Nico Nico Nama Weekly– August 5-11, 2012

Nico Nico Nama Weekly-- August 5-11, 2012
ニコニコ生 [nico nico nama] hosts many online live broadcasts every day. These are the shows featuring visual kei artists in the week of August 5, 2012.

Name:  生dwangya初回スペシャル!ゲストはアンティック-珈琲店-、ライブ映像のダイジェストも配信!
Date:  8/6
Start: 19:00 JST
Guests: アンティック-珈琲店- (An Cafe)
Broadcast page: here

Name:  Alice Nine TOKYO GALAXYライブ映像SPECIAL!!~Alice Nine Live 2012 Court of “9”#2 開催記念~
Date:  8/6
Start: 21:00 JST
Guests:  Alice Nine
Broadcast page: here

Name:  RedruMがニコ生してみた
Date:  8/6
Start: 21:00
Guests:  RedruM
Broadcast page: here

Name:  無修正SuGでShow #24
Date:  8/9
Start: 21:00
Guests: SuG
Broadcast page: here

Name:  再放送】V系バンド「己龍」47都道府県単独巡業『朱花艶閃』~単独公演100回記念~独占生中継
Date:  8/9
Start: 23:00
Guests: Kiryuu
Broadcast page: here

Name:  【再放送】ネオヴィジュアル系バンドRoyzワンマンツアー『The Space of「6」HEAVENS』生中継
Date:  8/10
Start: 24:00
Guests:  Royz
Broadcast page: here

Name:  DIR EN GREY復活記念!! 24時間特番『DIR EN GREY CHANNEL 24HOURS』 (See post here)
Date:  8/11
Start: 22:00
Broadcast page: here

(Please note that you must have a Nico Nico account to watch many of the programs. You can register here.)

Looks like there are quite a few broadcasts this week! Watching these broadcasts can be pretty fun and interactive, do any of you have any Nico Nico stories/experiences/thoughts to share?♫

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3 Responses to Nico Nico Nama Weekly– August 5-11, 2012

  1. sonja

    wow, definitely going to watch a few of them! I just hope some western fans would stop posting any yaoi/bl-related stuff…it’s embarrassing ’cause the bands actually see every comment.

    • Kuro

      Agree. It would be nice if western fans would keep their pervy thoughts to themselves. The bands understand English a lot better than we give them credit for.

  2. DKjapanesefreak

    If i can, i’ll try to see RedruM’s! They’re a band to look out for!

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