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[Live Report] sleepyhead “DRIPPING” Tour Final 07.29.2018
Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 11:42pm in Featured, Live Reports

[Live Report] sleepyhead "DRIPPING" Tour Final 07.29.2018

sleepyhead “DRIPPING” Tour Final 07.29.2018


It hasn’t been long since we reported on sleepyhead’s first show back in March, but it is our first time reporting on a show in sleepyhead’s first full-fledged tour. “DRIPPING,” the tour held in lieu of sleepyhead’s first album release, made stops in Osaka and Nagoya before coming to a climax at Shibuya WWW-X in Tokyo on July 29, 2018.

When the lights in the venue went down, applause preceded clapping to the rhythm of the intro BGM. Girls and boys alike called Takeru’s name. Lasers crossed in artful patterns on a dark curtain lining the back of the stage. MY FORTUNE FADED opened the set, getting the audience jumping to the rhythm immediately. “Let’s go!” Takeru shouted into the mic before the next song, Yamikumo. Though there was no video projection for this show, laser art and lighting more than made up for it. Yamikumo was spelled in lasers on the back of the stage.


Takeru thanked everyone for coming to the final of sleepyhead’s first tour. “Everyone’s passion is way more than I expected!” he praised fans before launching into Meitei. Two dancers with black bunny masks joined the band on stage, and bassist Shin performed an impressive solo. The audience cheered loudly when the song came to an end.

The cheers became surprised shrieks at the next song – I Kyou U, originally a song from Takeru’s previous solo project Uwakimono. It was spiced up with a bass solo and a funky keyboard solo from Kaoru. Fans were in for an even bigger surprise when sleepyhead began to play HELLYEAH, also by Uwakimono.


Takeru took some time to talk to his fans about the journey of this tour. “I first started sleepyhead with no plan, but now I have confidence and resolve in what I’m doing,” he declared. The setlist took on a slightly somber feel for HOPELESS and HURT OF DELAY.

Most artists go backstage to make costume and hair changes, but sleepyhead does things a bit differently. During Nettaiya, Takeru sat on a chair placed on stage while an apron was draped around him. Hair salon L’wis owner Yusuke Tomonaga performed a live hairstyle change by slightly shortening the length, adding braids, and using lots of hairspray. The styling process finished exactly as Nettaiya came to an end. The end result was a bit Visual kei-esque, and the audience cheered with respect for the unique show.

The energy picked up for the rest of the set. “This is the last song! Do you know what that means? Let it all out!” Takeru told the audience before launching into Kyouen Souzou. Before the final song, Takeru gave a heartfelt speech to the audience talking about his journey from sleepyhead’s beginnings to this current tour. “Let’s go on new adventures together – maybe even to the Statue of Liberty,” he told fans. ALIVE rounded off the set, fans and band members alike dancing and smiling. “The moon is beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” he delivered sleepyhead’s catchphrase before exiting the stage.


After shouts for an encore, the lights went out again and the lasers came back on. An instrumental version of Yamikumo played. Takeru was back in the salon chair with Yusuke Tomonaga at his side – this time to deliver a complete image change. Takeru shortened his hair dramatically, and when Yusuke finished his work, the audience was greeted with a cleaner, poppier version of Takeru. “I want to live my life on stage!” he explained.

The band played Kekkyoku, and then Takeru introduced sleepyhead’s members: Yuya on drums, Shin on bass, and Kaoru on keyboard/manipulator. Without Kaoru’s keyboard and manipulating skills, Takeru explained, sleepyhead couldn’t have happened.

The second encore song, titled Kachoufuugetsu, had an interesting concept. The song wasn’t completely finished, Takeru explained. The melody was more or less complete, but there were no lyrics besides “la la la.” It was literally a song he created with fans, he claimed. So the audience sang along with Takeru, following the melody.

Next, Takeru made some announcements, including sleepyhead’s first EP release on October 17, NIGHTMARE SWAP. A one-man tour will follow in late October. He finished the encore with an audience request – another round of Kyouen Souzou. Audiences waved towels in the chorus.

Just when the audience thought the show was over, the band came back one last time for a max tension round of Meitei. The show ended with fans and band alike smiling, looking forward to what sleepyhead has to show next.

2. Yamikumo (闇雲)
3. Meitei (酩酊)
4. I Kyou U (I狂U)
8. Ato no Matsuri de (アトノマツリデ)
9. Aku made Aishite (灰汁まで愛して)
10. Nettaiya (熱帯夜)
14. Kyouen Souzou (狂宴騒々)

Encore 1
1. Kekkyoku (結局)
2. Kachoufuugetsu (花鳥風月)
3. Kyouen Souzou (狂宴騒々)

Encore 2
1. Meitei (酩酊)



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