SCREW’s Major Debut

SCREW's Major Debut
I’m sure many fans knew it was going to happen some day! SCREW has announced that with the release of their autumn single, they will be making their major debut!

The following was posted on the band’s OHP:

SCREW to Make Their Major Debut!!
With the release of their newest single, “XANADU”, that will be out on October 17th, SCREW will be making their major debut with Tokuma Japan Communications.
It’s been six years since SCREW began, and throughout these years we have been through many experiences.
From here on, SCREW will continue to progress forward step by step alongside our fans.
We hope that will continue to support us.

2012.10.17 ON SALE

Once again, “XANADU” will be coming out on October 17th, and will be released in three types, all of which are currently available for pre-ordering on CDJapan.

XANADU First Press Edition A [CD + DVD] – 1890 yen
Contains two tracks, with a DVD that comes with the “XANADU” PV, making-off photos, photo shoot footage type A

XANADU First Press Edition B [CD + DVD] – 1890 yen
Contains two tracks, with a DVD that comes with the “XANADU” PV, making-off photos, photo shoot footage type B

XANADU Regular Edition A [CD only] – 1575 yen
Contains a total of four tracks

Source: vkdb, SCREW OHP


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8 Responses to SCREW’s Major Debut

  1. blackcoffee

    I was at their concert today and was totally surprised by the announcement, even tho I’ve been listening to them for years :’D I’m happy for them <3 Maybe many will think "will they change?" but I'll say pretty much the same as Jin did: SCREW has already been changing through time so no worries.

    • double-eight

      I won’t lie, I’m always super-negative about major debuts. But your attitude here is awesome and I never thought about it like that. Thanks for making me think twice!

      • blackcoffee

        This made me smile, thank you too ^^ I don’t really have bad major experiences, no one I’ve been listening has done any dramatical change (from my opinion at least). As bands anyway change. A band which would never change would just become boring in the end, right? :D

        • Haidogirl

          Despairs Ray is a dramatical one *lol* And Vivids style of clothing XD

  2. AYANO

    Major debuts always mean some kind of uncertainty… but instead of commenting about the possible changes, mainstream, etc. I’ll say that I’m surprised because SCREW has always been avoiding the pressures related to major companies, so let’s see how this works… I’ve always hated this annoying indie-major duality in japanese music industry.

  3. akane

    They haven’t been good since Yuuto left… So, go major – their music will suck even more! >:( All thanx to PSC!

  4. johnesh

    Respect. I’ve been hoping for big things for these guys for a long time. They get a lot of inexplicable hate, but I’ve always liked them and I think they just keep getting better and better.

  5. Kiwi

    I think they really deserve this. They’ve worked hard, they’re talented and they’re one of the few bands that I think releases consistently good music.

    But yea, a small part of me is hoping they don’t pull a Girugamesh/12012 on me and go into some lame direction. We’ll see.

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