Dir en Grey Return

Dir en Grey Return
Big news from Dir en Grey, amongst the string of bad news we’ve encountered over the past few weeks. After Kyo’s successful recovery, as of 2012.8.3, they’ve announced a brand new single for the winter, the start of a new tour, and a 24-hour NicoNico stream.

Though nothing has been elaborated as of yet, they’ve announced that their latest single, 「輪郭」(Rinkaku), will be released this coming winter season. Along with that, their new tour titled 「Tour2012 IN SITU」will begin this winter. Only one date has been reported. This live will take place on 2012.12.25 at Tokyo International Forum, and tickets will cost ¥5700 to attend. We’ll keep you updated as more information comes about and more tour dates are shown.

Also, they’ll be holding a special event on NicoNico, titled 「DIR EN GREY CHANNEL 24 HOURS」. The broadcast will include music videos, live clips, and all portions from their regular program, 「DIR EN GREY X Boo Channel」that have been recorded in the past. Also, if you answer quiz questions while the program airs, you have the chance to win a prize! The band members will appear during the last two hours. The program is scheduled for August 11th, starting at 22:00 JST. The stream is open for both domestic and international fans, and can be viewed at the links provided.

Isn’t this exciting? Are you planning on attending their NicoNico show?

Sources: OHP, NicoNico

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  1. butters

    Dir en grey*
    Dir En Grey*

  2. Juri

    Hopefully they’ll do a NA tour soon! Was uber sad when they had to cancel their tour.

  3. Olivia

    So happy for this news! I’m very relieved that Kyo is better, and I hope he stays well throughout Dir en Grey’s tour. But he shouldn’t push himself too hard.. Definitely watching the NicoNico broadcast!!

  4. direngreygetshatefinally

    So then why is direngrey lying? Why make a knot page to talk bad about japanese military? Japan military are from his own country. Second yes royal roses appeared on jp castle royal family and as been spotted. I suggest direngrey come clean and stop lying to his fans and to military. If I get a nasty reply ill know it’s those knot freaks. Direngrey you can’t lie forever even I’m from jp and I find your existing disgusting lying band for fame. Ps leave daft tones family alone.

    • Ku

      I’m really not sure what this comment has to do with the article.

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