GACKT’S 10th year anniversary

GACKT'S 10th year anniversary
GACKT is having his 10th year anniversary, and to celebrate he has a whole slew of things available for his fans!

1. QT Card
2. Platinum Box
3. Live Photo Collection
4. Live DVD (Available to Dears Members Only)
5. NEW SINGLE (Available to Dears Members Only)
6. PERFECT STORY BOOK (Available to Dears Members Only)
7. PLATINUM BOX X (Available to Dears Members Only)

So, first off, we have the QT card. This isn’t really much use unless you’re in Japan or just a big Gackt collector, but it costs 600 yen for one, plus 500 yen for shipping. He had these out before, but now they have 5 different versions equipped with photos from his 「GACKT VISUALIVE ARENA TOUR 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Final」 live.


Next up is the platinum box, which on the site reads, “PLATINUM BOX LOW PRICE VERSION Release!!”. Who can resist that? They are taking reservations until September 25th for GACKT’s platinum box sets, and they go on sale October 14th. Sets I ~ VI cost 1280 yen a piece, and VII ~ IX are 1980 yen a piece. This offer is available only through the Dears store, and not in any stores.

Another great thing for fans, is the live photo collection! It’s coming out on October 28th, and reservations will be taken through the Dears shop until the 25th of September. The book is called 「VISUALIVE 2009 DOCUMENTARY BOOK GACKT Requiem et Reminiscence II ~鎮魂と再生~ (Chinkon to Saisei)」. The book is B4 in size and has 160 pages for 3800 yen. Along with photos from the live, there are photos from previous tours, and from his various performances around Japan including his lives in Okyama, Hiroshima and Nagano.

The next four items are for Dears members only.
The DVD is 7000 yen and contains footage from his Requiem et Reminiscence II ~鎮魂と再生~ (Chinkon to Saisei) tour final that took at Saitama’s Super Arena on July 12th. Also on the DVD is a PV for 「GHOST」 (JUN-JI version), plus a documentary.

The new single, which hasn’t been titled yet, costs 1800 yen and will have the theme song for 戦国無双3」 (Sengoku Musou 3), as well as a PV. The single will be out on November 18th, but once again, unfortunately, only to Dears members.

Then we have the story book, which comes out on December 2nd, and is titled 「REBORN」. The book costs 6800 yen, and is hard cover. It features an original story about the VISUALIVE TOUR, plus a drama and story which are available on a CD. There’s also a music CD with 18 tracks. The special gift for Dears members is a 10th anniversary disc, which contains the 「Flower」 PV, an A4 size photo collection from his 「Requiem et Reminiscnece」 tour, GACKT’s story from after the tour, and a message for the Dears.

Last but not least, we have the release of GACKT’S 10th Platinum Box (Platinum Box ~X~). It’s out on December 24th, and costs 6800 yen. Inside is 「GACKT すごろく」 (Sugoroku), which is a child’s dice game. Also included is footage of the members being “exchange students” and going on a journey back to school, GACKT and YOU’S darts journey, and special privleges for Dears members only.

Source: BMA, OHP


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6 Responses to GACKT’S 10th year anniversary

  1. myouqa

    this is awesome O_o i can’t wait for the stuff to come out, especially platinum box 10. sounds awesome!

  2. Nyappy

    Do Want

  3. johnesh

    WTF is it with Gackt re-releasing all his tracks over and over in massive box sets that cost millions of dollars? He needs to do a new album already, he hasn’t released an album of new material for four years!

    • Goran

      Gackt did released a album, and it was in 4 peaces or 4 10 anniversary singles countdown, just dears who bought all four of them at the and get the ‘cover’ for all four cds.
      Anyway, I heared he is going to do one more Moon project, what will be after, no one knows..

  4. vanity

    agree with johnesh….
    seems gackt is more of a businessman than a musician

  5. johnesh

    Don’t get me wrong, I do actually like his music – I thought his last album was great, but I just can’t be dealing with all this merchandising.

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