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cocklobin’s Comments on Disbandment
Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 2:57pm in Disbandments, Translations

cocklobin's Comments on Disbandment

Two days ago, we mentioned that cocklobin was planning to conclude their activities as of this coming February. We’ve compiled all of the members comments on the disbandment for you, so click Read More to see them all.

~ The Conclusion ~

After the last one-man live in Shibuya’s WWW on 2014.02.21(Fri),

we, cocklobin, will bring our story to an end.

To end this tale after continuously composing it for five years

stirs up a lot of emotions, but

the story still continues until its conclusion arrives, so I think I want to put those emotions to rest for now.

There are a lot of routine-like things that come along with being in a band,

but I considered all those things important to me nonetheless

and want to give many thanks to all of you who always supported this band.

So, until the time to conclude this story comes

please keep turning the pages that we have composed one by one.

There you will find our feelings carefully written.

The reason we were able to continue this tale for the past five years was thanks to all of your support.

Thank you.

cocklobin’s Minamoto Iori


The first thing I want to let you all know is that on the 21st of February of 2014, cocklobin will come to its conclusion.

I know there must be a lot of people wondering why we’re disbanding, and you have a lot of things you want to say about it.

But this is definitely the end.

Every story has a beginning, and and end.

I think there is no such thing as a story without an ending.

The band called cocklobin was born, and sora and I became a part of it halfway through its existence.

I was able to make so many really wonderful memories.

Meeting so many people, having performances in so many places, and hearing your voices cheering us on everywhere we go.

There are many more other memories, but honestly, they are things that I was able to experience which cannot be put into words.

There are still many things that I want to share with all of you, but they are things that I shouldn’t say at the moment, so let’s leave it here for now.

From now on cocklobin is headed towards its conclusion.

Until the end comes, I want even more people to hear our music.

Also, I want our music to be held dear.

I am proud of all of you.

Because it’s because you’re with us that we are who we are.

So, there may be only a bit of time left until the end comes, but we leave ourselves in your hands.

cocklobin’s yuya


About “The Conclusion” by nigu

After this upcoming performance at Shibuya’s WWW on the 21st of February of 2014*, cocklobin will bring everything to an “end.”

The option of purifying the uncouth human form after death,
this arbitrary revelation–let us go through with it somehow, as you always have.

The fact that we were able to share with you our joys and sorrows during these past five years is our pride and joy.

To the colleagues that persistently made music, all of the bands that toured along with us, all the staff, the members, and all of you–those who were there at the beginning, those who joined us midway, and those who will be there from now on–thank you so much.
Thank you.

May all of the work we have created be with you from now on as well.
For receiving all of our work and performances with so much love until now, and from now still, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

People cry, laugh, and get angry,
until the end, please let me be the “sun” that radiates those feelings.
Because that’s all I can do for now. Yah.

To all of the Robiners!!
Everything that happens now until next year’s February is still the mid-part of this tale.
At first, please come crying.
Because at the last performance at Shibuya’s WWW we will make you smile like a sunflower in full bloom.

Until the end, please somehow continue to cheer us on as always.

cocklobin’s nigu

*Note from translator: It seems that Nigu made a typo concerning the date of disbandment, writing “2013” instead of “2014,” 2014 being the correct date (confirmed by other members).


cocklobin will come to its conclusion following the performance at SHIBUYA WWW on February 21, 2014 .

After hearing about our “conclusion”, I think everyone had a different understanding about it.
I think there were also those who thought it was just slander.
cocklobin’s tale will end in a little over 6 months, but if you follow this story to the end
I believe we can finish it with understanding and a smile.

It’s been 5 years since the birth of cocklobin, and even though I joined in the middle of it,
I feel from the bottom of my heart that I can be proud of my accomplishments with cocklobin, and of the joys and sorrows I experienced together with everyone.

I moved from Nagoya to Tokyo to start with cocklobin, and from then there are so many other things that I probably couldn’t write about them all,
and more than just the musical aspect, as a person I have acquired so much from these past 3 years.

To everyone who supported cocklobin, our story wouldn’t have made it this far without you.
I believe cocklobin’s story is made up of each of our own stories combined.
I don’t have any words to express my gratitude.

Our story is still part way through, so please see us through to the end.

cocklobin sora


To the people who have shown their love for cocklobin:

I’m afraid this won’t make much sense, but I will just write exactly what I’m thinking.

From when we started our activities until now, even if it was for a short period of time, thank you for finding us amongst the millions of bands that compose the visual kei scene.
Thank you also for growing to like our music.
Thank you for telling me that you enjoy my bass playing.

This is not only for the fans in Japan. It’s because we’re in living in these times that we’ve also been able to spread our music and words overseas. To those fans living abroad that sought us out in the same way and grew to like us, we thank you too.

It doesn’t matter who you were a fan of.
Thanks to every single one of you who loved cocklobin.

To give encouragement, emotional support, energy, and things like that.
The idea of supporting someone and pushing them forward with cocklobin’s music and activities. Something that was able to become part of our lives.
The voices that reached us and made us feel rewarded every time are the reason why myself and the band became able to recognize the meaning of our existence.

I guess I can’t say that five years together was that long of a time.
But those five years together were by no means easy.
As is also the stage that we have reached now. There’s no doubt that there was effort from our part, but it is because you cheered us on that were were able to get here.
Because just as we tried to encourage you, your existence is what encouraged us and supported us.

I always strove to return the favor and reply to your feelings while painting my dream with all my might.
And the truth is that this time I wanted to come with one or two good news for you,
but I’m sorry to finally announce the news that “the band’s tale is coming to its conclusion” instead.

After the performance at Shinjuku’s LOFT on 7/4, failing to announce any scheduled events afterwards and just keeping quiet the whole time, it made me feel really sad.
When I heard that silence I felt such an overwhelming feeling of disappointment that I cannot even begin to describe.

But being able to tell you this now, directly, has relieved me a little.
There were a lot of things piled up to the point that they took too much time to explain, but we didn’t want to say anything until we had clearly decided where to draw the line.

Once again, there are way too many things to think back upon. I wouldn’t be able to finish writing them all.

Takes me back to one month before participating in our first event, the BLACK Sugar POT’s Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Tour.

There was a sudden call from Pori-san asking for my help, and at the time I was in another band, so I agreed to it saying to myself that “I’d do it just this once.”

After that I played my bass passionately and in the end I found myself with no reason to refuse the opportunity, so I joined the band just like that.
Because I was able to just be myself, I was comfortable. We all got along so well too.
So I thought to myself, “I think this is where I belong.”

From that point until now there have been many fun things along the way, but because this is a serious matter I’ve stumbled over the things that I want to say and should say,
and I think it was often me in particular who gave off a bad atmosphere.
It was a necessary thing, but I caused a lot of trouble.

That was something I did a lot, and caused grief time and time again.
Nevertheless, the reason we overcame that was because it was these members who were by my side.
nigu and Pori-san, shinichi and Kiri. Yuya and Sora.
I’m glad we were able to make with these members.
I’m so happy that I could become cocklobin’s bassist.

And besides that there are many friends that I was able to make through this band who always looked out for me.

Because we are human there were times when we got sick of each other, but all of it was time that we spent sympathizing and supporting each other.
That’s one the of the most valuable treasures in my life that I will always be proud of.

One of the things we could do as this band was to freely give it our all.
We did what we could do, and I have absolutely no regrets about it.
Consequently there were obviously times when we failed, I don’t regret any of them nor the decisions that we made.
Because everything that we have done so far has been done honestly.

That’s why cocklobin has gathered all of the things it has cultivated in its lifetime,
and will come to its conclusion after its last piece of work and the performance on February 21, 2014 at Shibuya’s WWW.

There is a lot to it so the circumstances will be explained a little bit later, but the remaining live performances are not just the final live.
But we can’t change the fact that those performances are numbered,
that’s why if you can keep us company for a while until the very end, I’ll be really happy.

And although the final performance will be on a weekday (Friday),
it’s because we have wonderful people that work for us who looked everywhere for a spot to have the event, negotiating incessantly, and what we got was the luck of the draw.

If you can come to see us on that last day, I’ll be really happy.

This got really long, but thank you for taking the time to read it.
I think I said pretty much everything I wanted to say.

The tale is still just halfway through.
I want to continue writing it till the end it with all of you.

cocklobin’s HISAKI

*Note: Pori-san refers to guitarist Iori


Source: Member’s Blogs
Translation: Luna, Chai


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