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DELACROIX to Disband
Friday, August 22, 2014 at 5:38am in Disbandments, Lives, News, Tours, Translations

DELACROIX to Disband

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To the VK fan, it seems as if there is always a sudden break-up looming over the horizon. Sadly, we can now add DELACROIX to the huge list of bands that once were.

DELACROIX, while in the middle of their Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya tour, have decided to end activities. They will, however, continue on as a unit until their November 23rd live at Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT. The group has updated their website with a message to their loyal fans; translation courtesy of Adventure Tim:

Mitsuki (Vocals)

Anything with a shape will someday crumble;
all things must come to an end eventually.

On August 9, we announced our intent to see our currently available schedule through to completion, and then terminate all activities as DELACROIX and disband.
I’m sorry that this came about with so little warning.
It was very difficult to bring this news to such a kind, supportive group of fans as yourselves.
Your voices pulled us to safety even in dark times.
Thank you, truly.

Writing cool songs was the number one thing on my mind as I took part in the band, so the love and care you all had for my sensitivity and my songs was the source of all my power.
Thinking back, my first time onstage was as a complete, rank amateur, unable to do much of anything.
The power to write songs and melodies and use my own voice was something that I believe, through my work in the band, you all gave to me.

I’ve worried for a long time that I’d regret it if we decided to end things. And yes, I absolutely will regret it.
That’s how firmly I believe that we made something truly awesome in DELACROIX.

Still, we have no choice but to let things end.
We take writing music seriously, and therefore we can’t just coast on our own momentum.
I don’t believe we could improve upon DELACROIX beyond the state we’ve reached.
As such, when our Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour comes to an end on November 23rd, DELACROIX will come to an end as well.

I’m not sure all I mean to say will come across in only writing.
To tell the truth, I feel incredibly lonely right now.
Your words and thoughts have come through to me so clearly,
and here I am with not even a chance left.
We’re a cool band. This is where I am.
Having been able to say that,
seven more lives. And three more months.
I hope you’ll stay in love with DELACROIX’s world until the very end of the end.
Sho (Guitar)

I’ve only been a member since last December, but my brief time with DELACROIX allowed me to experience so very much.

It’s deeply unfortunate that things have come to this point, but we’ll be carrying on just as strong as before, and we hope you’ll do the same for us.

The end may be coming, but I’d like to say thank you very much to all our fans, our affiliates, and all you other members.
Rei (Bass)

Very sorry to drop this all of a sudden
I’m sure some of you won’t even believe this
But this is what we’ve all decided on
Tell you the truth, hardly feels real to me either

So few lives left you can count them on your hands
We’re going out strong all the way
So you all had better come out strong too!
Tomo (Drums)

I had a saying I liked to repeat: “One day, you’ll be proud to have been our fans.”
I’m sorry that we won’t be able to fulfill that promise.

And I’m truly sorry that for all the times we said we’d never let you down,
we ended up at this point anyway.

You thought up new furii moves like your lives depended on it whenever we came out with a new song, you turned up with huge flowers to all our one-mans and birthdays, you made T-shirts for us.

That’s what kind of fans you are–you were more thoughtful about DELACROIX than even we were.
And that’s why we wanted to make it up to you so much. We wanted to give our gratitude a lasting shape beyond just words.

And yet, it’s precisely because we’re so grateful that we have to bring things to an end now.
This, we believe, is the best possible option for all of our futures.

It’s been my greatest point of pride that a fickle, boorish person like me could be part of the same band for four whole years.
Even at the end, I couldn’t give it up. I never said I wanted to quit.
And I’m proud that I can write out my mental state this way now, too.

In another three months, DELACROIX will be finished. We’ll try to get it right so we don’t look back and wonder “what if.”
We don’t want to just blankly say everything was fine because we had fun.
Let’s have some real, no-regrets lives.
Regret, after all, is the truest way to lose our light.


For your convenience, we have included the remainder of the group’s tour schedule below:

9/6 @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT
9/14 @ Shinjuku BIRTH
10/12 @ Osaka ASH
11/23 @ Nagoya HOLIDAY NEXT


To all you DELACROIX fans, please get your tickets while supplies last!


Source: OHP, VKDB



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