AO’s new single

AO's new single
蒼-AO- have announced the release of a new single this September!

The single, titled “Oasis”, will come out on September 26th, and cost 1050 yen for two traccks.

CD Tracklist
1. Oasis
2. Existence

蒼-AO- is a band that started at the tail end of last year, releasing their first single, “Reborn” on January 18th, 2012. They’re a five member band, and their second single will be their first release with their guitarist, hiroki.

Vocals奏音 (Neon)

Source: Brand-x, OHP


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2 Responses to AO’s new single

  1. Anonymous

    Seriously? A copy of Hizaki’s, Kamijo’s and Jasmine’s outfit?

    Shame on you AO!

  2. -AO- fan

    This band is awesome!!!!
    I can’t wait for this!!! Finally more music from my favorite band!!

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