Another update on Bansaku

Another update on Bansaku
Baroque have updated their OHP with an update on their missing member, Bansaku:

An update regarding Bansaku

We have received contact via letter from Basaku’s representative confirming his safety, however, due to his physical condition, he wishes to cancel his contract with the band.

However, the members are unsure that this is Bansaku’s true intention, as the letter has come from a representative, and not Bansaku himself. Therefore, we are now trying to negotiate with the representative to have a meeting with Bansaku.

The band will continue with the currently listed scheduled performances. We deeply apologize to our fans, and everyone connected with the band.

FWD Corporation


Everyone, we’re really sorry.
For the time being, at least we can be happy knowing that Bansaku is fine.
We heard that his representative said that his reason for leaving is due to his physical condition, however, when we saw him last, it didn’t seem like he was suffering from anything, and Bansaku himself was looking forward to the future of Baroque. After all, Bansaku loved Barqoue, and therefore we can’t really believe the situation that we are in now. So, we hope to talk to him in person. Now, we’ll believe in Bansaku until we can meet him ourselves. We’re sorry for always making you worry.

Baroque Ryo Kei Akira

Source: OHP


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7 Responses to Another update on Bansaku

  1. Ku

    Wow, I smell a troll. I’m skeptical about this being legitimate, too.

  2. Sai

    This sounds super fishy. I agree, Ku. What the heck is going on?

  3. Francisca

    I agree with Ku and Sai… strange story!

  4. ai

    i think the same..may be his family kidnapped him coz dont want him to continue.

    • shii

      even though it sounds rather silly, I had the same thought….

      • Juri

        Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who’s feeling silly, I had the same thoughts XD
        But it seems like it is a little common for parents to be against their son/daughter going into the music scene…

  5. Suz Winspear

    Yes, this all sounds peculiar . . . something is very wrong here . . .

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