BORN’s new live DVD, single, and tour

BORN's new live DVD, single, and tour
BORN has announced not only the release of a new live DVD, but a new single, and oneman tour!

On November 21st, BORN will be releasing a live DVD, called “BORN ONEMAN TOUR 2012 『BLACK MASSIVE ANIMALS』”, which will feature footage from their tour final on August 12th at Shibuya O-EAST. The DVD will cost 5,500 yen.

Their new single, which currently has few details available, will be out on January 23rd. More information on the single as it becomes available.

Their 2013 oneman tour will be titled, “Devilish of the PUNK”, and kicks off on January 14th.

January 24th @ Urawa Narciss
January 30th @ Morioka CLUB change
February 1st @ Sapporo COLONY
February 3rd @ Sendai MACANA
February 5th @ Okayama IMAGE
February 7th @ Hakata DRUM SON
February 9th @ Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
February 11th @ OSAKA MUSE
February 16th @ Niigata Live Hall GOLDEN PIGS BLACK STAGE

Tour Final
February 23rd @ Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO

Looks like BORN is going to kick off 2013 with lots of activity! Are you looking forward to hearing more from them?

Source: Indie PSC, OHP


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