Suicide Ali to Release New Album

Suicide Ali to Release New Album


Good news for Suicide Ali fans–  according to Brand X, the band will be releasing their second album titled 「Tainted Gallery」on September 12th. The album will contain 12 songs and will also contain the PV of the song   「 四十七の弦 」 (Shijūshichi no Gen). It is also possible to pick up a pre-sale of the album if you attend Suicide Ali’s lives starting on August 19th. There will only be 1000 copies of the album available, so if you’re interested feel free to click on the CD Japan link below or make sure to see them live!

「Tainted Gallery」 (¥3500)

1. Introduction
2. 四十七の弦  (Shijūshichi no Gen)
3. 剥離 (Hakuri)
4. 孤を描く病 (Album ver.) (Ko o Kaku Yamai)
5. 動脈 (Album ver.) (Dōmyaku)
6. Stitch Doll (Album ver.)
7. 燃ゆる炎 (Moyuru Honō)
9. Perpetual check (Album ver.)
10. 灰色のカーテン (Haiiro no Curtain)
11. 不透明シンドローム (Futomei Syndrome)
12. 行商人の絵画 (Gyōshōnin no Kaiga)

1. 四十七の弦 (PV) (Shijūshichi no Gen)

 Source: Brand-x

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