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Summer Interview with Royz
Friday, August 17, 2012 at 11:49am in Interviews

Summer Interview with Royz

Interview: Ku
Translation: Alicia
Photography: Ku & K
Not for republication.

Before their most recent live in Aomori City (7.14.2012), Royz took a little time out of their busy day to answer some questions for How do the members keep cool in the summer? What are their staple items while on tour? How was their tour-starting Niconico live broadcast? Enjoy their answers and learn a little more about the members of Royz below!

First, can each member please introduce themselves, and tell us something you like to eat in the summer?

Subaru: I’m Subaru, on vocals. What I like to eat in the summer, of course, is ice cream. Cuz it’s really hot.
Kuina: I’m Royz’s guitarist, Kuina. I like to eat tomatoes.
Kazuki: I’m Royz’s guitarist, Kazuki. I like to eat yakiniku.
Koudai: I’m Koudai, on bass. I like to eat cold noodles.
Subaru: Nice to meet you.
Tomoya: I’m Tomoya, on drums.
Kuina: Eh!?
Everyone: (laugh)
Tomoya: I-I’m Tomoya, on drums. I like to eat takoyaki.
Everyone: (laugh)
Koudai: That’s unrelated!
Kuina: Nothing to do with summer!
Kazuki: In the summer?
Tomoya: I like to eat it anytime.

This summer’s tour started off with birthday lives for Koudai and Kuina as well as a Niconico live broadcast. How were those lives?

Subaru: There were some technical difficulties.
Everyone: (laugh)
Kazuki: Technical difficulties…
Subaru: There were technical difficulties (laugh). Niconico Douga is a live broadcast, and it had probably been about a month since our last live, so… we were doing this broadcast, on top of the fact that it was the first live of the tour, so I think we were all probably just really nervous.
Kuina: Super nervous.
Koudai: And then there were the technical difficulties… (laugh).

Did you do anything special for Koudai’s and Kuina’s birthdays?

Koudai: I got a present.
Kazuki: (In English) Surprise present.
Subaru: They’re always doing so much for us, so we decided to get them something a little expensive…

What did you get them?

Kuina: Plasmaclusters.
Koudai: Plasmacluster.
Subaru: It’s an air purifier and cleaner.
Kuina: I love appliances (laugh).

How do you stay energized and motivated every day on such a long summer tour?

Kazuki: When we visit different cities during the tour, I like to eat all of the delicious food of those regions and it gives me my energy.
Everyone: (chuckle)
Subaru: I’m the same. For this tour, we’re visiting around 20 different cities, so I’ll eat all of those delicious foods…
Koudai: Eat a LOT.
Kuina: And then try to go to sleep early when we can.
Subaru: Yeah.
Tomoya: I take Q&P Core Gold vitamins every day (laugh).
Kazuki: Literally. …There are a lot of fans who can’t see us unless we come to them on tour, so when we finally do get to meet them we get really motivated and excited to keep going.

How do you spend your days off during a tour?

Kazuki: Sightseeing.
Koudai: Sightseeing? Sightseeing? But I don’t even think we go outside that much.
Tomoya: But sometimes we do go around and explore a little.
Subaru: Sometimes we walk around the neighborhood of the hotel we’re staying at, and kind of get a feel for what’s in the area.
Koudai: We go searching for convenience stores too (laugh).
Kazuki: We played a few games a while ago when we were in Hiroshima, and did some sightseeing.

Is there something you can’t live without during a tour?

Subaru: Something we can’t live without…
Tomoya: Cell phone.
Kuina: That’s not just on tour, that’s all the time (laugh).
Kazuki: Change of clothes.
Subaru: I dunno… car? Or like, shampoo and stuff?
Kuina: My computer.
Koudai: Yeah, it really sucks when you don’t have your computer.
Tomoya: I don’t have one at all though (laughs).

And, is there something you can’t live without during the summer?

Everyone: The air conditioner! (laugh)

The new single “Starry HEAVEN” was released just before this tour. What is the concept behind this single?

Subaru: For the concept of the new single, we really wanted to use stars in the music video. Since it’s summer, we wanted to go for a fresh sound, and so we decided to use a starry sky as the main image, and then we all came together and started writing the songs and their corresponding lyrics from there.

All of you created “Starry HEAVEN” together, but who specifically did what?

Tomoya: Kuina brought us the original track, and then we all arranged it together.
Kazuki: (laugh) He’s not talking. (to Kuina) Say something!
Kuina: That’s all!

Can you please tell us about a listening point for “Starry HEAVEN”?

Subaru: Hmm… what would it be for me…?
Kuina: There are 2 choruses (laughs).
Subaru: I really want you guys to listen to the last chorus.
Koudai: It’s got nice lyrics.

How would you compare “Starry HEAVEN” to “NOAH”, the last single?

Tomoya: Well first, we changed the way we recorded it, so the sound is pretty different
Subaru: We actually changed our recording method, so if you were to compare it to NOAH, I think the sound quality has gotten a lot better, and this time around, the we decided to try and give the music video more of a bright visual, to show more of the light side of our style.

Finally, we’d like to get your advice for the readers at and your overseas fans…

Everyone: Advice?! (laugh)

Please tell us how to keep cool in the summer.

Koudai: Air conditioner (laugh).
Subaru: Listen to Royz songs…
Kuina: And come see Royz live!
Subaru: …and come see Royz live…
Koudai: Then after it gets really hot and you go home…
Subaru & Koudai: Air conditioner! (laugh)
Subaru: You can also eat ice cream.

Thank you very much!


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