GALNERYUS has gone through a member change, and as they state on their OHP, they are rising from the ashes again!

The band will be performing on October 18th at LOUD PARK 2009, and their new line-up is as follows:
・Syu (Guitar)
・Masatoshi Ono (Vocal)
・YUHKI (Keyboards)
・JUNICHI (Drums)
・Taka (Bass)

Source: Grassthread, OHP


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2 Responses to GALNERYUS changes

  1. Cieru

    So that means Leda/Yu-to left Galneryus and is now in DELUHI full time? But I’m glad they got a new vocalist! I only listened to a couple of Galneryus songs but I should really look up more of their stuff :3

  2. Ember

    Hell yesssss

    :D I love Galneryus. One of my favorite bands.

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