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JokArt au Legal to go on Pause + Members Comments
Monday, August 5, 2013 at 7:24am in Hiatus, News, Translations

JokArt au Legal to go on Pause + Members Comments

jokart au legal
Though they released their first full album 「左手に手錠を右手に地球を」(Hidarite ni Tejou wo Migite ni Chikyuu wo) back in March and finished up their “The Joker’s Parade Tour 2013″ in June, JokArt au Legal have come to a sudden decision as of recent, stating they’ll be going on pause effective immediately. The following statement was left on their homepage, and translated by our own Luna. As of yet, only Rensa and Kouta have made comments, but if more are posted, we’ll update you.

An important message from JokArt au Legal:

After beginning its activities
following the one man live on 2010/12/16,
though we were able to make it this far thanks to everyone’s support,
at the moment we’re announcing that JokArt au Legal is going on a pause.

There were many reasons involved, and after the members and staff
talked it over, it was decided that the band would take a break.

JokArt au Legal, which has until now received so much support,
extends its deep gratitude to all of the fans who cheered us on,
and to all of the people and staff involved with the band.

We sincerely thank you.

We will be happy if you continue
to look over our members from now on as well.

JokArt au Legal
Kouta nao Suu Rensa


Greetings to all Kings & Queens.
This is JokArt au Legal’s drummer Rensa.

As it was officially announced earlier,
at this time JokArt au Legal will be going on pause.

To all of those people who were looking forward to our upcoming events,
we truly apologize.

And to the fans, and all of those involved with the band, thank you so much.

There have been so many things that have happened
during my time spent in JokArt au Legal, that I can’t express them very well.

I was able to have fun and valuable experiences
that I hold dearly just as a child would the toys in his toybox.

I’m truly happy that many different people listened to our music,
and came to our live performances.

Thank you very much.

The reasons for this all are… well, many things and circumstances that come as we grow into adulthood, so please take a guess at what they might be.

I really don’t know what’s going to happen to me from now on,
but if you continue to look over Kouta, nao, Suu, Jun, and myself
I will be really happy.

I’m planning to continue updating this blog on Myspace later on.

At the beginning

without even choosing a road

you made your way here, right?

You walked for a while, huh?

You worked hard, huh?

Well then, let’s look at the stars

Excerpt from JokArt au Legal’s “Replay”

Let’s meet again.
This was Rensa.


At this time various decisions have been made,
so we would like to really apologize
to all of those people who have supported us until now.

We’ve already received lots of messages,
but we’re not the ones who are shocked,
you are.

The events we had scheduled,
the band’s activities,
the release and production of our work,
the live performances,
all of the plans we had are completely gone
and I’m not giving it a thought right now.

Though I think you’ll be angry with me.

If I may be as frank as to tell you exactly what I’m thinking,
I think it’s just that I lack ability.

All of the members persisted in passing their egos off as their abilities.
If that’s the right thing to do,

When asked if everyone could do as they wanted, so long as they had ability,
I went as far as saying yes because that’s how obsessed and fixated I was with the members of the band.

It really doesn’t matter if there was a misunderstanding or not.

That belief in me was all I had.

Besides that, there was no reason for me to be in this band.

That is my nature.

That’s why this time the reason this is happening is
because I lack ability.

Songs, lyrics, words, the power to show your dreams, to be on stage,
I think it takes a lot
that I simply just don’t have.

Besides that,
There is no reason for my life to come to a halt.
And thus coincidentally, there is no reason for me to be in this band.

Right now,
whether JokArt au Legal marks my limit or not,
has not been entirely decided.

I don’t plan to update my blog,
nor to use twitter.

As far as my bandmates, if they decide to keep going,
then I plan to do so when that time comes.

I don’t even know if I can think anymore.

Because of this decision,
I’m sure that there are many people who will be hurt,
and I think that you’re hurting for us, but…
but I have the kind of personality that cannot offer any kind words of comfort.
Because I think everything’s a pack of twisted lies.

“You’re hurting, and why exactly?” is the kind of thing I unfortunately end up thinking.

I’m really sorry,
but in my world this truth is everything to me.

And the only time that I will be able to tell the truth,
is precisely at this time.

However, if you just let our work survive
within every one of you,
then there won’t be any lies in that.

There are no lies in the music that we strove to create.

So I accept the irresponsibility of it all,
but I won’t die from it,
and neither should you.

Because even if I were on the other side of the world,
if you really wanted to see me, you could,
so please just continue with your lives.

all of the people involved with the band.
There were so many people that did so much for us
that it’s impossible to count them all.

They treated us really well,
everywhere we went.

I’m really sorry about this.
I don’t really even know what to say…

The kindness that you showed us
which had nothing to do with the business side of it all,
I appreciate it so much.

At this rate there is no ability that can grow within me,
I’m really really sorry about everything…
I’m really sorry…

JokArt au Legal’s Kouta


Source: Member’s Blogs, OHP
Translation: Luna


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