Quinstet Introduction, New Single and Special One-Man

Quinstet Introduction, New Single and Special One-Man

It’s quite odd that we didn’t catch this band over the last few years since 2009-2010, but as it was recently signed to Death-Trap records we’re remedying this now. There is quite a number of exciting things happening for this band!

So, with no further ado, let’s meet Quinstet!


Gu. DeDe


Gu. Zel


Ba. & Chorus: Kuze

Dr. Jol



You can also follow their official twitter here.

Quinstet has already released two singles under their new label,  「Wings Abreast」and「Mikai no Chi」Their newest single will be titled 「Okeanos」 and will be released mid-September (No actual date given) of this year! We already have the track list, though unfortunately no links to where you can purchase it yet. However, if you’d like a sneak-peak at the single you can watch the preview below!



In addition to their newest single, Quinstet will be having their second One-Man on September 28th titled 「Chaotic Show」. The live will take place at the Shibuya O-WEST, doors opening at 17:00~. The tickets are ¥3800 preorder and ¥4300 at the door. There is also a separate drink ticket.

I’m interested to see any opinions you guys have on this new band, so, what do you think?

Sources: Twitter, OHP 


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5 Responses to Quinstet Introduction, New Single and Special One-Man

  1. DKjapanesefreak

    These guys have been around for quite some time, previously they’ve released a mini-album, a full album, and several live dist. singles. They made a pv for their song ‘Dictator’, shot with one of their cell phones.

    Rumors about this band, says that they used to be a j-rock/pop band, but for some reason, turned heavy/metal.

    • Sai

      Thank you for commenting! And yes, they’ve been around since 2009 or so but since they’re now signed to a new label, I figured labeling them as a “New Band” (we’ve actually never written about them!) would be best. My older sister has one of their old CDs, and I have to admit Dictator is very… amusing to watch.

      • DKjapanesefreak

        Well as far as i get it, Quinstet pretty much owns the show they’re participating in.

        Here’s a part of a live-review of Quinstet, from twistedintokyo blogspot.. something.

        “But then shit started to get serious. Circle pits were starting to form. Like, for real. Boys and girls were having pushing-and-shoving matches inside circle rings, intentionally slamming each other around while laughing maniacally. My friends and I looked at each other like O___O I mean, I would expect a circle pit at certain kinds of shows, but not at a visual-kei show. So you can imagine my amazement when the entire crowd suddenly backed out into a giant ring… literally all sixty-or-so of the Quinstet fans… and then they all went charging like horses on a circular race-track, pushing at each other and slamming into each other until the whole thing devolved into a giant circle pit. I was in complete shock.

        But guess what – it gets crazier! At some point during the song, the vocalist started yelling at people to clear the front. Suddenly, the Quinstet crowd broke into two halves, and each half backed off to one side of the floor. The vocalist was shouting at people to get out of the way, yelling, “Abunai! Abunai yo!” (“This is gonna be dangerous!”). He was even pointing at luggage, and shouting at people to move it. As people backed away, the two sides of the Quinstet audience started screaming, flashing the middle finger, and taunting each other like opposing armies on a battlefield. I was like, holy shiiiiiiiiiiit. And then, suddenly, the two sides charged. I seriously wish someone in the crowd had screamed “FOR SPARTAAAAAAAAA!!!”, because that’s what it looked like. When the two sides smashed against each other, it turned into an all-out brawl, with everyone pushing and shoving and flinging each other around. It was literal chaos down there, and Quinstet somehow caused it.”

        I seriously hope they’ll release a dvd, because that’s something i’d love to see xD

        • Sai

          And this is why I’ve got tickets to see them live in a few weeks. :3

  2. Hayapeko

    so the vocal`s hometown is “TOYKO” *laughs*

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