Lolita 23q adds two final lives before their hiatus

Lolita 23q adds two final lives before their hiatus
Back in June we posted about Lolita 23q going on an indefinite hiatus. We also posted the member’s comments.

Despite the fact their hiatus was set for August 26th, they have added two final lives.

The following announcement was on their OHP:

New dates added due to tour final at Shinjuku BLAZE selling out!!

「genteiku-Limited Ward-」
Ikebukuro EDGE
Last date details released!!
「kaihouku-THE FINAL WARD-」
Akasaka BLITZ

See for more information

Lolita 23q go on indefinite hiatus.

After the start of their summer tour 「WORLD end’s GALAXY」final in Shinjuku BLAZE on the 26th of August, Lolita 23q will go on indefinite hiatus.

The thought of leaving the v-rock music scene weighs heavy, but it’s impossible to create a band and keep up with music production and live shows without giving over a part of your life and soul. So we have decided to draw the curtain on the last eight years.

Up until the end we have shone through and faced our futures together as musicians, and we’ve decided to do that with our lives now.

To our fans and our staff, you’ve supported us from the beginning.
Thank you all so much for so much love, memories and amazing times.

Lolita 23q Soshi Ryuto Yu-ki Ryosuke BAN

Translation by’s vii-vi

Source: vkdb, OHP

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3 Responses to Lolita 23q adds two final lives before their hiatus

  1. AYANO

    These certainly are pretty old news.

    • Adrienne

      The additional lives are not old news. The hiatus is, but if you read the post, the original articles from when they originally announced the hiatus are linked.

      • AYANO

        I meant they did this announcement nearly two months ago. Just a comment, anyway.

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