SuG 「sweeToxic」 PV preview

SuG 「sweeToxic」 PV preview

Back in June, SuG announced the release of a new single titled 「sweeToxic」, scheduled to drop on September 19th. For those of you who can’t wait until then, the band has uploaded a short version of the PV for the title song on YouTube! This PV and its making of can be found on the Limited Edition Type A of the single.

The clip has a decidedly different flavour than the previously shared preview of 「fat inside horror」, to be featured in the Limited Edition Type B.

Which one do you like best?

The release of 「sweeToxic」 will be followed by two premium lives and a oneman tour in October! More details can be found here.

Source: OHP, SuG Staff Twitter, YouTube


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  1. Skull

    Imo fat inside horror is better. Both sound awesome but i’m more interested in hearing SuG’s agressive sound.

    I like them both a lot tho!

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