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SCREW’s Rui Says Farewell to Music
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 9:03pm in Departures, Lives, News, One-mans, Overseas, Tours, Translations

SCREW's Rui Says Farewell to Music


In the second time in as many weeks, PS Company* has another star band making headlines, and, once more, it’s not for wholly encouraging reasons. Recently, Alice Nine announced they’d be letting their relationship with the label expire, and now, fellow major labelmates SCREW are stirring up their lineup.

SCREW’s bassist Rui, who has been part of the band since 2010, following original bassist Yuuto‘s departure, has decided that he needs to move in a different direction – and you may be surprised by what it is.

Similar to Yuuto’s 2009 farewell, Rui will also see through to the end of the year and retire officially in late December. But differing starkly from Yuuto’s stated reason of “creative differences”, Rui is planning to leave not just SCREW but music altogether, in order to pursue another dream in a completely distinct realm.

The announcement was made on SCREW’s official webpage, with words from PS Company president, Tomomi Ozaki, and the remaining four members of SCREW, as well as an abridged statement from Rui himself. The statements by the president and the members of SCREW have been translated by our Adventure Tim below:

An Important Announcement for All Fans who Support SCREW

This is an important message for all of SCREW’s supportive fans and affiliates.
Bassist Rui will be departing SCREW following their December 28th, 2014 performance. Rui has expressed his desire to move on from musical activities to a new path, and after much discussion among members and staff, we have reluctantly accepted his decision, but resolve to support him in his new pursuits.
We apologize deeply for any shock we may have caused all our affiliates with this announcement.
To the wonderful fans who supported this fivesome SCREW, you have our heartfelt gratitude.
Byou, Kazuki, Manabu and Jin will be carrying on as a foursome hereafter, and hope for your continued support.

September 2, 2014
PS Company, Ltd.
Tomomi Ozaki, Board Representative Director

Dear Supporters of SCREW

Our bassist Rui, who has been with SCREW since 2010, will soon be leaving the band to focus on his work in apparel.

It took a great deal of discussion among we members and staff, but we have decided that the best thing for us to do is accept Rui’s feelings and encourage him to carry on.

We apologize if this news comes as a shock, but as a reminder, we will still be playing with all five members until our December 28th show at Shibuya’s AiiA Theater Tokyo.

It’s a terribly unfortunate thing to lose a dear member who’s been with us through thick and thin, and we will certainly savor all the time we have left with him.

In conclusion, from now on, we and Rui will walk separate paths, and the remaining four of us will continue playing together, so we hope you will continue to support us in turn.


Translated by Adventure Tim.

Rui also updated his blog with a slightly more detailed explanation of his decision and perspective, based on the announcement posted on the website but with additional details revealing that while he has felt happiness in his role as a musician, it is not his ultimate dream. What’s more, he plans to wholly leave it all behind to pursue his true passion: fashion design.

Important Announcement.

As per the announcement, I will be leaving SCREW following the December 28th performance at AiiA Theater Tokyo.

In the spring, I had time to contemplate how I could reconcile music and my own life from here on.
I talked with the other members for months. I had a lot of of time to think, they really gave me a lot of time.
Up until now, for so many years, I’d always been in bands, and then I got to meet SCREW, I got to meet our staff team, I got to meet everybody.
It made me newly aware of how, as a musician and as a bassist, I have been very fulfilled, and I am very happy, and at that same time emerged many feelings of gratitude.
As that period passed, I once again contemplated my future life, and the answer I got was in the shape of a decision to leave the band life and embark on a distinct path; for this, I am full of feelings of regret towards everybody who had supported me.

This was also in the announcement, but I am planning to end all my band activities when I graduate from SCREW on December 28th.
For that reason, I will not be involved in any bands or act as a bassist anymore in the future.
This does not mean that we’ve had a quarrel and I want to separate myself from this place, and I feel I’ll miss it too, but
everybody around me has given me the push [to do this], so I’ve decided to live my life from now on by taking on what I’ve [always] wanted to try.

I’m torn over whether I should say it like this, but I’ve had an interest for a long time
I’m thinking of following my dream of being a fashion designer.
To the members and manager, and everybody on the label staff starting with the director,
[all of whom] understood my thoughts and feelings and pushed me,
I truly cannot thank you enough, I am so full of such feelings of gratitude.

It’s not that I’ve lost my desire just because I’ve come to this,
so I want to work harder than I ever have and have fun at the Taiwan live that we will soon be welcoming and the oneman tour starting on 9/13.

Until now you’ve let me talk [only] about myself, but going forward, SCREW is far from over.
I will really support them. I’m even gonna go see them LIVE too!!!
Maybe I’m not in a position to say this right now, but I want everybody to cheer for and support SCREW as you always have.

Byou-chan, Ka-chan, Mana-san, Jin-chan,
To have met these four and made music with them, it was truly a blessing.
From now on, I want to keep supporting SCREW with the same sentiment as everybody else.

Lastly, to the staff team who concerned themselves [with me] until now and all our relations,
And all of the fans who kindly supported me, once more, thank you!
These were happy days, truly as if in a dream.

Please excuse the sudden announcement.
I’m planning to do my very best, with all my might, at each event, one by one, until December 28th, anyway,
so please keep me in your favor until the end.



Translated by jazz.

Unfortunately for the throngs of fans of Rui, this does seem like his farewell to music, at least in the capacity of a performer. However, considering visual kei and fashion are tied by aesthetics, maybe one day, we will see some of Rui’s creative work on other artists.

As for SCREW, if Rui is confident that they will recover and fare fine despite his retirement, then fans should reflect that. After all, this is not SCREW’s first experience losing a bassist.

For a chance to see Rui while he’s still a part of SCREW, check them out at their Taipei oneman this Saturday, or any of the dozens of lives on their back-to-back INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL WORLD and INNER PSYCHOLOGICAL WORLD [METEMPSYCHOSIS] tours.

SCREW ONE-MAN Live “Haikai no Sasori” (Wandering Scorpion) in TAIPEI
September 6th, 2014 @ THE WALL Taipei, Taiwan
OPEN 17:00 | START 18:00

Advance NTD 1800 | Day of NTD 2000

*Spend more than NTD 2000 on SCREW merchandise and take one cheki instant photo with all five members of the band. Rules and details on homepage.


September 13 (SAT) Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!
September 15 (MON, Hol) HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
September 21 (SUN) Kashiwa ThumbUp
September 25 (THU) Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION
September 27 (SAT) Kumamoto DRUM Be-9 V2
September 28 (SUN) Fukuoka DRUM SON

October 3 (FRI) Sapporo COLONY
October 4 (SAT) Sapporo COLONY
October 8 (WED) Sendai MACANA
October 12 (SUN) Nagoya ell FITS. ALL
October 14 (TUE) Yonago laughs
October 16 (THU) Okayama IMAGE
October 17 (FRI) Matsuyama SALON KITTY
October 19 (SUN) OSAKA MUSE

November 3 (MON, Hol) Niigata BLACK STAGE
November 5 (WED) Kanazawa AZ


November 16 (SUN) Shibuya TSUTAYA O-nest
November 23 (SUN) Shibuya Eggman
November 24 (MON, Hol) Shibuya TAKE OFF 7
November 30 (SUN) Shibuya REX

December 6 (SAT) Shibuya GARRET udagawa
December 7 (SUN) Shibuya STAR LOUNGE
December 14 (SUN) Shibuya TSUTAYA O-Crest
December 20 (SAT) Shibuya CYCLONE

Advance ¥4300 (drink fee excluded)

Details on homepage.

And, of course, there is that final live on December 28th – your absolute last chance to see darling Rui on stage holding a bass.

December 28 (SUN) @ Shibuya AiiA Theater Tokyo
OPEN 17:00 | START 17:30

Advance ¥4800

Information club “Siesta” lottery pre-sale: September 1 (MON) 14:00 JST – September 24 (WED) 18:00 JST. General sale from November 29 (SAT). Further details on homepage.

Source: SCREW OHP, Rui Official Ameblog

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