MoNoLith 2 month release

MoNoLith 2 month release
MoNoLith is having a two month consecutive release starting on November 5th with a new single called 「グローリア」 (Gloria). The second one comes out on December 3rd and will be called “ANSWER”. Both singles cost 1260 yen and come with two new tracks!

Source: Brand-x

It felt like the new release news was reasonably sparse for a while there and now they’re popping up all over again. Why do bands tend to release things all at the same time? I mean, wouldn’t it be beneficial to be daring and adventurous and release something at a totally different time from everyone else?

That’s what I’d do. If I was in a band.


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  1. Hideko

    Its true….
    I think they all get together and have meetings about this.

  2. Shinta

    I agree!

    Release something when no one is releasing; we would probably all like that even if their managers say NO, “now is not the time everyone likes to buy around Birthdays,Easter and Christmas only” ;D

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