Antic Cafe goes on pause

Antic Cafe goes on pause
Antic Cafe have announced that after their performance on January 4th at Nippon Budoukan, they will be going on an activity pause.

They have said that the five members had numerous discussions about it, and decided that this is currently the best option and necessary for both the members and staff to fulfill their desire to “step up”.

After the Nippon Budoukan live, the members will continue to individually pursue their own activities, and work towards the day when Antic Cafe can make their return.

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  1. blackcoffee

    Uhhuh, the news this year… >_> Though I haven’t really been listening to them that much since Bou left but that’s still bad news.

    It’s going to be interesting to see their individual activities…

  2. P!NKeH

    They’ve just finished, what , their 2rd world tour? I never thought I’d see them of all people go on hiatus ;~;

  3. mikufanatic

    As long as they can come back in full-force again….


    I don’t know what to do.

  4. xiaoyun

    this is the best news from an cafe ive heard so far
    i hope they come back better

  5. Iria

    Haven’t listened to them for years, but I can say that I am surprised.

  6. Emi

    My heart hurts

  7. Honey-chan

    I think it’s positive news~

    Besides they deserve a break with all that they have been up to recently, I hope they come back better than ever!

    plus the individual activities sounds interesting…

  8. Kyoko-tian

    I…I… dammit… i got so addicted to them that i don’t know what i’ll have to do as they’ll be taking the brake… i understand that they need one, and actully was wondering myself how can they do this non-stop for 5 years and not get tired, but now as it’s official… oh man… i’m crying dammit! >.< i know i should be cheering for them but i'm crying for teal (and not just typing it just to soud more dramatical…)
    I had dreams like: i'll finish school on 2010 summer and hear right to japan.. no Denmark no Britain but Japan… i'll live, work and study there and will be saving some money that i could attend every single concert of antikku… and i was also somewhy expecting for thei 3rd world tour… i would have taken at least 20 people with me to finland or germany… last time i went to their concert in Koeln(gemany)…. it was really far away from my country but i managed to gather enought money and go there with a friend… dammit… now i'll be depressed for a week…
    curse my emoish side…

    anyways… Yeay for antikku! they deserve to get some rest…

  9. Zetsubou

    I have to admit this is surprising, but I half expected it.

    Though, it’s nearly been six years, and the boys are finally where they want to be; they deserve a break more than anyone.

    Hopefully they’ll come back more ready than ever~!

  10. aya-chan

    I’m so excited about their individual activities! ~
    But the moment I read this … I was really suprised o__o
    aww I want to go to their live at Nippon Budoukan so badly XO I wonder if you still can buy tickets for it …

  11. genius

    What!!!!!!? I’m shocked. O_O

    I don’t know, but this past weeks I have had this feeling that something bad was going to happen with An Cafe… it was just a feleing but, unfortunately, I was right T_T

  12. Bambi

    I see this as a good thing.
    They’ll have some time to rest up and think about what they want to do.
    The last couple releases I haven’t been happy with, so maybe after this pause, they’ll start to appeal to me again.

  13. keri

    DUDE!!!! I’m soo shocked.. I didn’t expect this of them, especially since they have so many fans!!! Now, i’m getting worried about nightmare.. almost 10 years of activity… with about 7 years of sendai kamotsu.. AND they’ve been touring and releasing stuff like crazy for the past couple years!!!

  14. UchihaNoChikara

    I’m not really surprised either. After the last few releases (ones I wasn’t exactly fond of) I think they need time to write more music and really shine when they come back. Maybe they’ll get back to their roots or come back with something totally new. Either way I think this is good for them.

  15. Milou

    I cried.
    but after a lot of thinking, this might be the best for them.
    I mean, they´ve been doing this for 6 1/2 years now..
    but, I don´t want them to announce their disbandment a few months later T . T
    I´m wondering if Bou will also be there at the Budokan, because that was also his goal.

  16. pengin

    w-o-w O__o;; really really REALLY surprising, but i agree they need to take a break.

    it’s crazy.. we can come to expect little known, just starts bands to quit, lose members etc.. etc.. but An Cafe!? they’ve been together forever it seems and they’re pretty well-known..

    …and knowing such a “stable” band is taking a break, it just hits you that any of your bands could disband tomorrow! eh.. >_>;;; it’s like you think your bands are invincible until they break up! DX

  17. hgfhfh

    lol. You guys are being way too dramatic over this.

  18. Nyappy

    Gee it’s not like they’ve disbanded or anything guys they are just taking a break =_=

    Good on them I say. Everyone needs a break once in a while.

  19. Yumiko

    I felt a bit weird when I first read about this but I wasn’t exactly shocked. I kind of had a feeling they would take a break after Budokan because I still remember when they said that Budokan was their main dream and goal. When they got their place to play at Budokan they said they had no current plans for after that.

    I personally think some time off may do them good because their latest releases haven’t exactly been some of their best as far as most fans seem concerned…maybe they feel the same as their fans?

    I hope they can come back better than ever

  20. Ren

    I wonder what activities… ^^
    And I agree everyone needs a break.

  21. stephanie

    .. i was really surprised.. o_o
    but i agree also.. they deserve a break.

  22. Me.

    Am I the only one who hopes they come back without Miku? He’s the only reason I rarely listen to their music.

  23. aki

    hmm… i think this is quite nice.
    And, like the others, I do hope they come back BETTER than before.

    ever since Bou left, they kinda lost their “cutesy” factor thus making me uninterested in them anymore (i really think that being cutesy is what keeps them hip)

    anyway, good Luck to AC

  24. Raku

    I was surprised…But everyone need a break…
    I think they were very tired and hoping for a break for a long time…
    now they have the chance…
    Recently, I think they started to loss their style of songs…
    I hope they can find their own style and bring us some surprise in this period of time…

    Reply to the above comment…
    I think there is only you hope an cafe come back without miku…
    vocal’s voice is the spirit of a band…If you dont like the voice…Its okay…But dont say bad words to him!!!

  25. Lulu

    lol. You guys are being way too dramatic over this.

    I agree. I don’t see how it’ll be any different than usual. It’s not like they have music coming out everyday that you’ll miss, or that they always tour around you. There are plenty of bands that seem like they take breaks because of their release schedules. Like Girugamesh releasing usually one CD a year.

    But I think crying is a little much.

  26. jo-kun

    im a little sad. i was hoping theyd go on world tour this year and come to canada (Xd i wish). but i can imagine they need the break. all this touring and singles, and cds, and interviews, etc, etc, etc.

    its best that they rest before one of them burns out. i dont know about you guys but ive noticed like in their bb parallel world comment etc, they seem soooo exhausted. i think they REALLY need a break.

    lets just hope they’ll enjoy themselves, that their break wont be too long ;) and that theyll be even more kick ass than usual when they get back!!!!

    • alyssa

      an cafe is the best! i hope they have a good break! but i hope they also come back soon!!! i love all there music, the old music with bou and there new music w/ takuya and yuuki! :( i haven’t gotten to see them in convert yet! have fun on ur break but come back soon!

  27. sinner

    this kinda meant ancafe “extinct”

    oh well

  28. Shia

    Wow. This is a big shock.
    I haven’t listened to them for at least a year, but I always knew they were THERE to listen to. I never expected this.

  29. Bunny

    They really deserve a break. They will come back stronger than ever, I’m sure of it. And you people are way too sad over NOTHING. Making music is their JOB. Like in any other job they need vacations.

    Aside from that, if they keep making music repeatedly without a fresh mind, their music will just keep sounding the same over and over.

    Have a nice rest Antikku! Find girlfriends or something! haha ~dont kill me~

    • Åcamii

      Hope they came back good now, ’cause they have give a few powerless music lately.
      We know they’re better that that, so hope they get some good inspiration or something ^-^

  30. mRs.tAkUyA.....

    Why?!? I lovded you An Cafe, I lovded you!!!!…..

  31. Aishiteru-An-Cafe

    I can’t *sob* believe this. I just got into them last week and now I find out that they broke up?! *Sob* Not.. Not.. Uh.. Cool? Nice? Good? I don’t know *Sniffle* *Sniffle* *Sob* This is really depressing :(

  32. winona nonato

    hey they said that ancafe is comin in the summer! they havnt came back!

  33. Ayu

    I don’t think that Miku will leave Lc5 after 2nd singles, its just to early…i think we won’t see An Cafe for a while… T_T

  34. Goldie Annabelle

    An Cafe Is Back. And yes it is true, the guys themselves comfirmed it.

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