuming they exist)? Imagine the harassment. His fans can get pretty damn scary that it does kind of seem reasonable to ask her to leave the country where she might be a little safer than if she stayed in Japan (though some sources are claiming she still lives in Japan).

              • M

                You realize you’re just making excuses for him, right?

                “Obviously it wouldn’t be as scandalous knowing there was another man helping to raise the child, wouldn’t be surprised if that got “left out”. And as nice as it is to have both parents in life, many kids have been raised by a single mom and turned out just fine.”

                Yes, it would be, as Gackt as decided to not acknowledge his child in order to be famous. But yes, the kid probably won’t die without his or her father, so as long as it doesn’t kill them and only emotionally cripples them to grow up knowing they were unwanted and supported on hush money, living in a country that their mother was forced to flee to, it’s fine!

                “Some versions of this rumour say that she waited until she was too far along to have an abortion before telling him. Imagine if that were true, could you really blame him for “abandoning” the child? ”

                So you’re suggesting the mother should have killed her baby instead of putting Gackt in this horrible position?

                Andi, you should also note that Japan isn’t America, and there’s A LOT more stigma attached to illegitimate children.

                • Ku

                  This has gotten heated! But I wanted to jump in and contribute something about custody law in Japan — if parents aren’t married, there is no such thing as joint custody. One parent gets the child, and the other isn’t required to have any involvement at all, nor do they have any legal recourse to seek visitation. That said, child support isn’t something I’ve heard of here, either, because the kid doesn’t “belong” to the other parent if their primary parent isn’t married to the other.
                  If this is all true, the money Gackt is sending could very well be hush money. If the mother went after him, she wouldn’t get anything from court; it doesn’t work the same way here that it does in the US, or perhaps other countries. The only plus she’d have would be media pressure against him, which could very well backfire on her, too. At the same time, I can pretty much say assuredly that Gackt has no, and would have no, legal obligation to support the woman and the child in any way, shape, or form unless they were married. So even if it’s hush money, at least he’s not abandoning them when Japan’s custody laws would make that a perfectly viable option.

                  • M

                    I suppose I should clarify – I’m aware, but really, just because he legally doesn’t have obligation doesn’t make it morally right, nor does it make it any less of a scandal. And if he is sending money, it’s most likely hush money, as he has no legal obligation.

                • Andi

                  Actually I’m looking at the other side, which considering the lack of real evidence to support these claims is a valid thing to do. There are plenty of people already crucifying him for rumours.

                  “Obviously it wouldn’t be as scandalous knowing there was another man helping to raise the child, wouldn’t be surprised if that got “left out”. And as nice as it is to have both parents in life, many kids have been raised by a single mom and turned out just fine.”

                  Him denying the child in order to be famous is speculation, just like the rest of this rumour. That’s more newsworthy than asking her to leave for safety or her having chosen to leave. Of course, some sources are saying she lives in Japan, so which one’s right? And give me a break on the whole emotionally-crippled crap. Who says the kid even knows who his/her father is. So many assumptions, and really that’s all ANY of us on either side of this can do – assume. Speculate. You have no more hard facts about the truth than I do.

                  So you’re suggesting the mother should have killed her baby instead of putting Gackt in this horrible position?

                  No, what I’m saying is if that happened she didn’t give opportunity to discuss the child. Waiting until having the baby is pretty much the only option is entrapment, plain and simple. She has the right to refuse abortion and he has no right to demand she have one. But at the same time it’s grossly unfair to keep it a secret and then spring it on him when there’s little discussion to be had. Any woman who waits like that when she knows she’s pregnant has ulterior motives. But we don’t know how this came about or like I said if it’s even true.

                  I know very well the stigma attached to illegitimate children in Japan. Maybe that’s another reason she may have left assuming she’s the woman with the 10 year old and not the woman with the 4 year old still in Japan. And maybe we should wait for more concrete details that don’t come from a gossip rag before deciding whether he’s a giant asshole or not.

                  • M

                    As you’ve already indicated in your comments, you have the privileged of having both your parents in your life and enjoy it, but imagine if your father had abandoned you, given up pretty much all claims to you and sent your mother to another country to raise you? I am sure there are millions of people and studies that refute the idea that a person will be ”just fine” after not having a father.

                    As for the abortion point – no, she didn’t have an obligation to ”talk it out” with Gackt before it was too late to get an abortion so that he could talk her into getting one. Deciding to have a child after getting pregnant does not equal entrapment, nor does holding off until the child is born. Yes, she probably did this to avoid being forced or talked into an abortion by a powerful man, which really doesn’t seem that wrong considering the backdrop of the situation. And if by ulterior motives,

                    And obviously all of this is speculation, and I haven’t made any decisions about his character, I’m just pointing out the ridiculous excuses that people have been willing to make for this behavior. Just so you know, it doesn’t matter who you’re talking about, whether it be Jesus or some guy who lives across the street from you, when you start suggesting that women get abortions so the father can avoid the grief of responsibility, and that if men don’t want a child they hold no responsibility to ”accidental” pregnancies and it’s perfectly fine for them to disregard their children, don’t be surprised if people disagree with you.

                    • Ella

                      Oh, give me a break with all the ‘it’ll emotionally cripple the child’ stuff.

                      Hi, I’m Ella. My mum and ‘dad’ had a very brief relationship, and I was conceived by accident. They weren’t in love, and they had no intentions of making it a ‘serious’ relationship. He didn’t want children, so he left my mum, and has never had any contact with me. Yep, that’s right, I’ve never even spoken to my ‘father’, let alone met him. Hell, I don’t even know his full name. And guess what? I’m HAPPY with that. He didn’t love my mum. He didn’t want children. My mum could have had an abortion or had me adopted, but she chose not to. Her choice to keep me did not mean that HE had to, too. He pays my mum child support and that’s as far as it needs to go. I’d rather have a happy, single mum, than two parents stuck in an unhappy relationship for my sake, and a father that didn’t want me.

                    • Lana

                      *cough* To your suggestion that kids growing up without both parents don’t turn out as well as those who have them, I can happily snort in your face and tell you “That’s bullshit.” I have an older half sister and a younger half brother who share a mother apart from mine, and I’m the middle child from a different mother. I’m the one he DIDN’T want, and I function quite well, thank you very much. In some cases, you’re better off WITHOUT the influence of both parents, believe you me. As to that abortion comment, it shouldn’t be taken as “This would have been okay.” She had no obligation to tell him, but he had no obligation to take care of them, either. I look at the comment more as if it’s saying “Why is it perfectly fine for women to decide they don’t want it and kill it, but it’s not okay for the man to decide he didn’t want it and so wants to be left out of its life? It’s better than killing it, right?” :/ I’m not about to read all the comments under all of these and this is the first I’ve actually heard of the matter, but even before I go off to find more info to see if it’s resolved/true or not, I can still say that his personal life is his to do with as he pleases, and it’s no right of ours to crucify him for his decisions. For all I know it’s hush money or he’s just being nice and taking care of them because he wants to, but when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter to anyone but himself and the people directly involved, because it’s none of our business. I can’t get over how people love a star one minute and then as soon as something unflattering comes to light, “OH MY GOD THEY’RE SATAN!”

                    • Sarah

                      I didn’t have my dad around, heck my mum was on the pill when she got pregnant with me and my half brother from the same mother, his dad wasn’t supposed to be able to have children. My brother met his farther once and he didn’t say much to my brother who was right in front of him. My dad sent me one christmas card after 18 years of not seeing me or anything to help my mum. I think if I had both parents I would be messed up, being as my farther is a cheating scum bag. We have custady and that kind of stuff in England, but they can’t make the parent do it and I really don’t like my dad. I found out what he was like after two weeks. All this child thing that it should have both parents and everything is a load of rubbish. Think of it this way what if the child knows Gackt would that make everything better the answer to that is no. It could make everything more confusing for the child. Yet he might talk to the child we don’t know and this is why I don’t listen to the news or anything the media say because it’s a lot of rubbish most of the time. So lets put this to rest and say that what he did or didn’t do was right or wrong, because its up to both the parents and not up to us

                • Sarah

                  I just want to put my say in this little talk. I grew up without knowing my dad, my mum has told me where he lives and everything, she has never lied to me. So when I was about 17 I decided to go see him and try and grow a bond with my dad, but he turned out to be a jackass. He never paid for anything that I needed in my life my mum did. She raised me and my little brother on her own with no help from our fathers. At least he’s paying for the kid and who really cares it’s his life who are we to say what he did is right or wrong? You have to think of it from his point of view. He might have not wanted the child to get court up in the media or the mother to get hurt, ok so he didn’t want a child, but one was born. At least he’s making sure it gets a good life

          • M

            Are you serious? Because if he didn’t want a child, he shouldn’t have stuck his dick in her in the first place. We’re talking about a goldfish, we’re talking about a person. In the real world, where people are responsible, ”Oh, I don’t want a kid so I don’t have to take care of it” excuse doesn’t fly.

            As for him being ”nice” and ”helping her out”… It’s called hush money. He obviously didn’t want the public to find out, and if he flat out abandoned the girl, she would have zero incentive not to go public with the pregnancy.

            But let’s go ahead and focus on his ”family” AKA baby mama and unwanted/disowned child instead of the whole tax evasion and charity fraud thing.

            • Andi

              Ah yes, let’s solely blame the man. Ignore the fact that birth control tends to fail. Ignore the fact that it’s just as easy for the woman to lie about protection as it is for the man. And let’s ignore the facts that not only as of right now this woman and child are rumours, but one version of the rumour is that she waited until it was too late to get an abortion before telling him. What if she did that, is it still her fault? I call that entrapment. Truth is, we don’t even know if any of this hoopla is true – it may, and it may not be. All these tabloids have absolutely zero solid evidence to support that any of this is true. And even if it is hush money which it very well could be I’m not denying that, she’s still got it a lot easier than other single women. It takes two to tango honey, if we want to pin fault we can easily pin fault on BOTH of them, and there are many scenarios as to how this happened. Wait until better and more reliable details come out first before you decide who to throw under the bus. Hell, for all we know she may have chosen to leave Japan.

              • M (as in Mathew)

                In no way in my comment did I solely blame the man. And you’re really missing the point – it doesn’t matter if birth control failed, anyone who engages in sexual activities knows, or should know, there is a risk someone can get pregnant. And if she decided to not get an abortion, NO, IT IS NOT HER FAULT FOR GETTING PREGNANT. If she decided she didn’t want a doctor to terminate, as in kill, her fetus, it does not take the responsibility off the man’s shoulders. And ”honey”, it looks like you’ve finally caught on, because yes, it IS both their fault. But just because she needs to take responsibility, which she apparently is as she’s raising the kid, it doesn’t make it morally right for him to write off his kid.
                BTW, if you think I’m throwing someone under the bus for replying to a comment you originally posted about a scenario you originally suggested, then you need a minute and think about your responses. Because if anyone’s throwing Gackt under the bus, it’s you. It was you who suggested that it was alright for him to disown his kid because he didn’t want one, it’s you who’s insinuating he would have forced the woman to get an abortion, it’s you who’ve suggested he uses his money to shirk out of his moral responsibilities. If anyone’s made ”Gackt look bad”, it’s you.

                • Sarah

                  Ok this is getting a little heated, I found out a few month after this that the tax thing was not true, they have said it before and they might be saying it again because the sails of papers or whatever are going down. They do this to a lot of famouse people. Until I hear it on tv from his mouth I don’t believe any of it. He pays his tax just like the rest that’s what his friend says from another attical on the web I read. Yet again though we don’t now if all of this is true

  19. CH

    I’m not surprised, and the story is huge here in Japan. things that need to be clarified.

    In Japan when you knock someone up, it’s common to get married. beyond the social expectation, the other reason is, if the parents are not married for a certain period of time before the birth, the child is deemed “illegitimate”.” that is why Miyavi and Melody, Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kurokic etc etc got shotgun marriages.

    Tax evasion is a serious crime and the reason they take it seriously here is due to how much dirty money circulates in Japanese media business. GACKT is not the only person to be investigated like this, and it’s his own outrageous claims that would spark the interest of investigators.

    If you’re a fan, no problem, but the reality is he’s suspect of evading taxes. he’a announced dating one person while hiding a lover and child abroad for the sake of his business and part of his fortune and spending practices are in question.

    What he’s being accused of is not OK in Japan.

    • Koko


    • Tri

      Fucking thank you for this comment.

  20. Dae

    I don’t understand why so many people here are so shocked and mad about this. Gackt screwed it up in some ways with his Tax, and super high tax pays to avoid this investigation. Tax are good for the country, the higher the better. But too seem legit they have to investigate some people.
    And about his mistress and child.. OF COURSE IT GETS PUBLIC…. Jeez, as if news like that wont get public at all.. Please people.. He’s a super famous person.. Doesn’t matter if he’s japanese or American or whatever.. If Media smells a scandal they publish it. That’s normal..

  21. Harris

    I fucking LOVE how everyone is trying every plausible denial that this isn’t the truth. HE IS AN ATTRACTIVE MALE AND HE HAS SEX WITH ALOT OF WOMEN.

  22. Chachacha

    In contrast to the other replies here i do not believe it’s just fine to send your lover and child abroad for the sake of your “image”. Money is not really a way of taking responsibility over a child. At the same time i feel bad for the supposed child, what did they do to deserve getting hung out like this? I hope they wont be hunted more if they really exist.
    It is something that is bad and wrong but really not of anyones business.
    The tax thing on the other hand i wouldnt be able to forgive, that is not something you just mess up by mistake. If he really did evade taxes and all that then he deserves to get rightfully punished by the state, not by the public, and i really think it should be illegal to tell the public about these kinds of things that can really hurt a person no matter if its true or false. Where im from it is illegal by law to do this kind of thing.
    Im very curious how he is going to handle this one! Since there is no real evidence of this i’ll try to believe that he wouldnt be this stupid. If it is on the other hand true then im not sure if i would buy his cds again.
    I’ll go with it being bullshit until proven other ways though.

    • Andi

      It is when he admits he doesn’t want kids. At least he’d be taking responsibility for it and not just ditching the girl like so many other men do. I totally agree though about this kind of stuff not getting published. Just because they’re celebs doesn’t mean the public’s entitled to know their business. No one publishes an ordinary person’s tax business for all to see.

  23. KonekoChii

    It is his personal life and the media should really stay out of it.
    Considering what happened with his first two wives, he did the right thing by getting her and the baby out of Japan and eliminating public contact.
    I hope everything goes alright for them all after this.

  24. M

    An explanation of the tax thing:

    From my understanding, he pays 120M yen in taxes, which is more than what he technically has to pay considering his income. He intentionally goes over the amount so that he doesn’t run a risk of underpaying his taxes, which would trigger an automatic investigation because the amount is so high. He’s not bribing the government, but it’s an intentional move to avoid having his finances scrutinized.

    Tax fraud comes in if he’s illegally collecting income and not declaring it. So even though he’s overpaying his taxes, he’s still paying less than if he honestly reported how much money he actually made.

  25. CH

    To those saying he’s a person and the media should stay out of his business. Everyone in the entertainment business knows their lives are their business. Contracts can stipulate you can’t date, can’t say or do certain things and in cases like this, you can have your contracts terminated for misconduct. Sponsors, labels and a number of businesses are effected by his conduct. If an artist gets blacklisted or suspended in cases like Jin Akanishi, many people lose money.

    Articles have reported this relationship happened some ten years ago, so “mistress” and “love child” may just be innuendo the media wants to use to spice the story up. The reality is, GACKt did not follow common social expectations to marry the woman and make the child legally legitimate. One can assume there are many reasons for not marrying, but given the climate of his career around 2002, it would have been devastating to his career, label and sponsors while he had so much going into his still young solo career.

    As for any ideas of malicious intent around tax evasion, whether he intended to misinform tax services or not, he chose to run his own business and thus needs to account fit his expenses responsibly. Again, it’s not just him, but all partners and employees of that business are at risk if he screws details up.

    Lastly, the reason this really matter has to do with japanese culture. Some people seem to think he’s being singled out as a celebrity and normal people would not be outed the same way. Truth is, they are, ALL the time. The average person with an unremarkable common tail of a few thousand dollars worth of miscalculations isn’t news, but status matters here. Heads of companies, people who have a responsibility to be responsible are outed all the time. Failures of these nature look bad on all people involved. An incident like this if outed could easily result in any average businessman losing his job so as not reflect poorly on the company he works for.

    As I noted before, this is not unusual and in Japan what he did us not good. Hes a celebrity, a person the public expects to live up to a certain social standard as a role model.

    • Ashlkgf

      I do not understand the idea of ‘legally legitimate’ when it comes to children. Do you mean claim that he has had a child or are you mixing legal with social pressure? illegitimate children…not such a big thing where I’m from – Europe. That bit alone is hardly going to harm his career.

      • CH

        Japan is not europe so get your head out of your ass before you talk about what you are uninformed about.

        Japan limits the rights of an illegitimate child.

        • Ku

          Please keep the discussion civil.

          • Sarah

            I agree with Ku there was no need to say that CH

  26. Jill

    I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He brought this on himself.
    How greedy and disgusting…he’s so rich and he steals more…disgusting.
    I’m more annoyed that for 10 years I’ve supported a criminal. >.<

    • Gongju

      People make mistakes just like you. Bad mouthing someone makes that person look even worse. You supported him as an artist and nothing more. People learn from their mistakes and NO ONE should ever place judgement on someone else. You don’t know all the reasons, or details about his life and therefore you can’t say anything really. Some things we do are for good reasons. For example if someone on the street is starving and the rich say “oh well he brought it upon himself” when really the country is doing nothing to help him, and he did his best to take care of himself and no matter what he couldn’t help himself. Walk in his shoes, before you think you can place judgement on another human being. You can get angry for a moments time but then realize later it was wrong. You live you learn. That’s all there is to it.

  27. Gongju

    I think we make mistakes and we learn from them. Now he has to learn the hard way for his mistakes but I don’t think he’s bad. I’m sure were all guilty of screwing up at some point in our lives so we have to right to judge him. If it was me I would protect my child and girlfriend by putting them somewhere no one can bother them. I seen the extremes his fans go to try to murder his girlfriend(s) or people they think will get in their way of dating him or jealousy. If anyone ever tried to hurt people I loved I don’t know what would happen. I would go psycho on some people. That wouldn’t go down good. It would of been good if he married her, and made the child registered as his but as I said we can’t judge his decisions and it’s business. So I would let’s just stay out of it. Like his music and do your best to support him. I’m sure if you made mistakes and was sitting in your house confined by police you would feel bad, learning a lesson but need to positive support. You know what I mean right?

  28. Anon

    A hypocrite gets what he deserves.

  29. Maddie

    This doesn’t really suprise me when I think about Gackt’s personality. Gackt is like that, when he has a goal he’ll aim at it with full concetration. His goal was to become rich and famous, when he got a girl pregnant, that could ruin everything(probaly his producers at that time knew it too, and gave him the choice: Family or career). He choose the career that he already had worked his whole life to accompolish. And some of you say he isn’t completly icecold because he sent his familiy away to protect them…or was it because he didn’t want to be in the scandle he is in right now? Well, we don’t know, but if this story is true about abonding his own child, and stealing money, then he really is shameless and icecold….and since I like his music enough to call myself a fan, I must say I’m really dissapointed in him…even though this is a matter of his private life….

  30. HAHA

    look at the nasty comments wrote by the user from scape
    Sorry to disappoint you all, the news is a fake.

    here’s an advice to you all (loser from scape)

    get a life
    you guys should just concentrate on your loser talentless hack, forget about GACKT.
    it is obvious you all have that low taste


    • Sarah

      Thank you HAHA I’ve said that to a lot of people on lots of web sites and they didn’t believe me still stick to what I put on here though

  31. Megan

    Wait a minute – forget Gackt. Is this article actually saying that in Japan, you can pay 120,000,000 a year to AVOID getting audited? WOW. I thought the US’s tax code was bad, but that’s a whole new level of corrupt. It’s a 1.5 million “Fuck you, I do what I want” get out of jail free card!! (lmao, Gackt is the Mitt Romney of Japan.)

    I guess after blatantly having something to hide every time he filed for 10+ years, some government administrator just finally sighed and said, “Ok seriously bro, not cool?” That fact that this is even legal is WAY more fucked up than any scandal.

    You can’t even be mad at him; if the government is telling you that it’s perfectly legal to slip them a check and say “you didn’t see nothing,” then of COURSE people are going to evade taxes.

  32. ficsci

    “Wait a minute – forget Gackt. Is this article actually saying that in Japan, you can pay 120,000,000 a year to AVOID getting audited” – lol I was wondering about that too, wouldn’t they be admitting that the officials/the country is taking bribery XD

    And if the story was true, it would be too much of a mentally unstable fangirl’s dream/nightmare comes true, I dunno does that ever happen? XD

    • Adrienne

      My understanding (which could be wrong) is that you overpay, so they don’t take a fine look into your finances, but then you can get some back on a tax return. Japanese taxes are so confusing, haha.

    • Euri

      Tax officials are all the same in whatever country. XD

  33. mana-lover

    Feels like it has to do with a lot of his career. It reminds me about the pedophile-media-thing about Michael Jacksson. Are they after Gackt now? :-(

    • Sarah

      I remember that I was about 14 or 15 when that came out seems so long ago, but it’s like they don’t have someone to talk about now so they target someone else and it just happened to be Gackt, I feel sorry for him with this fake roumer

  34. Lycia

    Seriously guys, this article comes from a tabloid. You really believe in this ? Shukan Bunshun is using the wave “Ayumi” to make money. Not sure the taxation bureau officers will contact them to give the information.

    And do you really think a guy who said to a fan in this last Q&A (last week) to give back money he has stolen to his compagny could have himself stolen money ?

    Think about it.

  35. kate

    The people at fault are the staff hired to oversees the businesses- not Gackt.

  36. Angie

    So am I the only one who who cares more about the fact that Gackt may have potentially robbed a charity and embezzled money more than this supposed kid? I mean adults muck up, particularly in the ‘keep it in the pants’ department. But using a tragedy for personal gain is a conscious, moral wrong. That threatens the loss of my respect for him more than anything if this is true.

    Though on a side note, I agree with someone’s sentiments of ‘hush money’. Gackt IS his image. He’s worked his whole career to be seen as he is now. So not that big of of a deal and irrelevant to the greater evil here of his exploitative swindling.

  37. Courtney Alisabeth

    I think there’s nothing wrong with what he did. Truthfully, he’s smart for sending the girl overseas because fans can be nuts especially when comes to a superstar like Gackt. As for the child, it makes sense he won’t claim it. If the girl and him had a fling ( a DTF), then who knows who she hooked up with afterwards before she realize she was officially pregnant. So it probably isn’t even his kid, but he’s not going to be asshole about though. She probably don’t know who dad is and Gackt was willing to take responsibility, regardless who the father is. Most men, wouldn’t do jack for a woman, especially if the woman has really no idea who the father is. She would be literally SOL, if was another man. More or less, he did what he’s suppose to do and more, so I commend him for it. He’s still going to be #1 in my favorite male artist.<3

    • Lana

      YES. -THIS.- XD

  38. Pookala

    Does he find his image more important than his child? This seems kinda selfish to me, but it’s his life. He better make sure his kid is being taken care of at least.

  39. Shelby

    Oh my gawd… I just realized.. I don’t care… My notion is, if he IS paying his taxes, and he IS making movies, shows, songs, then what the hell does it matter? So he has a girlfriend, so he has a son! Guess what? I bet there are a lot of men I live near that have a son or two (or daughters) that they don’t know about (or recognize as their own) He’s human, not a freaking robot. Get over it. There are more things in this world that people should be giving a damn about and everyone’s worried about who’s sleeping with who. The fan girls are just crushed cuz it’s a woman, not a man he’s sleeping with.

    Get over yourselves people and start paying attention to more important things…

  40. irresistible_

    Alright, but what’s wrong with someone paying phone bill taxes and stuff?
    I’ve found nothing wrong about someone dating a girl, and the girl is currently pregnant. This is bad journalism at it’s own peak.

  41. ES/L750

    So if you never wanted a kid but got somebody pregnant it’s okay to ship them off and never see this kid again? Is that how the world is now? Oops, I screwed up! Nope, not my kid. Wont acknowledge you. Have some change though and at least it pays for your bills and luxury stuff in a foreign country~ all children deserves both parents. Youre morally askew to find a gray area in what is strictly, socially, politically, biblically BLAACK/WHITE . Who cares if this particular old piece of news isnt true when you think it’s ALRIGHT for somebody to denounce a child even when it is his? Now this is beyond Gackt now, but shame; shame on you. So he pays them. That’s it? So at least he takes financially responsibility and didn’t run away. That’s it? That’s enough for it to be OK? So maybe the child has a new dad anyway. That’s it? Where are your goddamn standards? You people care so much when it’s about some famous whoever who’ll never truly be individually grateful of you, but most fail to see the moral affliction, the entropy and decline of moral standards. Everyone just wants to have fun. That’s all they care about. So they sleep around, do drugs, etc you just go head first into it because of our emotional tendencies, but what about the consequences? We live in times where money can solve everything! Let’s just write it off and say at least I’m taking care of you a little! To the people who think this is OK, well I’m sorry but your line of thinking is lowering the value, the integrity and the beauty of the word FAMILY. THE WORD, RESPONSIBILITY. NOT YOUR MONEY. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If it is your child BE WITH YOUR CHILD. IF YOU CANNOT DO THAT MAY GOD JUDGE YOU ACCORDINGLY. Because the structure of family is so tainted now because the world is full of assholes who keep DOING without any THINKING. The world today makes it convenient for people to get away with things. Shame on you if you think it is okay to denounce your child JUST BECAUSE you didnt want him or wasnt intended. Burn in hell for that irresponsible statement. At the same time, try saying that to hurting children who wanted to be with their fathers or mothers who left them or who only appear as a name on a check. It is not a situational thing first and foremost because children are entitled to both parents in the first place. Especially in respectable and strict countries that value family and good moral upbringing, that shuns mistresses and praises loyalty, responsibility and being noble of some sort. But it cant be avoided, sure, but that’s part of the problem too. Try to understand having only a single parent WHEN THE ORIGINAL DESIGN IS FOR A CHILD TO HAVE TWO. How lives change because of these parents’ irresponsible and selfish behavior. Shame on you for thinking this is normal and okay. A desensitized world is a world that is full of HEDONISTS, CONVENIENCE AND BRAINWASH MEDIA. A desensitized world such as this can only lead to MORAL AND SOCIAL ENTROPY, and take note how fast the world’s standards are spiralling down. And remember that it’s dark days and end are because of people who think they can get away with anything: tax evasion, parenthood, pork barrel, statutory rape and to the little things like backstabbing people or worshipping your idols, or thinking it’s okay not to be with your kid since you never intended to have one. Such a desensitized outlook. Almost classless, almost crude. But it’ll get worse. Real soon the standard age of having sex will be 11 years old and we’d all be listening to horrible music that only promotes sex, drugs and partying. Nothing intellectual, nothing tasteful. Good day to all and may a higher being you believe in have mercy on us all because goddamn it, what is acceptable in society and beyond is getting more questionable, more degrading of their ORIGINAL values and of course MANKIND’S FAVORITE, MORE CONVENIENT. FOR OUR DESIRES OR FOR THE TURNING OF THE CHEEK TO ALLOW THESE DESIRES, WHETHER IT IS MORALLY RIGHT OR NOT >>Psalm 127:3″ Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” They are not mistakes, accidents or something you can write off and only send money to. Also, it doesnt take a Theist to believe or understand, and see that this is a value, a standard of what must be upheld. Im just upset somebody said it’s okay to leave a kid, iust because you didnt want them, and you shouldbe glad that at least the child is being financially accounted for. Shame on you people who think that is okay, that it’s always been like that and that we cant do anything about it. It’s because of these people who have NO DISCIPLINE OR SELF-CONTROL that we are living in a world of trash values and low standards yet what are we doing to them? Praising them, worshipping them, protecting them. We’re human, sure, but if that’s all youcan come up with then own up and start growing a pair. Shame on you especially if you are not raised by a single parent or with only one “original” parent and have the gut to say it is ok for a parent to leave a child because it was unexpected. These children… They can be happy, forgive and forget, but do not think there is no judgment, no commeupance for leaving a child. I dont give a f*** about Gackt but his music. First 4 albums, solid as gold and musically intelligent. But since he’s a worldly fellow I didnt expect him to follow through on what true standards stand for, he can love, be gracious and kind to others and he should be, as we all should be, but there are things WE HAVE EMBRACED AS NORMS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN UNACCEPTABLE OR WERE UNACCEPTABLE and that should be brought to attention at par with some famous dude with a lovechild. Im more upset at the person who believes you can leave a child because he never planned on having it. What the f*** is wrong with you. May you be judged accordingly and good day, and oh well, everybody love everybody but dont bend over and compromise your standards for somebody not worthy to fight for.

  42. Mimi Kiryuu

    well….this may have crush my image of him but hey, hes human. I love his music and his voice. what right do i have to judge his personal life when I DO NOT KNOW HIM PERSONALLY?! (though i wish i did as some point) I agree he should stand up and be open about his relationship. At some point i would have WANTED to kill the chick but then i grew up. there’s nothing wrong with musicians having that special someone in their lives. i think if a chick is old enough to listen to his music and appreciate it then she SHOULD be mature enough to accept anyone he has in his life. and i think that HE should be a man and be proud of a child he made! If he wants it all to lie low then i think he should do so as well…meaning he should retire and spend some time with the woman and child. I believe this is a mature thought for all HARD-CORE GACKT FANS. ACCEPT AND MOVE ON. there are plenty of asian men to have an obsession over. just choose another! (trust me i am a HUGE fan but this made me realize how childish fangirls can be. i was on the KILL THE BITCH side until i realized that would be the reason he would hide her in the first place) thank you for all who read and all who agree.

    • Ella

      Except the whole story is false, because if he had actually been evading taxes he would have been arrested, and it would have been on news sources that weren’t the equivalent of the National Enquirer. Not to mention the so-called child kept changing gender and age depending on which mag rag was reporting it. He’s never wanted kids, he’s clearly not changed his mind and I’m rather certain he’d be taking every precaution possible NOT to get a girl pregnant.

      No tax evasion, no mistress, no child. I’m honestly surprised people actually took this as seriously as they did. When you really look at the details and think it through, the story has more holes than swiss cheese.

  43. つきLuna

    My mother was left by my father… she had to raise me… and became a father not a mother… He would call and contact now and then out of social pressure I guess… each and every time I’d have those encounters it was just… awkward… it didn’t feel like a dad… until one day when I was old enough I asked if he even wanted me. he told me plain and simple no. He said he was the eldest of 10 had to get out of his parent’s house because they were forcing him to either marry or live on the street because he was old enough, because that’s how it went back then I guess, and my mom wanted to play family and mommy because everyone had a child and so they married and had me according to the social book of behaviour. He explained… he was just able to get out of his parent’s house and from taking care of (under a very stern christian upbringing) of his 9 siblings. Of COURSE he was only 20 something… I feel bad for him now… he was not able to explore life further.(which explains his lack of substance in character and subsequent mental inability for parent hood) The last thing he wanted was to have a child… and I don’t blame him. And hey** he is my biological father and I DON’T BLAME HIM. Also my mother did not give herself the chance to live her life either… she quit her brain surgeon career to play house and mommy because grandma wanted grand children. (to me, a product of this social standard pressure I can now see not everyone is meant for it) I am a woman and I am quite a feminist but I don’t delude myself… I reccon that she put too much pressure on my father, and also she was young and did not see things clearly and was not guided by her family either, instead pressured to be the norm. (the fact that he was young not a man and thus un capable of real longetivity and substance in marriage due to lack of experience) I once asked her why she had me, and she said because all her friends were having children and she felt left out and lonely and that she wanted one with my father. (this is no one’s fault we are all responsible for our feelings, unfortunately again she was much too young to realize this) I felt quite offended by it in the begining. Children are not pets or accessories to identify yourself with to society. You don’t have a child just to have one, you don’t have a child, you BECOME a mother because that’s what you want to be* and I know she hasn’t and to this day has no clue lo because money does not equal a parent, BUT it has made me independant and strong (still love her though). In short: my mother is not exaclty a doting mother… she just pays stuff for me.. money does not equal raising, or home. Just because you are payed a few dates does not mean you owe the man your intimacy as much as I don’t owe my mother for paying me. She decided to have me… it’s her responsability. In my father’s case… It is also HIS responsability because they were married and have joint custody yet he well (it’s embarassing but he’s so inefficient to not say useless because he never learnt to work) that he’s never been able to pay a cent for me and it is still his obligation… he just can’t fulfill it. It was both their mistake and lack of judgement and also their families’s lack of care for their future. I say this because whenever either or would blame on me their frustrations, like my mother having to pay everything for me, It took a long while to realize it’s not my fault. if they didn’t want to they could have just not have had me. I am grateful to be alive though don’t get me wrong, just let me be and respect me as I do. Sometimes however…the horrible thought that my father is still alive and does not make an effort to contact me properly… the fact that it is not die to a big duty or Job or fame thatbhe cannot be with me just simply he’s not into it and is wasting time doing God knows what… I would make myself erase my father from my being… believeing I had never met them, or that he had died… and then… I’d imagine another kind of person… perhaps some one who works hard… some one who doesn’t give up… some one kind and not child like some one who takes some responsibility… if youre not there emotionally at least financially and if not financially at least emotionally… or if you’re not up for it, don’t be there at all. You can’t kind of be there whenever you like as a parent. Like I said… either emotionally or financially or not at all, but dpon’t leave people hanging like that. I’d imagine maybe he had been a soldier, inventor, or a man unlike any other who my mom will respect due to his kindness… or maybe some one likek Gackt… accomplished yes with screwed things but still… I could be proud to know “oh that’s where I come from… that’s the kind of blood I have in me… I may not have known you but I can know you through your music… ohhh I see… yes it would have been difficult or dangerous… in a sense… thank you for keeping me away from that and not giving me a childhood consisting of lock ups due to reporters and phsycho high school girls” I imagine some one better. But then…. reality comes crashing down… in bitter still cold… and I ultimately face the truth. who my biological father is… and my situation… but I refuse to let it define me. I refuse to be as uninvolved or uncaring as he… so I still talk to him with boundries of course ;) If I could say anything though… I think it would have ben much healthier for me to not have met him. I could sense his heart was not into it. If he really didn’t want a child he shouldn’t have kept contacting me. It was that contact that damaged me because it was not consistent nor did it have substance. If I could say Anything to Gackt it would be this: “If you for whatever reason did not want a child but this happened, it is not one person’s fault, it is a relationship of 2 and both hold responsibility, so both have to cary the burden, but as a daughter myself I tell you, if you don’t want to be this child;s father and be there for this child, don’t even let them know you exists, trust me, they will be much better for now. Later as they grow if they ever know it won’t be as damaging, they might understand and not care, because they might have another paternal figure already, and even if they don’t it is better to not stretch their emotions like an elastic back and forth. I think you understand that torture, so in a sense it’s ok, you are being honest and doing what you can and what was agreed upon, so again don’t feel bad, if you’re not gonna be a father… it is better for you to step aside, and allow some one who is willing to and able to to do so for the child’s sake, no drama” And this is what I believe… it all seems strange though…. like why waiting to tell him until she couldn’t abort? She was in a relationship with him, so it’s not like she was forced to concieve, he has stated he never wanted a child I think he would be quite obsessive in that kind of protection if you analyze it. Not saying it’s her fault either, some times birth control fails… but like I said it is both their mistake their responsability. Neither is more guilty than the other. I wish it was my situation :,( that my father had at least a more credible reason like Gackt to stay away while he’s still alive, it would be enough for me. I have had to stay away from those who I love the most for their own and my own good and it is one of the hardest things in life after dealing with some one’s death… I believe. so people, it is not your life, take your standard’s down a notch. You don’t really and will never really know what goes on behind closed doors, so assuming and teaming up is useless. I just wanted to bring some perspective into this issue… I really wish i could tell this to Gackt… so he doesn’t make that mistake… so that that child doesn’t go through what i did.

  44. Jill

    Why are people still talking about this douche bag?!

  45. つきLuna

    …. douche bag? hahaha well he might seem a bit some times… but do you know him? I don’t think it’s good to say that if you don’t but if you do I have nothing nothing to say on it lol, although I dobt it… because he is a very isolated person who doesn’t socialize much, he works and works. just some perspective…

    • Andi

      Ah he’s hardly isolated. He socializes a lot, he goes out with friends when he can, visits Starbucks on a somewhat regular basis. Yeah he works a lot but he socializes quite a fair bit. He’s always surrounded by people.

      To be quite honest, I’m surprised people still believe this tabloid stuff. It was pretty obvious the whole thing was made up, if he had really committed tax fraud he’d have been arrested by now. No tax fraud, no mistress, no child. It would be like believing the National Enquirer, none of the Japanese fans took this nonsense seriously.

  46. Jill

    After 11 years of being a fan I knew enough of what he was about….so yes…he’s a douche bag and a weirdo…and a pervert….and he turned into a down right creepy old man.
    At one point I would have defended anything people said about him too. But not anymore.
    As far as it being true…I really don’t care. In fact the tax problems would be pretty funny and well deserved. As much as he bleeds his fans for money. He charges for EVERYTHING and talks bullshit to these dumb female fans cause he knows they will keeping paying his high prices. And an artist? Please….when was the last time he released hardly anything original…one new song per cd with a bunch of old remixed songs. Bleeding fans for money.

    Now I do hate it if a child has been made to suffer cause of him and his “fame”…..but as far as this article goes….it’s just been another thing for the fans to argue about…so stupid. Only reason I bothered a reply is I’m bored. And their won’t be another one.

  47. 月の光

    I don’t believe the article, The person was just expressing if a child was true what they wished they could tell him to not make that child even more screwed based on their experience as a child. Secondly, well we can all say stuff but I have had the opportunity to work with him a little while back. As a fellow musician, I can tell you it is isolating. Taking the chance when it turns up and grabbing a cup of coffee at Starbucks is not the same a socializing. Sure he surrounds himself by his staff… but all that is done is work, that’s not socializing more so if you know Japanese work ethics and in this case his: “We are not here to have fun, we are here to create fun for the audience” again as a fellow musician it makes sense… if not nothing would get done. I never experienced rudeness, perversion or any sort of negativity on the contrary… honestly all I have to say is I highly respect and admire all that I learnt from that experience. Sure he’s very strict but in the end things get done that way. No he’s not perfect, he’s got quite a temper… but then again try orchestrating 150 people from set, to lighting, to dancers, to musicians, sound technicians, pyrotechnics and more… I think I’d go kinda crazy and I was shocked he didn’t he was just strict of course your’e talking about pyrotechnics,harnesses and things that could potentially hurt some one, he’s got to be. It is based on that experience that I don’t believe this article at all especially the tax evasion. Yes he’d be arrested by now. As a fellow musician for anyone to minimize a person’t work wether it be Gackt, lady Gaga, or any artist any where is well… quite ignorant and rude, because to release stuff like that even if it was 10 years ago it still takes a lot of sacrifice, effort, time, money and much more, even health and I talk for myself. It really does break my heart to see people arguing like this… sending such feelings and energy to a person when in reality they are not personally known, and for people to not consider the whole picture. More than anything… for people to take the worst in them and lash at each other…. for those who don’t understand what it is to be a musician today… unless you have not released platinum and gold albums and singles in all of Asia or your area be it Europe, Americas etc, and out of your own merit, I think… few of us can say anything about it… So please, respect and project your feelings of contempt towards some thing or where else or take responsibility for them. This is the last post I’ll be contributing to this trend. Hope you all have a great day, I am not imposing my views on anyone just trying to bring perspective and share what I know. You are free to believe whatever you want… it’s your mind and life after.

    • flowers3

      I really cannot fathom all these nasty comments on Gackt… Especially since it seems the subject of this thread came from a tabloid paper. Thank you for such a level headed post. We are in a new year and I truly hope for all this to have cleared for Gackt. I will continue to follow Him and His career. I think he is amazing and well His personal life is His own.

  48. Rangi

    what he decides is his decision and no one else’s. everyone has their own opinion on things. his fans can’t tell him what to do and be so judgmental!! He is an inspiring person for many so don’t say such rude things to put them down. For those who want to say rude things think about what you say and how many people it can affect!

  49. Lai-Lai

    Only 1 child? I was hoping he’d have many illegitimate children by now. He’s only 10 years away from 50 & he’s too good looking to let his genes go to waste.

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