DOG Members Recovering from Traffic Accident

DOG Members Recovering from Traffic Accident

Just a few hours ago an important announcement was released regarding DOG in the POW.

On the evening of Friday, July 27th, while the vehicle the members were riding in was stopped at a traffic light in the metropolitan area, they were involved in a rear-end collision when a truck struck them from behind.
All of the members are safe, but as they are experiencing conditions such as Traumatic Cervical Syndrome*, they are currently visiting the hospital and resting.
Presently, we plan to carry out the releases and lives as scheduled, but hereafter in considering that new problems or worsening conditions may surface, there is the possibility that the scheduled items may be postponed or that the band will suspend activities.
Please understand that we will plan activities in accordance with doctors’ diagnoses and advice in order to aim for speedy recovery time.
We are terribly sorry for the worry and trouble caused to fans and staff, but we’d like to ask for your understanding.

Resistar Records

*Severe whiplash.
Translated by Ku

It sounds like everyone’s okay, and that management will be quick to update everyone if anything changes. However, for the time being, the band will continue on as planned.
Here’s hoping for a swift and complete recovery for any lingering symptoms.

Source: vkdb, OHP, Haru’s blog

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4 Responses to DOG Members Recovering from Traffic Accident

  1. mia

    Lol no more headbanging for them for a while… XD

  2. Sona

    T-T My favorite band! How are they now? Any new news about them? Are they out from the hospital? Need more news about them!

    • Ku

      Since we haven’t had any updates on the situation, I think we can assume everyone’s fine and things are going to continue as planned. :)

      • Sona

        Yeah! Always think positive, right? :) I think the same as you! Thank you! ^_^

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