Wedday 10th Anniversary

Wedday 10th Anniversary
Wedday is currently sponsoring an event tour called the “Pandemonium Expo 2009″, and soon after will celebrate their 10th anniversary with an event on September 1st at Sendai Hook, titled “Wedday EXPO – Ayame Kokujuuji Mako Birthday Festival 2009″. This event in particular will feature appearances from Wedday members from 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2009. Vocalist Ayame Kokujuuji Mako also wrote a message of thanks on the occasion of Wedday’s 10th anniversary:

I noticed 10 years have passed (laugh)

Wedday regulars and  high-energy people,
all ex. Wedday members and support members,
all the fighting bangya,
all the fighting bandmen,
all who played with us,
Akasic records staff and roadies,
Live house, CD shops, and label personnel,
all who came to see Wedday only once, all who have heard us,
and to all who are reading this now.

Truly, thanks to you all, I’m able to stand on the stage even now.

Thank you.

You have my sincere thanks.

Though in a human’s life, 10 years old is still a bratty child.

Please continue watching over Wedday!!!!

Here’s the remaining expo dates before the anniversary event:
August 18th @ Koriyama #9
August 19th @ Niigata JUNKBOX
August 20th @ Yamagata Shouwa Session
August 21st @ Sendai HooK

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3 Responses to Wedday 10th Anniversary

  1. Nayo

    Wow, it’s already been 10 years? Congrats to Wedday!
    It’s heartbreaking hearing all of the different years of the lineups that will be there though…
    I wish Mako could actually KEEP a lineup without having them all leave. ;_;

  2. Sephie

    Nayo> It has been! Though it doesn’t seem that long. I was surprised to realize it myself, lol.
    It is kind of saddening to see all who joined and left, but I really admire his determination to continue and keep Wedday alive.

  3. genius

    Wow, I didn’t know they had been for that long!

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