Dali’s last oneman tour, and best of album

Dali have announced that 2012 will mark the end of their activities, as they will be disbanding near the end of this year.

They have scheduled a last oneman tour, called 「おなじいろのえのぐばかりつかうなくすぼくのアート」 (Onajiiro no Enogu Bakari Tsukau Nakusu Boku no Art).

November 11th @ Ikebukuro CYBER
November 23rd @ Holiday Nagoya
November 24th @ Holiday Osaka
November 25th @ Holiday Osaka

Along with their oneman tour, they will also be releasing a best album called 「ダリコレ」 (Dali Kore) on October 10th. The album will cost 4200 yen, and contain 15 tracks plus a 10 track DVD.

CD Tracklist
01. 25:54(SE)
02. 25:55
03. [s]hit parade
04. どピンクナンバー (Do Pink Number)
05. 星屑 (Hoshikuzu)
06. S.O.S
07. 印象派ポルノ (Inshouha Porno)
08. H.N[迷子] (H.N[Maigo])
09. イタミワケ (Itami Wake)
10. Heroine
11. a habit
12. ―
13. アンプレザントリハビリテーション (Unpleasant Rehabilitation)
14. りゅうせいこうば (Ryuusei Kouba)
15. スロウメロウ (Slow Mellow)

DVD Tracklist – PV Clip Collection
01. Placebo
02. ant gallery
03. サニィ (Sunny)
04. [s]hit parade
05. 星屑 (Hoshikuzu)
06. イタミワケ (Itami Wake)
07. 印象派ポルノ (Inshouha Porno)
08. downer
09. ヨルノハテ (Yoru no Hate)
10. マイン (Mine)

Those who order the release from the UCP Web Shop will also recieve a message DVD and a signed polaroid of their favourite member.

Alongside the release, they’ll be having a series of isntore events.

October 30th @ Like an Edison Tokyo
November 3rd @ Pure Sound America Mura
November 4th @ fiveStars Nagoya
November 11th @ Ikebukuro BRAND X
November 23rd @ Like an Edison Nagoya
November 25th @ Like an Edison Osaka

If you can’t catch any of their final oneman tour dates, you may be able to see them during their last country-wide tour, 「イエスタデイワンスツア」 (Yesterday Once Tour).

August 14th @ Saitamakaikan
August 17th @ Shibuya-REX (Session)
August 23rd @ Holiday Osaka
August 30th @ Holiday Osaka
August 31st @ Umeba SHANGRILA
September 10th @ Shinsaibashi soma
September 11th @ Shinsaibashi soma
October 8th @ Ikebukuro CYBER
October 10th @ Osaka RUIDO
October 17th @ Sendai BIRDLAND
October 18th @ Niigata GOLDEN PIGS-BLACK STAGE
October 19th @ Kanazawa VAN VAN V4
October 25th @ Hakata DRUM SON
October 27th @ Holiday Nagoya
October 28th @ Esaka MUSE
October 31st @ Ikebukuro RUIDO-K4
November 9th @ Esaka MUSE
November 10th @ Nagoya CLUB 3STAR IAMIKE
November 12th @ Ikebukuro RUIDO-K3

Source: vkdb, UCP OHP, Dali Official Blog


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2 Responses to Dali’s last oneman tour, and best of album

  1. johnesh

    Bit of a shame about these guys breaking up. I’d hoped they would at least have done one last new studio album – they’ve certainly had long enough – but hey, this is Under Code we’re talking about, after all.

  2. AYANO

    Great, skillful and original band with an excelent voice, personality, unique style and marvellous compositions.
    Just hope members will go on in music industry, maybe we’ll read “nex band from ex-dali” in some months. And definitely, I’ll try see them live on one of the dates before they disband.

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