Two Month Release for Blu-BiLLioN

Two Month Release for Blu-BiLLioN
News from Blu-BiLLioN today!

They’ve announced that they’ll be having a two-month consecutive release! Both will be available in two types.

Single one, titled 「WILL」will be released on 2012.10.10. Type A, costing ¥1890, will contain a DVD and one of six artist photos, while Type B, costing ¥1260, will be CD only with a bonus track. The second single 「MoSaic」is similar in details, and will be released on 2012.11.14.

They’ll also be holding an event at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM, labeled 「Brand New World vol.1」. It will take place on 2012.11.19 and cost ¥3500 (¥4000 day of) to enter. Other bands performing include BugLug and DIV.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes about!

Source: OHP

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