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Q & A with a:Vout
Friday, August 7, 2009 at 8:58pm in Interviews, Samples

The staff at is proud to bring you another new interview, this time with the young visual band α:Vout!

α:Vout is a Tokyo-based indies band signed to the Speed Disk record label that started activity in March of 2009 as a 5 piece band, with the lineup of Joy on vocals, MIROKU and Sou on guitars, yu-ma on bass, and Sin on drums. Their first live was in late April, just before they released their first maxi single, 「BLACK OUT」, on May 20th. They wasted no time in putting out a second maxi single, 「Miss Wanderer」, on July 22nd, 2009. However, on August 2nd, it was announced that vocalist Joy had left the band, and they would be continuing on as 4 members, with guitarist Sou taking over vocals.

On August 26th, 2009, they are scheduled to release their first mini album, 「TRiCK THEATER」, which will be the first release with Sou as the vocalist. (Want a copy? Pick it up at CDJapan or Brand-X!) As a band with a sound that differs from track to track, fans will have a lot to look forward to.

The members were more than happy to take a few moments to answer a brief Q&A for us, touching on subjects from music to their everyday lives.

For more information, live schedules, and future news, be sure to check out the band’s official homepage at And for samples of the rest of their songs, check out their myspace page at


1. Could each member please introduce themelves.
Sou: With a fighting spirit I’m Vo/Gt Sou.
MIROKU: I’m Miroku on Guitar.
yu-ma: I’m yu-ma. I’m bass. I like sweets.
Sin: I’m Sin in charge of drums.

2. According to each member, what is ‘α:Vout’? What do you hope to accomplish?
Sou: We’re a band that fuses will-power, fighting spirit, and beauty. I want to accomplish a world conquest tour.
MIROKU: When thinking a bit on this, we’re a band that seems to share a destiny.
I want to create an unshakeable position for α:Vout as a band.
yu-ma: α:Vout is a band that comes to study various things. It’s good when we can create individualistic good songs.
Sin: A band with no rules. Anyway, just that we go through with it.

3. How did each of you start in music, and what made you choose the instrument you play now?
Sou: I heard a voice from heaven that said “Get a guitar.” I had a feeling of “Of course, it’s guitar.”
MIROKU: When I was 11, I was awakened to music by a band called the Damned. The first reason for choosing guitar, in the music room at school I was influenced by the classic guitar, and from there I chose guitar. And then I wanted to play punk (laugh)
yu-ma: I started playing around with a guitar my little sister was renting. Bass was the outcome (laugh)
Sin:I was invited so I started!

4. Please tell us the details of how the band formed.
Sou: I met MIROKU and we came to talk about starting a band. We met Yu-Ma and Sin shortly after that.
MIROKU: Sou and I started activity wanting to create a band similar to Hanoi Rocks. From there, yu-ma and Sin joined to arrive where we are now.
Sin: Sou-chan invited me so I joined.

5. Out of all the various genres of music, why did you choose to go into visual kei?
Sou: Because it’s a proud culture born in Japan.
MIROKU: I didn’t have any opposition to wearing make-up, and up until now I hadn’t gone through with it, so I finally gave in to my curiosity.
Sin: I’m also enigmatic.

6. When you’re making music, where do you get your inspiration from?
Sou: Movies, novels, everyday life.
MIROKU: Because the phrases suddenly strike me, I don’t really know. And also that I have to urge Sin (laugh)
yu-ma: Various things that build up inside my head.
Sin: The playing of my elders.

7. What feeling do you want to convey to your fans through your music?
Sou: Particularly that you have to keep on living.
MIROKU: Because it’s impossible to express something in lyrics, I want you to feel something. Dare I call it rock aesthetics.
yu-ma: First of all, to say that music is fun (laugh)
Sin: We do our best.

8. What song of yours do you like most? Why did you choose that song?
Sou: Miss Wanderer, because I really like the melody.
MIROKU: BLACK OUT. I love the riffs.
yu-ma: Uum… I can’t choose.
Sin: BLACK OUT. Because it was the first track we released.

9. Right before a live, what do you think about?
Sou: “I wonder if I’ll die during the live?” and things like that.
MIROKU: Because I want to create the best staging, I think my the best image and my worst image.
yu-ma: I don’t really think of anything.
Sin: I’m free from obstructive thoughts.

10. When you’re on stage, what’s one thing that you pay the most attention to?
Sou: It’s another world.
MIROKU: Probably the facial expressions of the fans.
yu-ma: Of course, the faces of the fans.
Sin: The faces of the fans.

11. If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what animal would you say you were? Please tell us why.
Sou: A koala, because I love warm places.
MIROKU: Probably a cat? Because I go at my own pace.
yu-ma: A sloth. Because I’m a lazy person (laugh)
Sin: A dog. Because I’m good at barking.

12. Do you have any pets? If not, what kind would you like to have?
Sou: I don’t have any. I’d like a cat or a shiba-inu.
MIROKU: I don’t have one, but I would like a guinea pig or a cat.
yu-ma: I don’t have one, but if I did, a cat or a dog.
Sin: A dog.

13. Is there anything you’re currently obsessed with?
Sou: Ramen.
MIROKU: For over 10 years, I’ve liked BATMAN.
yu-ma: Sweets.
Sin: Nothing in particular.

14. Please reveal a secret about yourself.
Sou: I don’t have any secrets!
MIROKU: I have a tattoo in a place no one can see. I don’t show it to anyone unless there’s some extraordinary reason to.
yu-ma: I’m poor at tidying up.
Sin: My hands are big.

15. Please tell us something embarrassing that happened during a live.
Sou: I often run into Yu-ma and drop the mic.
MIROKU: My shield fell out, so there was a long silence where there should have been a guitar solo (laugh)
yu-ma: I fell once (laugh)
Sin: I forgot a song.

16. If given the chance, where overseas would you like to perform?
Sou: As long as there’s a big live house, I want to go anywhere!
MIROKU: If it’s possible to go, I’ll rush along anywhere. I also think it’d be nice to go sightseeing in New Orleans, so I’d like to go there.
yu-ma: I want to visit a German castle and things. Somehow or another!
Sin: Anywhere.

17. If you were to become another member of the band for a day, who would you want to be and why?
Sou: I want to become Sin and spend it elegantly drinking black tea.
MIROKU: yu-ma. I want to know more about his private life.
yu-ma: MIROKU. Because ramen and alcohol seem very delicious so I want to drink and eat (laugh)
Sin: MIROKU, because everyday seems fun.

18. In one word, describe each one of your band mates.
Sou: MIROKU→man
Sin→calm, cool and collected
MIROKU: Sou: Mood-maker, and a bad brat
yu-ma: A genius with a mysterious aura
Sin: He works harder than anyone else, and has a persuasive power.
yu-ma: MIROKU… elder brother
Sin… guardian
Sou… sly
Sin: Everyone is simple.

19. Do you have a strange talent or ability?
Sou: I can make a chimpanzee mouth.
MIROKU: Strange people I don’t know like me a lot.
yu-ma: Once in a while I do strange scribbles.
Sin: Don’t have one.

20. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Sou: Sleeping.
MIROKU: Drink alcohol while watching a movie.
yu-ma: Probably sleep or read a book.
Sin: Sleeping.

21. When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?
Sou: Brush my teeth.
MIROKU: Check my e-mail.
yu-ma: Confirm the time.
Sin: Brush my teeth.

22. If the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do?
Sou: Sleep.
MIROKU: I probably wouldn’t change my daily routine.
yu-ma: I want to go to the sea.
Sin: Sleep.

23. What do you think are your weak point and strong point?
Sou: Strong point→I’m good at getting into the mood of the song
Weak point→I get too into the mood of the song
MIROKU: My strong point is that I’m not worried. My weak point is that I’m not worried.
yu-ma: Strong point… nothing
Weak point… I have no calmness
Sin: My strong point and my weak point is simplicity.

24. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Sou: Soccer Player.
MIROKU: I wanted to be a surgeon.
yu-ma: The person inside a monster.
Sin: A fireman.

25. What do you enjoy most, and dislike most about being in a band?
Sou: Like→It’s fun
Dislike→I have to get up early
MIROKU: What I like most is the music and the facade are face to face, and we can experience the response with many people. Right now, there’s nothing I dislike.
yu-ma: I like… of course, the band itself
I dislike… that lots of things require money
Sin: I like lives, and I dislike recording.

Finally, please write a message for your fans.
Sou: Please support α:Vout★ Please buy our CDs and listen without fail!
MIROKU: For sure, our lives are ones that only we’re able to show, so please come to see us! Let’s feel that sense of unity! That kind of feeling.
yu-ma: I’ll keep on doing my best, so please come and listen!
Sin: I’ll keep doing my best! Please assist us!


sou miroku yu-ma sin

α:Vout gave us permission to upload a few samples, so if you like what you hear, please support them and buy a copy! These are the title tracks from both of the bands first two maxi singles.


Miss Wanderer

misswandererBUY IT AT CDJAPAN


Q & A with a:Vout Reviewed by on . The staff at is proud to bring you another new interview, this time with the young visual band α:Vout! α:Vout is a Tokyo-based indies The staff at is proud to bring you another new interview, this time with the young visual band α:Vout! α:Vout is a Tokyo-based indies Rating:
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