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Alice Nine Parts with PS Company
Monday, August 18, 2014 at 6:43pm in Label Changes, Lives, News, One-mans, Translations

Alice Nine Parts with PS Company


In what may be one of the most shocking of such decisions so far this year, PS Company‘s darlings Alice Nine have announced that, following the August 25th end of their contract, they will terminate their relationship with the label that brought them to stardom.

Before anybody panics: Alice Nine is not breaking up, and despite the short window between this severance of ties and their August 23rd 10th anniversary live, the show will still go on.

Following their performance at yesterday’s a-nation* island Shibuya‘s V-Nation, vocalist Shou made the initial announcement through a series of tweets:

[Aug 18 18:19 JST] We’ve finished [our set at] V-nation@Yoyogi Dai-ni Taiikukan. It was a fun, happy time, and I sang relishing the fact that standing on stage is my duty. Thank you to the bands and fans who shared it with me.

[Aug 18 18:23 JST] We, Alice Nine, will be separating from our label, PS COMPANY, as of August 25, 2014. The company that raised us since we were just budding artists, where we have so many memories. I’m flooded by thousands of thoughts, but after 10 years, the time has come to graduate, and in that sense, seek further growth and take a step in a new direction.

[Aug 18 18:27 JST] This may cause you some worry, but I assure you that, as a band, and in solidarity with everybody who supports us, now, after ten years, is the best time [for this]. Precisely because it has now been ten years, we want to go back to the beginning, to start from square one, to become one as a band and set off anew.

[Aug 18 18:40 JST] So August 23rd’s [performance at Fuji-Q Highland] Conifer [Forest] will be all smiles. As closure for everybody at the label, too, in the spirit of returning their kindness, I want to burn until I burn out. It doesn’t matter whether you’re somebody who can’t come, or somebody who can be in the same space [as us], I want your voice to reach us. The new Alice Nine’s first step, this culmination of our ten years. First is Fuji-Q. I will keep lighting everything aflame.

via @AliceNine_SHOU on Aug 18, 2014, 18:19-18:40 JST

Translated by jazz.

The announcement caused a frenzy on Twitter as friends, colleagues, and fans alike voiced their support for and their anxiety about Alice Nine’s upcoming endeavors, which spurred Shou to update with one more message, expressing his gratitude and alleviating some concerns.

[Aug 19 00:42 JST] Once more, despite making such a sudden announcement, thank you everybody for your warm words. Please let me confirm. This does not mean we are breaking up, and [while] it feels like we are leaving the nest to fly on our own, we are full of feelings of gratitude towards the label and everybody else. Now, I want to turn towards the live on the 23rd with every fiber of my being.

via @AliceNine_SHOU on Aug 19, 2014, 00:42 JST

Regardless, this announcement is not without complications, especially from the perspective of fans. While Alice Nine will continue activities in the future under another label or independently, their PS Company website will inevitably shut down, possibly before a replacement is up. Their Twitter accounts – of which only Shou’s and guitarist Hiroto‘s are particularly active in the first place – and their Nico Nico channel may also go silent, dependent upon the terms of their agreement with PS Company. What’s more, their official fan club, club ALICE, will close in November. Whether or not their Universal Music page will remain up depends on whether they will sever that relationship, as well.

The following are the official statements from PS Company and Alice Nine, themselves, regarding this separation, published on Alice Nine’s homepage.

An Important Announcement for All Fans and Colleagues

Thank you sincerely for always supporting Alice Nine.

At this time, we are reporting that our artist Alice Nine’s exclusivity contract with our label will expire on August 25th, 2014.

The outcome of repeated talks, is that we have abandoned hope of continuing down the same path in a cooperative relationship; it’s a regrettable outcome, but we have arrived at the conclusion that our contract should end.

We offer our deep apologies to all the fans who have so kindly supported us, and all our relations, for this sudden news.

Please allow our company to maintain responsibility for and follow through with the October 29th release of Alice Nine’s TOUR 2014 “Supernova Symphonia” ASIA TOUR DOCUMENTARY & LIVE DVD “Resolution-ALICE IN ASIA-“ and the “club ALICE” fan club until its November dissolution.

With regards to the the “club ALICE” fan club dissolution, details will be posted on the fan club site.

We offer our deepest apologies to all the fans and relations for the trouble we have caused with this matter.

August 18, 2014
PS Company, Ltd.
Tomomi Ozaki, President

Thank you for your constant support of Alice Nine.

This announcement is sudden, but following our August 23rd live at Fuji-Q Conifer Forest, our contract with PS COMPANY, to whom we have belonged and by whom we have been treated with such hospitality for 10 years, will expire, and we have decided to embark on a new path.

In 2014, we welcomed the 10th year since our formation, and the members came to a consensus that in order to aim for further growth as a band, we must return once again to where we began.

We are causing our fans, as well as our relations, to worry with this sudden announcement, but we ask for your understanding, and with our eyes on additional development, Alice Nine’s members will come together as one and maintain a spirit of concentration.

the members of Alice Nine

Translated by jazz.

For your last chance to see Alice Nine in their current incarnation as a PSC band, be sure to swing by their 10th anniversary live at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest.

Alice Nine 10th Anniversary Live NEVER ENDING UNIVERSE
August 23 @ Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest
OPEN 16:00 | START 17:00

¥6000(tax incl.)

See event page for additional details.

Alice Nine was one of PS Company’s most popular bands, and they follow in a recent tradition of big-name artists leaving the notoriously scandal-ridden but equally successful label while at their peak. Though only time will tell if this was a wise business decision, both the band and the label have proven to be resilient in the past and will hopefully continue to be so in the future. readers, we know PS Company is one of the more polarizing topics in VK. What do you think of Alice Nine’s departure? Do you think they will return to the old Alice Nine, or do you think they’ll head in a completely different direction? What do you wager will happen to PS Company, who has lost four of its most popular artistsMIYAVI, SuG, Kagrra,, and now Alice Nine – in the last five years?

Source: Alice Nine OHP, @AliceNine_SHOU


Alice Nine Parts with PS Company Reviewed by on . In what may be one of the most shocking of such decisions so far this year, PS Company's darlings Alice Nine have announced that, following the August 25th end In what may be one of the most shocking of such decisions so far this year, PS Company's darlings Alice Nine have announced that, following the August 25th end Rating:
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