Lycaon postpones part of their oneman tour

Lycaon postpones part of their oneman tour
Lycaon is currently in the midst of their 44 location oneman tour, but due to Yuuki being in poor shape, they are postponing a few of their performances.

The following announcement was posted in the members’ blogs:

An Announcement Regarding the Postponement of Lycaon’s Oneman Performance

Thank you for your continued support of Lycaon.
Lycaon is currently in the middle of their 44 location oneman tour, however, due to the vocalist, Yuuki, being in poor physical condition, the following performances will be postponed.

August 2nd @ Yamaguchi RIZE
August 3rd @ Hiroshima 4.14
August 4th @ Tokushima CROWBER
August 5th @ Himeji Beta

With both Yuuki himself, and the members wanting him stand on stage in perfect condition, based on the results of his medical examination, it should take about ten days for him to fully recover.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the lives, and to all those connected with the band for the confusion, and problems that we have caused.

Regarding Yuuki’s session live on August 7th at Nagoya Imaike 3STAR
Instead of Yuuki performing on August 7th at Nagoya Imaike 3STAR, Toraichi (One Star) and Rize (Avidit.) will be performing as dual vocalists.

For those who would like to be refunded, we are sorry, but please get your refund on August 7th or 8th starting from 4:00pm at Avidit.’s goods table.

Information regarding the rescheuled performances, as well as ticket refunds will be available in the next few days via our official website, and the members’ blogs. The ticket numbers that you currently have will be transferred to the rescheduled performance, so please hold on to your tickets.

The performance on August 1st at Okayama PEPPERLAND will be the last performance before Yuuki goes into medical treatment. Both the fans, as well as the members, are hoping for Yuuki to make a full recovery.

Please continue to support Lyacaon.

-Shimizuya Records-

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  1. Amaranth

    Please come back with full health Yuuki, I hope he recovers fast.

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