Nico Nico Nama Weekly– August 19th-25th, 2012

Nico Nico Nama Weekly– August 19th-25th, 2012
ニコニコ生 [nico nico nama] hosts many online live broadcasts every day. These are the shows featuring visual kei artists in the week of August 19, 2012.

Name:  AYABIE メジャー1stアルバム「ANSWER」リリース記念!アルバム全曲先行試聴特番
Date:  8/19
Start: 22:30 JST
Guests: AYABIE
Broadcast page: here

Name:  生dwangya ゲストはBugLugとheidi
Date: 8/20
Start: 20:00 JST
Guests: BugLug, heidi.
Broadcast page: here

Name:  『マコト&YURAサマのわらって良い友!!
Date:  8/20
Start: 21:00 JST
Guests: Makoto (ex. Doremidan), Yura (Dacco)
Broadcast page: here

Name:  MUCC LIVE DVDリリース特番(仮題)
Date:  8/22
Start: 19:00 JST
Guests: MUCC
Broadcast page: here

Name:  「Splendid Violent Emotion 2012」直前ニコ生スペシャル!
Date:  8/22
Start: 21:30 JST
Guests: ALSDEAD, D.I.D., DIV
Broadcast page: here
Name:  水曜ニコラジ★ゲストはヴィジュアル系バンドの「ダウト」!!
Date:  8/22
Start: 22:00 JST
Guests: D=OUT
Broadcast page: here

Name:  ヴィジュアル系バンドBORNの「BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮)」
Date:  8/24
Start: 21:00 JST
Guests: BORN
Broadcast page: here

(Please note that you must have a Nico Nico account to watch many of the programs. You can register here.)

There’s quite a lot of shows this week! These nico nico shows are pretty entertaining and even interactive sometimes, so it’s worth the having to wake up early or stay up at odd hours to see one. Enjoy! ♪

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4 Responses to Nico Nico Nama Weekly– August 19th-25th, 2012

  1. Sara

    are the times Japanese times?

    • Juri

      Oh, yes they are! That’s probably a little something important to include, thank you for noticing!

  2. Cat

    Another one for this week just popped up on my newsfeed!

  3. DKjapanesefreak

    Splendid Violent Emotion 2012…. !!!!!!!! Must see, no way i’m going to miss D.I.D.!

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