DEPAIN’s new PV single

DEPAIN's new PV single
On September 12th, DEPAIN will be releasing a new PV single!

The title of the single is “DOLL”, and for 1800 yen, it will contain two tracks, plus a DVD that includes PV, which I’m assuming is the PV for the title track.

CD Tracklist
2. 黒に溺れた幸福論 (Kuro ni Oboreta Koufukuron)

On September 3rd at Shinjuku LOFT, DEPAIN will be sponsoring an event to release the single for pre-sale. Those who go to the live under DEPAIN will receive their 10th secret DVD as a present. On that day they will also have an important announcement.

Tickets to the event cost 3300 yen, and other bands performing that night include BIOPHIA, Black Cat, ROGUE, Meteoroid, 「xxx」is D£AD, and NIAPED.

Source: Brand-x, Ryuka’s Blog


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10 Responses to DEPAIN’s new PV single

  1. pinkusupaida

    Who on earth is NIAPED? o.O can’t find anything.

    • Nika

      lol it’s actually DEPAIN when read backwards. maybe it’s their alter ego ^^

      • pinkusupaida

        Hahaha I realized that a few moments ago XD I majorly face-palmed myself.
        It was depain, in an alter ego band.. they made up stupid names and stupid places where they apparently came from. It was hilarious. xD They played two old songs by gazette, one by dir en grey and another one I didn’t recognize.. Ryuka’s range of voice is…. stunningly amazing. He should use that more often O:

        • pinkusupaida

          On top of that they were wearing suits, and Ryuka had no make-up or styled hair. xD

          • Nika

            Oh did you go to that live? Lucky you :) It must have been totally awesome xD

            • pinkusupaida

              It was awesome! XD Depain owns my soul. Really. :p
              Their important announcement was that they will have a one-man in Ikebukuro Black Hole.. I thiiink it was in december, but I’m not sure so.. xD I was so dead yesterday I just went to bed, and then forgot which date it was.

              • Nika

                I so hope Depain will come to Europe :) , cuz I guess there’s a higher possibility of them coming to Europe than me coming to Japan, even though my major study is Japanese :-//

                • DKjapanesefreak

                  That would be epic as hell. But i doubt they have a solid enough fanbase outside of Japan :/

                  • Nika

                    So let’s hope for better times :). At least xD

  2. DKjapanesefreak

    Exactly what pinku asked about.

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