ex-Irokui.’s Yuuri and Hazuki’s new unit

ex-Irokui.'s Yuuri and Hazuki's new unit
Fans of イロクイ。 (Irokui.) will be glad to know that both vocalist ゆーり (Yuuri) and guitarist, はづき (Hazuki) are back in action!

The two have formed a new unit called 秘密結社パンピー (Himitsukessha Panpii), and have changed their names. Himitsukessha Panpii is just the two of them, and they now operate under the names おかゆさん (Okayusan) and はっくん (Hakkun).

On August 30th, they’ll be having a “CD Sale and Bar Event” at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. The event will take place from 5:00pm until 10:00pm. The event costs 2000 yen to attend (the price includes two free drinks), and will feature a mini live. All those who attend will receive a photo present.

At their goods table, along with photosets and photobooks, they will be selling their new, two track CD “Astraythem”. The CD also comes with a randomly selected photo. Anyone who purchases something on the 30th will be able to take a poloaroid photo with Okayusan and Hakkun.

For a sample of the music that they’re making, check out the video below.

Are you glad to see these two working together?

Source: vkdb, OHP

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7 Responses to ex-Irokui.’s Yuuri and Hazuki’s new unit

  1. Hayapeko

    very nice to see that they are back in action. …yuuri, sexy dress~

  2. blackcoffee

    I’m glad they’re back ^^ Yuuri looks pretty

  3. Sayuri

    wow yuri…never thought you’d just freaking wear dress lol I love the song though~!!

    • Velocantide

      Of course she wears a dress, she’s been considering herself a girl ever since around the end of Irokui and has had a hormone therapy, so technically she’s a transsexual woman now. And looks damn happy at that, which makes me glad!

  4. Katie

    This makes me really happy. Yuuri looks beautiful and I hope this means she is done with the Host clubs.

    • Kaoru

      No. She’s still in that bussiness…
      You can check her blog in the page…

  5. Hayapeko

    *just checked this news again*

    OMG !! =D , i drop the event which i wanted to go that day and better go to this event~

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